Amazon Super URL’s & The Magic Of Ranking For Multiple Keywords

Many people who get started on Amazon and launch their first product get nervous about their rankings and sales when they’re only been selling for two weeks.  But what’s worse in my judgement than this is picking products that don’t have the chance to rank for multiple keywords.  There truly is a process to get rank for more than 1 keyword and there’s way too much rush assuming just 1 keyword will run the show for you. Aside from the concept of picking…

Amazon Global Selling Process – A Powerful Checklist

As you many know, we created a course on how to sell on Amazon globally.  Within the course, we have a more detailed process, but wanted to share the similar checklist we share with the students.  You can go to to download the checklist or visit Amazon Global Selling Process Module 1 – Research & Strategy Pick Your Markets To Research Choose between the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy and France to research. (Current top Amazon markets include USA, UK,…

Global Product Checklist – Private Label Passport

I created this checklist which was born and inspired by my friend Mark Scott Adams.  I adapted it to a more global seller who wants to ensure they pick the right product on a global basis.  This checklist and scoring sheet can form the basis for picking product in any global market and ensuring you pick only those products that have the highest probability of performing well in those markets. If you want to download it, visit as well as

Ensure Your Product Yields 20 Sales Per Day On Amazon

If you want to ensure your next product or current product does atleast 20 sales per day, you gotta watch this video. Multiple Keyword Potential 2 to 5 Private Label Competitors Best Selling Rank Between 500 to 10,000 Can Price It Just Right Has Gifting Potential Non Novelty/Trendy Items Bonus – Competition Doesn’t Have 1,000’s of Reviews

Free Training On Global Amazon Selling

I did a webinar with Mark Scott Adams on the benefits of selling on Amazon in any Global Market.  This is a must see if you want to get a better feel of the process and the nuances one has to navigate.  We created an amazing course on how to sell on Amazon globally.  To learn more, visit