7 Step Process On How To Sell On Amazon….Globally

7 Step Process On How To Sell On Amazon….Globally


There remains a standard process to sell on Amazon and private label your own products.  There remains and even more specialized process to sell globally but certainly not too different from selling in the United States.

Research Your Global Market

amazon global selling

First, you want to pick the 1 – 2 markets you want to expand to or start your new business in.  The 5 largest markets including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and Spain.  United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany likely to be the best candidates because they are large enough to find products that garner at least 20 – 30 sales per day and those are markets that allow for product listing Ads (Amazon internal advertising platform).

Research Your Categories & Products

After you have researched the global market, you need to research your products and categories within those markets.  Not all products are equal across markets and you should consider this when performing product research.  If your product can be sold in multiple markets, that is a bonus.  After you have picked your product and your market, it is time to run with it.

Connect With Suppliers

Alibaba logo

Next stage is contacting suppliers in which you can source your items.  Alibaba.com is our choice for finding suppliers that can fulfill our needs.  We recommend contacting a minimum of 5 – 10 suppliers per product.  Some will not respond and some will not give you favorable rates for your item.  But a couple will and those are the ones you want to enter into negotiations with.  Also make sure they send you pictures of the items as well as pictures of the type of box packaging if you plan on using their box or creating custom box packaging on your end.  You also want to get all the critical information including:

  • MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price Per Unit
  • Air Express Price Per Unit
  • Production Time
  • Delivery Time
  • Can you customize the box packaging
  • Can you add your logo to the item

If you’ve heard back from your suppliers, determine which one will make the most sense to do business with.  Be prepared that you are likely to spend anywhere from $500 – $5000 for inventory and shipping costs for 100 – 500 units of the item.

Create Your Account & Listing On Amazon

You probably should have started this process sooner, but you want to go ahead and create your account on the global market of your choosing.  Typically, key information most markets require including your business information, bank statements(s), proof of address, EIN/Tax ID, and contact information.  Especially in the UK, this information must all match up perfectly or else the process for approval can take a long time.  That is why we go ahead and get this process start while we start researching products.

After you get approved, you should go ahead and create your product listing on Amazon.  You don’t need to make it perfect, but you need to add in boiler plate information related to your product before you get pictures and stellar copy for your listing.  This will set you up to create a fulfillment order to send inventory to Amazon for that product.

Send Inventory To Amazon

send inventory to amazon

At this stage, you are going into your listing page and creating a fulfillment order.  Before you do this, there is some critical information you need from the supplier including:

  • Number of Boxes
  • Units Per Box
  • Weight, Length, Height, Width of each Box
  • Shipping Company (Fedex, UPS, etc…)

You will then get the final shipping slips sent back to your supplier for them to add to the shipping boxes.  You can choose to have the boxes sent to you to inspect or you can have them send directly to Amazon.  It’s your choice but if you do have them first sent to Amazon, request pictures of the boxes and units before they are sent out.  When you send the packaging slips, the supplier will add them to the boxes and then ship them out.

Create Phenominal Copy, Pictures, and a Listing

Now is the time to ensure your listing is up to par.  Did you get professional photos taken.  Is the copywriting of your listing stellar?  Are your utilizing the proper HTML code for your listing to make the description stand out a little bit more?  All these things are important to cover before your listing goes live (which usually happened 2 – 4 days after your inventory has arrived at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center.  Remember, a stellar listing goes a long way and will only help you sell more on Amazon.

Launch & Get Reviews

amazon reviews

This is the final stage of the process.  Launching your item and getting reviews.  The way to get reviews is to provide promotions, giveaway items and utilize the superurl with your targeted keyword that is expect to produce sales for your items.  Reviews are not a ranking factor but on Amazon it has an indirect impact on your ranking and sales.  More social proof (reviews) equates to higher conversions which then equates to more sales.  That is why getting initial sales and reviews are so critical.

After about 5 reviews, turn on Amazon PPC (Product Listing Ads).  Product listing Ads are great because this is another way for your to show up on page 1 for your targeted keywords and potentially rank more organically for those keywords due to you getting sales.

As simplified as this process looks, there are more steps under each stage of the process.  But if you want to sell globally, following through on this process will certainly get you closer to selling your first product globally on Amazon.

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