8 Conversion Factors That Increase Sales For Any Amazon Listing

8 Conversion Factors That Increase Sales For Any Amazon Listing

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Many Amazon FBA & Merchant Seller think that simply putting a product up on Amazon will translate into steady purchases.  But this is far from the truth.  Compare the retail store below and tell me are you more inclined to walk in?  The same concept holds true for Amazon Listings.  If you can produce a stellar listing, this will improve your conversion rates which are also another critical ranking factor in Amazon.  I don’t even feel comfortable putting that picture on this post, but I did have to drive home a point.

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Stellar Product Pictures

Pictures are by far the biggest conversion factor.  Picture evoke trust and also elicit more clicks to your listing.  The clearer and crisper the picture of the product that is also most relevant to what the searcher is looking for, the more likely that individual will click on your listing.  These pictures can include still pictures of the product, action shots of people using the product, and various angles of the product.  By Amazon’s standards, your pictures should be minimum 1,000 by 1,000 pixels in order to allow searchers to zoom in on the item.  They also recommend and actually require the first image be shot using a white background.  For those who have images that are not in white, Foto Fuze is a simply solution that will create the white background for you.  It’s not perfect, but it works wonders for those looking to save  a few more bucks.

Simple Yet Powerful Title

It’s not enough to have the primary keyword in the title.  You need to think about a couple benefits that can get the searcher to click onto your listing.  And you have to do this while staying below 100 characters, which is still more than enough you need to create a title that is keyword optimized and catchy.  A great title will have the following elements:

  • Primary Keyword In The Title
  • Top Benefit Of The Product
  • Top Feature Of The Product
  • Brand Name In The Title

So, here is an example of a title we would use for bamboo cutting boards: Premium Bamboo Cutting Board by Bamboo Love – Made Of Solid Wood & Dishwasher Friendly.  See how we use the primary keyword, brand name, benefit and feature in the title while keeping it under 100 characters.  It’s not perfect, but you should play around with this to come up with what works for you.

Strong Bullet Points (Benefits)

Some people do not use the bullet point section enough.  Many sellers on Amazon will simply add a simply 5 – 15 word sentence under each bullet. Feel free to add more than just a simple sentence to each bullet point.  Also, we like to capitalize the first 3 – 8 words of the bullet point almost creating a title for each bullet.  It is easy for searchers to glance over the information in this section and the capitalization allows you to direct their eyes to what your product has to offer.

Description (HTML Slightly Allowed)

Again, this is probably where the majority of the text pertaining your listing will go.  You can simply repeat with some variances the bullet points you listed above.  But here you can get a little fancy and use simply html.  In this section, it’s a good idea to repeat the features, benefits, maybe a testimonial and finally a simple call to action at the end of the listing.  Below is the primary html code currently allowed.

  • <b></b> – Bold
  • <p></p> – Paragraph
  • <i></i> – Italics
  • <br> – Line Break

This is really the only html you can use in your listing, but even just this much can really make a difference on the look and feel of your descriptions.

Promotions Section

There is a particular section in your listing that allows you to add promotional text.  It is real estate worth taking advantage of and can actually increase your sales per unit.  You can offer buy one get one offers, buy 2 get 10% off, and even buy one and get one of our other items 10% off.  Amazon gives you plenty of flexibility in this, but it is real estate worth taking advantage of which can help improve conversions.

Packaging….Oh Yes

It isn’t a require to have the best packaging, but if you do, make sure you have 1 or 2 pictures showcasing the beauty and elegance of the packaging you created.  If you have the dyeline and final digital version of your package, you can get your graphic designer to create a 3D digital image of the package and simply have that serve as a picture you can add to your listing.

Price Of Your Listing

Shockingly price does impact conversions.  Initially you may not think it would but it makes a lot of sense.  Consider the smart shopper who visits your listing and notices your price is $20.00 for bamboo wooden cutting boards.  But they’re not an impulse buyer so they visit a few other sellers of the same product and notice they’re selling for $16.99 instead.  That may then may make the decision to purchase from one of the other sellers thus reducing your conversion rate and potentially increasing theirs.  This isn’t to say reducing your price is a recipe for high growth and many more sales but it then may translate into less profit.  But for the sake of the comparison, it is critical to consider price as a conversion factor when selling on Amazon.

Become An FBA Seller (Amazon Prime)

If you want to have the Amazon prime label over your listing, you must be an FBA seller, meaning you are shipping your product to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.  We’re noticed sellers increase their sales and click through rates by as much as 30 – 200% when they switch from merchant to FBA.

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