Amazon SEO Ranking Factors – How To Increase Sales

Amazon SEO Ranking Factors – How To Increase Sales

There are three major search engines that really matters….YouTube, Google and Amazon.  Of course, you can find any video on the planet on Youtube. You can find practically anything and everything on Google.  But if you’re looking to make a purchase of a particular product, Amazon is where many buyers now go.  Just like Google, Amazon has its own algorithm that determines who should rank and for what keywords those products should rank for.  There is a certain selling process sellers must go through to sell on Amazon.  But It is truly an art and a science very similar to being an SEO in the world of Google.

Thousands of sellers on Amazon have no clue how to rank their products on Amazon.  Many of them list it and forget it with a few asking friends and family for reviews of their products.  But as a seller if you know the factors that can cause your listing to rank higher than others, you will likely take action and make the necessary adjustments improve your rankings.  There are also some bits of information that list an additional 20 factors that are less important than the main factors and truly the ones buyers should care about.  Based on our experience of selling on Amazon, there are 9 core methods to rank products so you show up for the keywords that drives impressions, traffic, and ultimately sales.

amazon seo rankings

Consistency In Sales On Amazon

This remains by far the most critical ranking factor in Amazon SEO.  And it should be for both Amazon’s selfish reasons as well as practical reasons.  If you’re getting sales on a regular basis for specific keywords, why should you rank lower than those products that are not generating the same level of consistent sales?  You shouldn’t rank lower and as a result Amazon will reward those with higher rankings when they do generate more sales.

But this is really a chicken or egg problem.  How can you get more sales if you don’t rank and how can you rank if you don’t get more sales?  Well….promotions and reviews.  When you launch a product, you have to have a number ready for you to give away.  There are many product review services and even top reviewers on Amazon that will review your product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  The beauty is those same discounted purchases account for sales and the consistency in sales you are looking for.  But you need to be careful because if you do a big launch and cannot sustain the proper conversion rate or consistency in sales, your rankings will slowly drop for those keywords.

Keyword Purchases (Super URL’s)

You must generate sales on a consistent basis on those main terms you want to rank for.  That means ranking for your money terms and getting sales when individuals search for product via those keywords and they go to your listing and make a purchase.

In the world of Amazon, us sellers use what’s called a SUPER URL.  Super url’s are essentially url’s that include both your ASIN and the keyword you ultimately want to rank for.  For example if you want to start private labeling wooden cutting boards, your URL would look like this:

Notice the ASIN and unique url as well as the keywords in the url.  If someone went to that url and made a purchase, that will count positively towards your ranking for “wooden cutting boards.”  Many sellers use these super url’s in their promotion efforts and will simply send out the super url’s to buyers.  Not sure how long this method will work, but for now, it works beautifully.

Product Reviews

Reviews  are not official ranking factors but they are an indirect ranking factor worth considering.  If yo have more reviews than your competitive set, your conversions will be higher (ranking factor), you will get more sales (ranking factor), and you may even get more seller feedback (ranking factor).  Product reviews are the life blood to any product on Amazon.  It’s the social proof products need to make buyers comfortable with making the purchase.  The more reviews you get, the greater chances you have of improving your conversions which will thus help increase rankings and sales.

Conversion Rate Of Product Listings

amazon conversion rates

An often overlooked component but nonetheless incredibly important is how you convert visitors when they land on your listing.  If your conversion rate remains at 5% when you have other sellers averaging 10 – 15% conversion rates, those other sellers should be ranked higher because buyers are essentially telling Amazon those 10 – 15% converting products are more relevant to what I was searching for than the 5% converting product.  But how do you improve conversions on your listing?  With better pictures, strong title, great bullets with the money keywords used, great description, and relevant copy in general.

Keyword In Title Of Listing

Having atleast one of your main keywords in the title will allow you to rank better for that keyword in Amazon.  The closer the main keyword is to the front of the listing, the more relevant it will be in impacting your rankings for that keywords.  We do not recommend stuffing your title with multiple keywords, but atleast the main keyword that is likely to generate the most relevant traffic is what you want.

Keyword In Description & Bullets

Having the keywords or some variations interspersed throughout the description and 5 bullet areas can and should add more relevancy and allow you to rank a little higher and atleast psychologically help with conversions as buyer read through your listing.  Again there is no need to go crazy and throwing every single keyword phrase in there.  Amazon does match up similar keywords to each other so if you rank for one you may also show up higher for some other keywords.  But using them properly can add the properly relevancy thus allowing you to rank higher for those keywords.

Keyword In Backend System

Amazon has a backend system for sellers that allows you to add in 5 places to make mention of the keywords your listing is most relevant to.  This is another critical place to add in your main keywords.  In the words of Nike,…Just Do It.  It may not be the biggest factor, but nonetheless it’s one in which you are just checking off the box.

Seller Feedback

In the world of Google in SEO, we have this thing called domain authority.  This is a metric where the more relevant and authority links you have pointing to your domain, the greater chance you have to rank for the multitude of keywords your website and its deeper pages are relevant to.  Well, the same concepts holds true for an account on Amazon.  Many buyers will choose not to get focus on seller feedback (which is different from product feedback otherwise known as reviews), but this is am important factor and if you don’t focus on it early on, it will become difficult to rank future and new products overtime.  Seller feedback tells Amazon you’re a good seller and that you are worthy of ranking for more keywords.

Amazon Product Listing Ad’s

amazon product listing ads

Product Listing Ad’s can be very powerful because it serves as Amazon’s internal advertising tool to allow sellers to show up on the first page for the keywords they believe will generate sales for their business.  You can create a manual campaign so you can choose the keywords yourself, or you can create an auto campaign thus allowing Amazon to determine what keywords your product are closely related to and allow you to show up for those keywords instead.

This is just like the concept around using a super url to send to buyers except these buyers are actually performing the real search using the desired keyword, click on one of your Ads, and then making a purchase.  Some people will choose to turn this off, but we recommend leaving it on even if the campaign is breaking even.  Remember, we want consistency in sales and even more powerful are consistency on sales under those particular money terms.

Account History

The longer you have an account with Amazon, the more credence and authority you build up with Amazon over the months or years you sell on their platform.  So for sellers who have multiple products, and are constantly launching new products, those newer launched products are likely to be easier to rank than the older products (depending on the level of competition in that market of course).  Some sellers may have more seller feedback while others will simply have a longer history with Amazon selling on it’s platform.  Again, Amazon is looking for trust established and nothing bring more trust than a good standing account that’s been around for a while.

Selling On FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

amazon prime logo


There are many reasons to want to sell in Amazon have them fulfill your orders instead of it being merchant fulfilled.  The answer is in the graphic above…Amazon Prime.  Amazon Prime users will 80% of the time purchase items only prime eligible.  The prime badge will be visible under your product and draw the eyes thus improving click through rates.  There are many other reasons but this is a big one that cannot be overlooked even if it is obvious.

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