Amazon Super URL’s & The Magic Of Ranking For Multiple Keywords

Amazon Super URL’s & The Magic Of Ranking For Multiple Keywords


Many people who get started on Amazon and launch their first product get nervous about their rankings and sales when they’re only been selling for two weeks.  But what’s worse in my judgement than this is picking products that don’t have the chance to rank for multiple keywords.  There truly is a process to get rank for more than 1 keyword and there’s way too much rush assuming just 1 keyword will run the show for you.


Aside from the concept of picking products that have multiple keyword potential, this is the process I think most sellers should go through after they have launched a product.

Pick Your 5 Keyword Phrases

Attempting to rank for 1 keyword is like trying to invest all your money in one stock.  Yes, there’s a chance that stock can do well but what happens when they deal with more competition?  What if the industry goes awry?  More pointedly, what happens when your one keyword you begin ranking for peaks other seller interest and more people rank for that keyword.  For this reason, you must find multiple keywords to rank for and drive home those rankings as much as possible.

Add Them Into Your Backend System On Amazon

This is a given, but just a reminder to add your 5 money terms to the backend of your listing.  This doesn’t cause your rankings to skyrocket, but it does send the proper signals to Amazon letting them know these are the keyword your product is all about.

Run Amazon PPC

Running Amazon PPC gives you the best data known to man as to what keywords are really producing and making sales for you.  The data also tells you what keywords you should stop advertising on.  I’ve had cases where I planned on giving more credence to one keyword, but after reviewing Amazon PPC data for a month, I found another keyword was worth going after instead.  Now we do 20 plus sales a day because of that decision.

Pepper Them in Strategically Into Your Title & Copy

I try not to add all the keywords to they look clunky, but I try to use the top keywords in sentence format so Amazon knows these are the keywords that should count toward my listing.

Focus On The Most Relevant To Rank For First (Super URL)

Pick your money term that you believe will likely bring you the most sales and get started with that.  The good news that most people don’t know or even realize is if your listing is partially relevant to the all the keywords you want to focus on, you will move higher across other keywords as well, not just the keyword you want to rank for within your super URL.

Review Current Rankings & Amazon PPC

I use several tools to review my rankings.  In addition to Amazon PPC, I use Keyword Inspector which also allows me to review my own rankings but also my competitor’s rankings.  I will also by hand review my own rankings for my top keywords to get a sense of where I stand.

Focus On Next Logical Term

After you’ve gone through this process, you’l reviewed your keyword data, you downloaded your search terms report, and review your competitor rankings and did a little reverse engineering, and you’re ranking relatively well for your main term, it’s time to move on to your next term.

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