Amazon Private Label – Why FBA Is Better Than Merchant Fulfilled

There remains a great deal of sellers who choose to go down the merchant fulfilled route.  They label their own price, price them accordingly, and sell on Amazon.  Ebay is the king when it comes to merchant fulfilled sellers.  But where Ebay did well with this model for years, Amazon saw the fulfillment process as a huge opportunity to make it easy and simple for sellers to do what they do best which is sell their product versus handling logistics and inventory management.…

Free Training On Global Amazon Selling

I did a webinar with Mark Scott Adams on the benefits of selling on Amazon in any Global Market.  This is a must see if you want to get a better feel of the process and the nuances one has to navigate.  We created an amazing course on how to sell on Amazon globally.  To learn more, visit

Amazon SEO Ranking Factors – How To Increase Sales

There are three major search engines that really matters….YouTube, Google and Amazon.  Of course, you can find any video on the planet on Youtube. You can find practically anything and everything on Google.  But if you’re looking to make a purchase of a particular product, Amazon is where many buyers now go.  Just like Google, Amazon has its own algorithm that determines who should rank and for what keywords those products should rank for.  There is a certain selling process sellers must go…

8 Conversion Factors That Increase Sales For Any Amazon Listing

Many Amazon FBA & Merchant Seller think that simply putting a product up on Amazon will translate into steady purchases.  But this is far from the truth.  Compare the retail store below and tell me are you more inclined to walk in?  The same concept holds true for Amazon Listings.  If you can produce a stellar listing, this will improve your conversion rates which are also another critical ranking factor in Amazon.  I don’t even feel comfortable putting that picture on this post,…

How To Use Keyword Planner & Google Translate To Research Keyword In Global Markets

If you are an Amazon Seller and you want to sell globally, being able to use both Google Keyword Planner and Google Translate can truly make your job a lot easier and fun in expanding your business.  The below video provides a tutorial on how to use both and in tandem for those global FBA sellers.  

10 Critical Points For Picking Great Products To Sell On Amazon

Picking products on Amazon to sell from an FBA Private Label perspective remains the most critical aspect of selling on the behemoth of a platform.  It’s the researching phase that will make or break a new ecommerce seller.  We can add in several other factors, but if you live and die by these eight when picking products, most times you will come out ahead of your competition. Top 2 – 6 Sellers Doing Minimum 20 Sales Per Day What is the current demand…

Why The Product Is More Critical Than The Global Market

The product you pick really does matter more than the global market you decide to sell in.  Even if the market does sell as many as, that may not matter if you have a good product.  When say market, we don’t mean the total number of competitors but rather the global market itself…Germany, U.S., France, Italy, etc….  Picking your product matters more than the global market for reasons we want to explore. All Product Are Not The Same In Other Markets After performing…

Utilizing Google Trends For Picking Amazon Markets & Products

Google Trends remains a powerful tool for picking markets and products.  It is not the primary means to pick your product, but it is another factor you should deeply weigh in to your decision making.  The below tutorials shows you how to use Google Trends when performing product and even global market research.

7 Step Process On How To Sell On Amazon….Globally

There remains a standard process to sell on Amazon and private label your own products.  There remains and even more specialized process to sell globally but certainly not too different from selling in the United States. Research Your Global Market First, you want to pick the 1 – 2 markets you want to expand to or start your new business in.  The 5 largest markets including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and Spain.  United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany likely to be…

Using Google Translate For Global Amazon FBA Selling

If you are a global seller on Amazon but do not speak the native tongue of many of those countries you sell in, Google Translate is a free solution that will enable you to translate keywords, emails, and just about anything you need.  The below tutorial shows sellers how to use Google Translate for global FBA selling.

Use Google Keyword Planner For Amazon Keyword Research

Do you want pick the keywords that will help you sell more product on Amazon?  Do you need to perform keyword research so you can decide if a particular product is worth selling on Amazon?  Well, the Google Keyword Planner shows Amazon users how to perform advanced keyword research at the global level.  You can perform this research in many markets including Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, UK, and of course the United States.

Starting Amazon Private Label Selling 2016 With A Bang

I know most amazon sellers out there are concerned about the increased competition.  More competition can mean thinner margins.  You think you got into the business too late.  But for me, I think it’s only a good thing.  And I promise you I’m not just saying that.  Here are the facts: 50 millions US households have Amazon Prime (that number is growing) Amazon is continuing to make investments to grow distribution Many (and I mean) many Amazon sellers still fail and quit the…