How To Get Amazon Reviews – 8 Tried & Tested Strategies

How To Get Amazon Reviews – 8 Tried & Tested Strategies

As we all know, reviews remain the lifeblood of any Amazon business.  The more “positive” reviews you get, the higher your conversions and the more likely people will buy from you.  But we often see so many people fall short in this area either not giving away enough product or simply do performing an effective followup sequence to get consistent reviews from purchasers.  We have many strategies we use to get reviews, but the 8 below are all you need to win the review game on Amazon.

Friends & Family

Amazon says that you cannot get reviews from groups or friends/family, but I believe this only holds true if 50 people have the same last name as you do….joking.  But seriously, how can they find out?  I wouldn’t fully rely on this strategy because you want some diversity in the reviews you get, but what’s key is creating a contact list of friends and family and simply asking them to buy your product or your offer a discount in exchange for a review.

Not if you do offer a discount, you must have them state in their review that they did receive the item in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Run Promotions

Running promotions remain the initial step in attempting to get reviews.  Most people will not buy your product in exchange for a review if you ask them to.  Unless they were an original purchaser to begin with.  Setting up promotions in Amazon is very easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of work.  Assuming your U.S.A. Amazon Seller page is set up, go to Advertising, Promotions, and then the Money or Percent Off Tab.  They will you through how to create your promotion.  You will take take the code you’re given and either do two thing: give that out to people or go into your promotion and create claim codes. Claim codes are important because they are unique to each purchaser meaning you don’t have to worry about people or robots stealing all of your inventory with the one-use codes.

Top Reviewers

This is one of our secret weapons to getting video reviews and top reviewers to leave product feedback and it is very simple.  Go to your search browser and type in “amazon top reviewers.”  Up will pop this url:  Now you have the top 100,000 reviewers on Amazon.  Now if you want to contact the initial 1000 people, that is your choice, but usually I’ll skip those and start at maybe 500 and work my way up.  When you click on the profiles of each page, not everyone will have an email for you to extract.  Just be patient and each time you find an email jot it down in an excel file and move on to the next until you have 30 – 50 emails to contact.  Then simply email them listing your product and requesting a review and honest feedback.  I usually get about 20 – 30% who reply.

Facebook Groups

There are tons of facebook groups out there.  These are groups of mommy bloggers and simply product reviewers.  Go to your Facebook search bar and type in “amazon reviews.”  Many group will pop up.  You may have to join some of them, but afterward you reach out to Admin regarding your product, but if the group is a little more relaxed, you can simply post your product to the group and ask them to PM you.

Competitor Listings

We do this from time to time but not that often.  Instead of searching for reviewers, we’ll just go to our competitor listings, see who reviewed their item and contact those reviewers if they have an email on their Amazon profile pages.  This can be a little time consuming, but nonetheless an effective strategy particularly if you know that buyer in already interested in the type of product you’re selling.

Feedback Genius/Salesbacker

A gold standard in the world of Amazon Selling, Feedback Genius and Salesbacker are similar to Aweber.  They work as internal autoresponders that will trigger certain emails to specific buyers in specific markets.  We use this to get both seller feedback as well as product feedback from buyers of our items.  This is a set it and forget it process, but can also help filter negative feedback from buyers.


Tomoson use to be great for contact mommy bloggers you can promote your product to all around the world.  You can have them post to their facebook, leave a review on their website, blast out to their other social media channels.  But now their platform is even more user friendly for people who want reviews on Amazon.  They charge a monthly fee, but it is well worth the $50 – $150/month to use their platform, especially if you plan on expanding to other channels including ebay or your own website.

Viral Launch

There are many promotion launch platforms and they are all expensive.  But Viral launch is my tool of choice both for ranking high for specific keywords and getting reviews.  Viral launch is becoming more sophisticated and giving sellers many more options to launch products.

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