How we put a luxury car dealership on the map.

Car buyers are much more likely to purchase from a local dealership, so we used Geo-Fencing to target prospects within a specific geographic area. We then set up a Conversion Zone around the dealership to measure online-to-offline conversions. RESULTS .17% click through rate (well beyond the original goal). $20 Cost Per Visit

How a small boutique hotel found suite success

CHALLENGE A hotel in a popular destination area was looking to build brand awareness among their target audience and increase hotel visitors. They enlisted the help of our team to utilize new geo-fencing technology and other tactics to track offline conversions and improve their overall advertising performance. The advertiser’s goal was to achieve a low CPA and a high number of conversions. SOLUTION The hotel identified several competitor hotel properties to reach frequent travelers. Our team then developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing…

How we helped a Ford dealership accelerate sales.

CHALLENGE This auto dealership was interested in selling more used vehicles in their highly competitive market and enlisted the help of our team to improve conversion rates from site visits to inquiries. SOLUTION We ran a customized blend of targeting tactics to reach the car buying audience within a ten mile radius. In the early stages, they ran three campaigns: USED CARS, NEW FORDS and F150s. RESULTS The USED CARS campaign did so well that the dealership ran low on inventory!  They later…

How a regional grocer stocked up on fresh customers.

A regional grocer wanted to win business away from his competitors and increase store traffic. We used Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones to target competitor locations, as well as Contextual Targeting and Search Retargeting, and Pre-Roll Video to engage new prospects. RESULTS Cost-per-acquisition fell below $70—even lower than their goal.