Youngest Mayoral Candidate Elected With Digital Advertising

A mayoral candidate in Birmingham, Alabama began his journey to unseat a two-term mayor who had been in government since the late 1980’s.  The challenger knew he had to do things a little differently, show he is listening to the voters while sharing his message with everyone willing to listen.  But because his name ID was not well known, he also needed to leverage a less cost effective strategy for fundraising, garnering volunteers, and ultimately winning the support of Birmingham constituents.  That’s when…

How a regional grocer stocked up on fresh customers.

A regional grocer wanted to win business away from his competitors and increase store traffic. We used Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones to target competitor locations, as well as Contextual Targeting and Search Retargeting, and Pre-Roll Video to engage new prospects. RESULTS Cost-per-acquisition fell below $70—even lower than their goal.