Health Club Muscles Up To 25% in Membership Sales

This local health club was using Social Media and direct mail to increase new memberships within an eight mile radius of the gym. Because of their tight geo-target, previous digital strategies had failed to create a positive return on investment. Their goal was to increase memberships among families and encourage parents to sign up their kids for swim classes. SOLUTION Two campaigns were launched targeting users who lived in the zip codes within an eight mile radius of their location. One campaign offered…

Auto Dealership Drives In-Person Visits Through Geo-Fencing With Conversion Zones

An auto dealership was looking to increase brand awareness among their target audience and bring prospective buyers into their location. They enlisted the help of our team to utilize new geo-fencing technology to more precisely target their audience, improve their overall advertising performance and track oline conversions. With a goal of achieving a 0.1% CTR, the dealership also wanted to track Cost Per Visit (CPV), defined as the total campaign spend divided by the number of users who were delivered an ad and…

Restaurant chain wins low-cost conversions & geo fencing

A regional restaurant chain was looking to build brand awareness and drive in-store conversions at a low CPA. They were unable to find a vendor who could reach the target market and keep the CPA at or below $20. They enlisted the help of our team to utilize new geo-fencing technology in order to more precisely target their audience, track conversions, and improve their overall advertising performance. SOLUTION The advertiser identified the key restaurants for which they wanted to increase visits and sales,…

How we became Amazon retailers—and experts at Amazon Consulting.

What’s the best way to perfect our Amazon Consulting skills? By developing and managing our own products on Amazon. We created two products under the Bar Brat brand, and plan to expand to 15-20 products within the next two years. RESULTS Each Bar Brat product has first-page rankings for multiple keywords. Our average conversion rate (from page views to sales) is 15%. For every $1 we spend on advertising, we make $3.

How we put a luxury car dealership on the map.

Car buyers are much more likely to purchase from a local dealership, so we used Geo-Fencing to target prospects within a specific geographic area. We then set up a Conversion Zone around the dealership to measure online-to-offline conversions. RESULTS .17% click through rate (well beyond the original goal). $20 Cost Per Visit

How a regional grocer stocked up on fresh customers.

A regional grocer wanted to win business away from his competitors and increase store traffic. We used Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones to target competitor locations, as well as Contextual Targeting and Search Retargeting, and Pre-Roll Video to engage new prospects. RESULTS Cost-per-acquisition fell below $70—even lower than their goal.