How Propellant Gets 600 Leads Per Months By Leveraging Our Own Services

The Challenge We Faced As A Growing Agency   As an agency, Propellant Media works hard to husband its resources.  We watch our operating budget as much as our marketing budget.  We also realized as an Agency, we couldn’t simply provide recommendations to our clients and not take on those same suggestions for ourselves. So instead of putting up a website that told people we existed, or simply relying on our networking skills, or even putting up a meager Adwords budget, we leveraged…

NPR Radio Captures More Listeners With $40,000/Month Google Grant

Situation WNYC ( is a New York based radio station with a hefty website and tons of podcasts.  Given they are under the brand of NPR radio, a non profit and 501c3, our team engaged with them to determine how best they could apply for the Google Grant of $10,000/month and also how best best to leverage it for their radio station. Solution First, our team had to apply for the Google Grant for our client which we were successfully approved for. Next,…

Youngest Mayoral Candidate Elected With Digital Advertising

A mayoral candidate in Birmingham, Alabama began his journey to unseat a two-term mayor who had been in government since the late 1980’s.  The challenger knew he had to do things a little differently, show he is listening to the voters while sharing his message with everyone willing to listen.  But because his name ID was not well known, he also needed to leverage a less cost effective strategy for fundraising, garnering volunteers, and ultimately winning the support of Birmingham constituents.  That’s when…

How we became Amazon retailers—and experts at Amazon Consulting.

What’s the best way to perfect our Amazon Consulting skills? By developing and managing our own products on Amazon. We created two products under the Bar Brat brand, and plan to expand to 15-20 products within the next two years. RESULTS Each Bar Brat product has first-page rankings for multiple keywords. Our average conversion rate (from page views to sales) is 15%. For every $1 we spend on advertising, we make $3.

How we helped a Florida orthodontist straighten out their sales.

An orthodontist practice in Florida needed to generate leads while lowering their cost per patient acquisition. We used Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing to achieve those goals. RESULTS After only 4 months, incoming phone calls increased 140% while cost per call decreased from $100 to $27. The lower cost of driving leads enabled them to open a fourth office.

How We Helped An Animation Studio Produce More Leads.

Overview A leading producer of explainer videos needed to generate more leads without spending more on paid search. They were not seeing success with their current digital advertising strategy so they enlisted the help of Propellant Media to target consumers and raise CTR. Overview To achieve this goal, the Propellant Media team created an entire Search Engine Optimization program. We focused on the client’s most successful keywords, added negative keywords, and deleted terms that did not produce results. After campaign launch, we optimized…

How we helped a software company increase web traffic 50x.

How can a small, relatively unknown B2B software provider compete with much larger companies when they have only a fraction of the marketing budget? By using content marketing and Search Engine Optimization to become a thought leader in a specific niche—presentation software. RESULTS Organic site traffic increased nearly fiftyfold, from 1,500 visits a month to over 70,000. Monthly sales leads increased by over 200.

How we made New York bail bonds a lot easier to find.

Challenge A New York bail bonds provider was looking to increase the number of phone calls they received as well as improve their page rankings and increase their conversions and sales. They enlisted the help of our team to utilize unique targeting capabilities to reach both the desired audience and improve their CTR. Solution Our team developed a comprehensive strategy to target and convert the specified audience using search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. We based each campaign around the services offered, and…

How we helped a Shark Tank startup increase sales on Amazon.

An innovative new product first seen on Shark Tank was already generating revenue through Amazon sales. To increase revenue even further, we used Amazon Consulting and Search Engine Optimization to achieve better Amazon search results. We also developed an Amazon Sponsored Ad (Display Advertising) campaign. RESULTS Amazon page views increased over 50%. Revenues grew by 60%. Average Cost of Sale was only 13%—a 35% reduction in costs.