Tourism Website Targets Travelers With Video

A local travel and tourism website for a popular vacation destination wanted to use programmatic video to drive awareness among their target audience in key locations around the United States. They enlisted the help of our team’s programmatic platform and used a variety of pre-roll video tactics to drive up the CTR and maximize performance. SOLUTION Our team developed a comprehensive strategy of search retargeting at the keyword level, category contextual targeting and mobile geo-optimization for pre-roll video. Each tactic was supported by…

How We Helped An Animation Studio Produce More Leads.

Overview A leading producer of explainer videos needed to generate more leads without spending more on paid search. They were not seeing success with their current digital advertising strategy so they enlisted the help of Propellant Media to target consumers and raise CTR. Overview To achieve this goal, the Propellant Media team created an entire Search Engine Optimization program. We focused on the client’s most successful keywords, added negative keywords, and deleted terms that did not produce results. After campaign launch, we optimized…

How we helped a software company increase web traffic 50x.

How can a small, relatively unknown B2B software provider compete with much larger companies when they have only a fraction of the marketing budget? By using content marketing and Search Engine Optimization to become a thought leader in a specific niche—presentation software. RESULTS Organic site traffic increased nearly fiftyfold, from 1,500 visits a month to over 70,000. Monthly sales leads increased by over 200.

How a telecom company connected more customers.

A communications company was struggling to add B2B customers, and unable to meet their cost-per-acquisition goal of $800. We used Site Retargeting and Search Retargeting to identify and engage potential prospects, and Facebook Advertising to drive down CPA even further. RESULTS Cost-per-acquisition fell below $700—even lower than their goal.