Why The Product Is More Critical Than The Global Market

Why The Product Is More Critical Than The Global Market

The product you pick really does matter more than the global market you decide to sell in.  Even if the market does sell as many as, that may not matter if you have a good product.  When say market, we don’t mean the total number of competitors but rather the global market itself…Germany, U.S., France, Italy, etc….  Picking your product matters more than the global market for reasons we want to explore.

All Product Are Not The Same In Other Markets

After performing a ton of research and selling many items under our brands on Amazon, we’ve noticed one thing….the same product in one market will not always perform as well as the same product in another market.  And this is excluding the fact that all of these markets are different in size.  If you think about a product you believe was successful in the United States, but want to test it out in Canada or Germany, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there other sellers in that global market selling the same item?
  • Are the pictures the same?
  • Is the pricing the same or reasonable?
  • Are the costs the same or reasonable?
People Buy Products…Not Markets

Remember that when you’re picking your product, do not do it because of the market itself.  Meaning, the demand of that product matters more than anything else.  And if you can create a differentiating strategy, brand, images, copy, bundling opportunity, or pricing or review advantage, that is the only thing that will let you know whether your “product” will be successful.  But the global market is the final deciding factor.  In other words, spend 20% on the markets you want to go in, and then focus like a hawk on the product(s).  Not the other way around.

If the demand isn’t there, who care?

What is the market potential for that product? Is there enough space for you to play in.   If you see 4 – 5 competitors in that space and each of them are selling 10 – 20 units per day, you best believe that is a market worth doing into.  But remember that demand is being derived by the product category, not simply the market.  We’ve seen small markets that garner 100 sale/per/day items that are the smallest global markets on Amazon.  If you know a product is selling well, the global market doesn’t matter the least bit.  All that matters is the demand and your ability to create a superior product by differentiation, pricing, or cost advantage.

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