Blood, Sweat & Digital Podcast Speaker Intake Form

The crux of this podcast is to tell the gritty and heartfelt stories of business innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders who utilized data and digital to scale their enterprises.  We believe the more honest and open our podcast speakers are, the more they will connect with our listeners.

Our listeners are other entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and marketers who are looking for those key nuggets of intel that will help them propel their organizations and ideas forward.  Maybe there’s a technology that transformed your company.  Maybe you immediately leveraged a digital advertising solution (i.e social media, Google, content).  Maybe you honed in on data and business intelligence.  Either way, it was those decisions around usage of digital and data to propel your organization…as well as the struggles and opportunities to get there.

The question everyone wants answered…how did you do it?  And how can other people share in the struggles you or your organization had.

As you fill out the form, take in that perspective as we expect our interviews to help build up to your story as well as the key nuggets that scaled your organization.  Don’t feel obligated to fill out every single aspect of the form, however the more information you fill out, the richer the questions and more we can share with our audience during the interview.

    Podcast Speaker Intake Form:

    Have you been on other podcasts? If so, you open to sharing 1 – 2 podcast links you’ve been on (the actual podcast episodes?

    Why do you feel you would be an amazing guest on the show?

    Please provide a 3-to-5-sentence overview of your company. A 10,000-foot view of your company is ideal.

    What has been the toughest part in your journey in growing your enterprise?

    Name 2 - 3 times in your life or in business that was most challenging as you worked to grow your company. Maybe you had to fund payroll out of your own pocket, maybe you went bankrupt, etc.. We want to pull from your failures and to better formulate questions and tell the more challenging side of your story. Vulnerability will connect more with listeners.

    What range in revenues is your company/enterprise currently doing?

    $1M - $5M$5M - $10M$10M - $50M$50M - $100M$100M+

    Is there a free gift you want to give the audience? If so, what url can we send them to? (NOT REQUIRED)

    Is there a certain 1 - 2 topics related to your enterprise or your story you’d like us to gear the conversation toward?

    Who is your ideal Client/Customer for your company?

    Please provide 3 – 4 unique things about your background in which you are open to sharing with the audience. Again, the more vulnerable you are, the more people will connect with your story.

    Name four (4) ways you’ve utilized digital advertising, technology, or data to grow your enterprise. Our follow up questions in the podcast will include the how, why, what, and when type of questions related to how you utilized digital and data to scale your enterprise.

    Please list a few questions you’d like us to ask. It should pretty much say…”hey, if you asked me this question, my answer would bring true value to your audience.”

    Anything else you want to tell us?

    Disclaimer:  Our intention for all of our podcasts is to share with our 15,000 email list, our social media handles and our overall audience.  Even though you’re not required, we ask you do the same if you believe it’s worthy of sharing.  We will share the podcast with you after it’s been edited and polished for publication.  If you have additional questions, email us at