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Only 11% of pay per click advertising account managers proactively optimize their account each week.  The other 89% do not work for Propellant Media.

Google Adwords Shopping Network Agency

If you’re a business that relies heavily on eCommerce, then a Google Shopping Network campaign can take your business to the next level. These campaigns speak to the needs of businesses that sell products online and want to compete in the online marketplace.

Rather than running traditional text ads, Google Shopping allows your products to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) based on their product data. Hiring a Google Shopping agency will help your campaign ROI through effectively reaching your target audience when they are actively searching for your products.

Through the Google Shopping Network, your products gain visible real estate at the top or side of the SERPs, complete with product images and reviews. Think of this as you would a real brick-and-mortar department store, where your product placement has a critical impact on your sales. Your Google Shopping agency will maximize your visibility under the most important keywords to your business.

Should I Use Google Shopping or a PPC Search Campaign?

If you’re looking to maximize your inventory and sales, then Google Shopping is the correct route for you to go. With the Shopping Network, you don’t have to convince customers that they need what you’re selling. They’ve already decided that they do, and they’re actively looking for it. You can also provide specific information in your ads, such as details about return policies, shipping, or anything a customer needs to know before making their purchase.

Costs are often lower with a Google Shopping campaign compared to the Search Network (text ads), and you’re more likely to get a sale out of it. However, nothing is stopping you from doing both, and taking advantage of paid search marketing services as well.

Measure Results against Your Business Goals

If you want to get your products in front of more customers, and keep your inventory moving, then contact the experts at Propellant Media. We are glad to answer your questions, and help you make more sales than ever before!

What Will My PPC Team Do to Set Up the Shopping Campaign?

A Shopping campaign requires a Google Merchant account in order to create a shopping feed of your products. Our team can help create your Google Merchant account, as well as link it to Google Adwords. We facilitate creation and optimization of your product feed, which details all of the products you want to sell on the Shopping Network. Google requires some very specific product data, provided by a Google sheet or file uploaded to your site.

We monitor the product feed and correct errors, ensuring that your campaign is set up to maximize your ROI. Shopping campaigns require frequent maintenance after launch in order to produce positive ROI. We get the most out of your campaign and your budget by organizing your products into the best structure for sale and managing bids to make sure that you’re showing up at the top of the search results.

We use real-time data and a strategic lead generation focus to make continual improvements to your campaign rather than just setting it up and leaving it to run on its own.

Busy?  Watch Our Recorded Google Ads Webinar.  Totally Free.  Here is What You’ll Learn

  • How To Scale Your Google Ads Campaigns
  • Process For Limiting Waste
  • Performing Top Tier Keyword Research
  • Key To Maximizing Your Click Through Rates
  • Why Conversion Tracking Is Vital
  • How To Perform Quick Audits To Discern Performance
  • How Propellant Media Builds Power Google Ads Campaigns

PPC Case Studies

Our ability to develop Adwords campaigns centered on companies paying for phone calls instead of clicks to your website is what sets up apart.  Our Click To Call only campaigns typically perform 40% better than similar traditional Adwords campaign.  And trust us, our traditional campaigns already prove strong dividends for our brands.

  • Campaigns driven by ROI
  • Keyword Research that drives targeted leads
  • Proactive account management
  • Conversions tracked down to the phone call
  • Pay For only phone calls, not just clicks to your website
  • Extensive experience in ecommerce and google shopping campaigns


Google Ads Launch Process


Adwords Audit

Here we perform a deep dive into your account to get a sense of what opportunities we can take advantage of.


Business Analysis

We need to understand your business so we can build KPI’s to meet around your Adwords campaigns.


Campaign Build

It’s now time to build your campaign utilizing targeted keyword research, stellar ad messaging, and bid management.


Account Management

Now we take a maniacal approach to managing your campaigns in a proactive way to exceed our targets.



Optimizing these campaigns and reporting is what holds our team accountable.

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Are you looking to white label/resell services or needing digital advertising for your own brand?(Required)

“89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused.”

“For high commercial intent search queries, the top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page.”

Pay Per Click Advertising remains a critical channels for brands and organizations that want to connect with active searchers.

Why would you not want to be in front of those active buyers?  We can get you there at the ROI that makes sense for your business.

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