Please Complete The Form Below In Full And Complete Detail To Help Us Roll Your Client’s Account Faster. The More Insights, Examples And Information You Submit Now, The More Successful Your Client’s Account Will Be.

We understand this intake form may not form the full basis of the complete picture of your business and the Google Adwords campaign we’re looking to run.  For us, we break down our targeting with three goals in mind:

  • Laser focus on your audience
  • Reduce waste in every way possible
  • Efficiently drive a positive ROI in conversions that translate into incremental profits and revenues for your organization

And along the way, our hope is our communications with you will help inform you and your team of new marketing opportunities you can leverage within your organization.

After you fill out this form, we will utilize it to further expand a well structured campaign that allows you and your team to remain fully informed on campaign success and optimizations while driving and hitting on your key performance indicators.  Don’t worry, we utilize this intel as the basis along with our decades of experience in marketing and Google Adwords.  And all this information is kept confidential.

See attached sample of the custom Google Adwords Dashboard that you will have 24/7 access to>>>>> Google Adwords Dashboard.  Also, assuming you choose to grant our team access to your Google Analytics account, you will also have 24/7 access to a Google Analytics Dashboard.

Here is a recap of our prior to launch which is typically a 2 – 3 week timeframe:

  1. Client Discovery & PPC Audit
  2. Account Restructure & New Campaign Build
  3. Alignment With Conversion Tracking & Measuring
  4. Final Polishing & Spot Checking After Launch
  5. Daily Ongoing Optimization Of Campaign & Ad Management
  6. Tracking & Analytics Reporting For 24/7 Feedback Loop

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