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How Geofencing Marketing/OTT Advertising Could Work For Political Advocacy

For politician, advocacy, super PAC’s, and political consultants, we execute marketing campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, and other programmatic channels.  But geofencing and ott advertising is what we lead with an an education marketing agency.

Our Geo fencing and addressable (household) geofencing technology can give politicians and advocacy groups the competitive edge they’ve been looking for and that none of their competitors are using. See mobile location based advertising in action:

  • Political Events
  • Left, Independent or Right leaning Constituents
  • CRM Voter VAn File Databases
  • Churches, Hospitals Or Locations Your Constituents Frequent
  • In-Market Voters

Many Ways To Use Geofencing Marketing



Use Geofencing To Target Buildings, Nearby Traffic & Even Yourself For Customer Loyalty Marketing

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Tradeshows & Events

Use Geofencing To Target Convention Centers, Stadiums, Sporting Events & Trade Shows

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Use Our New Addressable Geofencing To Target Individuals Households: 1,000 – 1,000,000 Addresses

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Target other retailers or your competitor’s locations and serve ads to their customers

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Impacting Voters Across Policy & Voting Initiatives

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Target Advertising To People Who Voted Past 3 out of 3 Elections In Your District

If you have access to voter data which most secretary of state’s typically have, (names, emails, physical address, etc.) or have purchased a list, we can load your CRM data into our system and show these users your ads as they surf the web.

  • Email List
  • Physical Addresses
  • Likely Voters
  • Inactive Voter List
  • NPG Van Lists

Your campaigns dollars are limited.  No reason for you to get your campaign message in front of everyone unless there’s a specific purpose.  You need your dollars to be ran as efficiently as possible.  Our advertising solutions allows for that.

Location Based Advertising – Geo-Fencing

Our geo-fencing technology allows us to serve ads to people on their mobile devices that visited certain buildings or went to particular physical locations.  There are many use case that politicians can leverage this technology for campaigns:

  • Geo-fence buildings where you know your core constituency is likely to frequent (supermarkets, particular road intersections, malls)
  • Speaking at an event…geo-fence the conference and event center so you can continue speaking to those who attended the event
  • If you political opponent speaking or holding a campaign rally.  As long as we know the address, we can target those campaign attendees
  • Phone banking or canvassing?  We can micro-target those neighborhoods a week before you hit them so you’re increasing the likelihood of someone volunteering for or giving to the campaign.

How Geo-Fencing Targeting Works

  • A virtual geo-fence is traced around an event location where the advertiser wants to build an audience based on their visit to that particular location during a set, scheduled timeframe.
  • When potential voters enter the geo-fenced location, they then become part of an audience that can later be targeted following the event.
  • As the user visits various apps downloaded on their phone or browses the internet on the mobile browsers, they begin to see ads from said advertiser.
  • User can see those Ads for 1 day and up to 30 days after he/she has entered the geo-fence.

Who We Work With

Our digital agency works with Political Campaigns (Local ElectionsCity Counsels, Legislature, US House Races, Senate, Mayoral, Gubernatorial), Advocacy Groups, Ballot Initiatives, SuperPacs, and Government.

Solutions Custom Tailored To Political & Advocacy Campaigns

Increase Your Name Profile

Our ability to create custom tailored Adwords campaigns for politician is what we take pride in.  We have several options here:

  • Increase brand awareness about your name profile
  • Use the names of your political opponents so you are showing up in search
  • Consider particular issues that your key contstituents care about that you can show up for in search
  • Build awareness for potential events centered around your candidacy

Use Keyword Contextual Targeting For Issue Related Websites

With our keyword contextual advertising solutions ensure you are getting your message in front of issue based voters.  And we can continuously target those people wherever they go around the web.

Rank For Keywords Related To Your Political Candidacy

Want some increase organic traffic.  Our team can build an SEO plan allowing your candidacy to rank for keywords centered around those actively searching for you or expressing an interest or a need.  We will build a consistency around your location(s), determine keywords you should rank for, and develop a plan to capture links and shares of your candidacy so you’re getting more exposure, awareness and an increase in searches online.

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Use Social Media To Target High Propensity Voters

With our sophisticated and custom tailored advertising solution, we can take a list of high propensity voters you know are likely to vote, load those into our system, and begin serving ads centered around your candidacy.  All of those Ads can be served on Facebook and Instagram.  Learn more about our social advertising solutions.

Reporting For ALL Your Campaigns

This is an area we love to talk about.  With analytics, we can determine what’s effective and what’s not and turn ineffective campaigns into positive ROI campaigns for our clients.  You will receive regularly reports highlighting the most important functions of your campaigns and we will report on everything via one dashboard.

“42% of millennials used their smartphones to research politics in June 2016.”  Are you using digital advertising to speak to them?

Case Studies

Key Geo-Fencing Benefits

  • No IT Requirements needed
  • As long as location services on the mobile devices of those event attendees are turned on, we can serve Ads to them on those same mobile devices
  • 90% of individuals typically have location services turned on
  • Does not require any Physical BEACONS
  • Target location visitors or event attendees for 1 day – 30 days
  • Serve ads across the 600,000 App’s we have access to as well as in browser (Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer)
  • Granular localization via custom shapes & sizes

ABL… Always Be Learning

View Our Latest Political/Advocacy Marketing Webinar

From our industry and product specific webinars to our Partner Academy Course available to our higher education clients, we take education seriously….not just in academia, but also in sharing best practices with marketing teams.  Education only allows us to ask the right questions to uncover more ROI opportunities for brands. And we make it available to you.

Digital Execution Process For Political & Advocacy Campaigns


Digital Analysis

This forms the basis of your digital needs so our team can understand your ideal voter profile, your week by week campaign objectives, understanding your win number, and how we can develop a digital plan of action.


Creative Development

What will you say when you show up? That question matters more than anything. Here we take your messaging and build Ads around it.


Campaign Development

From demographic targeting, geographic, and behavioral targeting to campaign objectives, we will build a granular campaign to reach your target audience.



Now we can pull all our advertising into a clean reporting system that you can easily review and dissect.



After running the campaign for 1 – 2 weeks, we start our optimization process with split testing ads, changing targeting parameters, and checking CPA goals.

24/7 Dashboard Analytics Reporting

Don’t wait a full month before you receive robust reporting.  Get it 24/7.  Tracking online conversions (form submissions and sales) is one thing. But measuring offline conversions is something that couldn’t be done before until now. We are able to track conversions both online, as well as offline conversions (i.e. those who came back to your restaurant, retail store, desired location).

If you are leveraging our location based technology to directly communicate and reach your desired audience, contact us on how we’d develop a granular campaign tailored to your business and organizational goals. Learn more about our conversion zone tracking capabilities.

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If you are a political campaign, super PAC, or advocacy groups needing specific digital solutions that your opponents aren’t using, please contact our team.

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47% of consumers surveyed stated that they would be likely to shop from a retailer that offered promotions when they are nearby. “

“Studies suggest that when a user isn’t surfing the web on his or her phone, he or she is likely to spend 86% of smartphone time using apps.”

Geo-fencing can be the key differentiator in your business targeting the audience that matters the most to your company.

Why would you not want to be in front of those active buyers?  We can get your company ranked.

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