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    Full Programmatic Course To Support All Our White Label Partners/Direct Brands

    We understand it’s important to not simply create a partnership with our clients, but to provide both education and support in all efforts centered around business development and campaign execution.  As a result, we have created our white label partner Propellant Media Academy Series, at no charges to any white label partners who work with Propellant Media.  Sample Modules include:

    • How To Leverage OTT & CTV Advertising
    • Advanced Strategies for 10 Industries We Operate In
    • What Is Conversion Zone Tracking
    • How To Measure Lift In Foot Traffic
    • How To Determine Programmatic & Geofencing Budgets
    • How To Win More Business With Geofencing

    Here is one of our sample modules for you to view  ——————————————–>

    Here Is Our Line Up Of Academy Course Modules:

    • Module 1: The White Label Partnership
    • Module 2: How Geofencing Truly Works
    • Module 3: All Programmatic Tactics Beyond Geofencing
    • Module 4: Leveraging Event/TradeShow Targeting
    • Module 5: The Power & Accuracy Of Addressable (Household) Geofencing
    • Module 6: Types of Creative Ads That Can Be Utilized
    • Module 7: Creative Artwork Best Practices
    • Module 8: Utilizing Programmatic Video
    • Module 9: Navigating The Amazing World of OTT (Connected TV Advertising)
    • Module 10: Customer Journey Mapping In The Programmatic World
    • Module 11: Intent versus Demographic Targeting
    • Module 12: Estimating Impressions & Client Budgets – CPM Calculator

    Here Is Our Second Half Of Academy Course Modules:

    Gain access to the most comprehensive academy and online course on geofencing marketing, OTT Advertising, and programmatic display.  Perfect for brands and even better for agencies and media groups:

    • Module 13: Measuring Success In Programmatic & Geofencing Campaigns
    • Module 14: Conversion Zone Tracking (Measuring Foot Traffic)
    • Module 15: Understanding Analytics & Reporting
    • Module 16: Measuring Lift In Foot Traffic (Geo Conversion Lift)
    • Module 17: Measuring Performance with Google Analytics
    • Module 18: Advanced Strategy In 10 Industries With Geofencing Marketing
    • Module 19: Selling…Educating Clients On Geofencing
    • Module 20: Client Relations & Setting Expectations
    • Module 21: Winning & Earning Client Renewals
    • Module 22: Handling Objections From Clients & Brands
    • Bonus Module: Whiteboard On Marketing Funnels & Programmatic Display
    • Bonus Material: Demo Calls Our Team Has Conducted With Prospective Clients

    Who Is Our Propellant Media Academy Perfect For?

    We understand the academy is not for everyone and there are some simply looking for basic information on geofencing marketing and programmatic display advertising.  But we built this academy for many of our new and existing white label partners and major direct clients.  Below are some examples of those who fit well within the academy and could benefit greatly from the course:

    • White Label Agencies/Media Groups
    • Direct Brands Interested In Geofencing Marketing/OTT Advertising
    • Marketing Consulting Firms
    • Larger Direct Brands
    • Directors of Marketing
    • Direct Mail/Print Companies
    • TV/Radio Stations
    • Creative/PR Firms
    • Sports/Event Marketing Organizations

    What Are The Requirements To Gain Access To The Course:

    When we originally created the academy (Programmatic Course), the intent was to provide support to both our team here at Propellant Media as well as our White Label Parters and Direct Brands.  But we understand the importance of protecting this information and not giving it away, so there are certain tenets required to gain access to the course:

    • You must be a current White Label Partner or Direct Brand spending atleast $1,500/month with Propellant Media
    • If a white label partner, you must have paid our white label partner fee to gain access to the full course
    • You must have active campaigns running with our agency and our media planners at Propellant Media
    • Otherwise, if you simply want access to the course, the one-time fee is $2,000, assuming you’re not a current client nor a white label partner to the agency.

    Feel free to contact your media planner or senior director for more details.  We look forward to having you part of the academy.

    Busy?  Watch Our Whiteboard Video On Marketing Funnels & Geofencing.  Here is What You’ll Learn

    • How geofencing fits at different stages of the marketing funnel for varying industries
    • Why understanding your industry will put you in better position to have geofencing work for you
    • The do’s and don’ts of geofencing marketing
    • Some of the industries truly winning with geofencing advertising
    • Strategy & Use Cases With Geofencing
    • How white label agencies and organizations to incorporate into their marketing mix for clients

    Enterprises & Agencies We’ve Partnered With

    • Direct Brands/SMB’s
    • Newspaper Publications
    • Magazines & Digital Publications
    • Radio Stations
    • TV Stations
    • Marketing Agencies
    • Billboard Companies
    • Data Companies
    • Digital Marketing Agencies (SEO/SEM/Social Media)
    • Creative Agencies
    • Sports Marketing Firms
    • Convention Centers & Event Spaces
    • 501c3 Organizations
    • Branding Companies
    • Trade Associations
    • Direct Mail Companies
    • PR (Public Relations) Firms
    • Franchise Consultants
    • Political Consultants
    • Business Advisors

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