45 Event Marketing Ideas You Must Try

Taking part in conference

If you are planning on sponsoring or being an exhibitor at an event, the more people that attend, the better your chances to deliver a substantially higher return on your investment. Generally, event planners already have budgeted a significant amount of money in promoting the event. However, it can never hurt to take matters into your own hands to do some marketing yourself. There is no reason not to publicize the fact that you will have representatives from your company or organization at the upcoming event.

Taking part in conference

To help inspire you to get busy with your marketing efforts, here are 45 event marketing ideas you must try before, during, and after the show. These ideas run a gamut of online and offline opportunities to gain exposure for your brand to boost prospects, sales, and conversions. 

SMS Marketing

Since 2010, the number of people who use a Smartphone has skyrocketed. According to Pew Research, 81% of American adults now own a Smartphone, up from 35% in 2011. The full adoption of the technology also opened more marketing channels by way of SMS – or Short Messaging Service. This type of marketing approach is ideal for quickly connecting with potential clients and customers on the mobile devices they rely on to keep in touch with family, friends, and others. According to sources, 98% of text messages get read within 2 minutes of receipt. As you can imagine, it’s a dynamic way to get your offer in front of your target audience quickly.

Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing is a marketing technique that ties in directly with SMS messaging. As the name indicates, geofencing sets up a fenced ‘perimeter’ in a set geographical area. In the instance of an industry event, geofencing offers event exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to send attendees who are in the targeted area a text message. This text message is ideal for enticing attendees who are within a specific distance to take action and respond to your offer. When you are in a live event setting, exhibitors and sponsors can see instant results from reaching engaged consumers. Since these consumers are already actively engaged and interested in the subjects covered by the show. (If you want to know how geofencing can help you improve the metrics at your next trade show, schedule a demo with one of our friendly representatives. At Propellant Media, we’re always here to help!) 

Noteworthy Exhibit

When you want to capture the attention of convention or trade show attendees, a modern, interactive exhibit or display is more eye-catching than a simple or plain display. Even if you don’t have the most massive booth, you can set yourself apart from other sponsors. Consider investing in attractive, modern banners, overheads, and media to stand out among your competition.

Print Ads

For organizations and business owners who want to augment their advertising budget using a non-digital approach, print ads are worth considering. As a marketing stalwart, print ads remain a popular way to bridge the gap with potential new customers or clients. Print advertising allows you to put placements in local publications, such as newspapers, regionally distributed magazines, industry-specific newsletters, and other widely distributed printed materials.

Social Media

These days, people rely on their social media platforms more than ever before for news, information, and feedback on topics that interest them. Don’t underestimate how powerful your fan, corporate, or organizational social media pages can be! The people who already follow you are already receptive to your updates and messages, making them an ideal audience to advertise to on their favorite website or mobile app.

Email Marketing 

If you’ve taken time and made an effort to build and maintain an email list, this is a valuable marketing tool to have in your toolbox. The people on your list are opted-in or have otherwise agreed to accept your Email marketing messages. This agreement makes them more likely to respond to any campaigns they receive from your company or organization. By creating excitement with your existing client or fan base, you can help stimulate interest and attendance at your preferred industry events.

Video Ads

There is no doubt that people love to watch videos. The use of video ads helps capture the attention of engaged audiences. When you have a captive audience, it helps with a myriad of business objectives, including brand building and awareness campaigns. Additionally, video ads help create excitement surrounding the products, services, or consumer experience. Video ads can get distributed through several channels, making it ideal for connecting with your target market. 

Press Release 

Let’s face it, sponsoring or exhibiting at a Trade Show is big news! A widely distributed Press Release is an ideal way to share the word with the world. Don’t be afraid to explore opportunities to cross-promote your presence with other exhibitors, sponsors, or event planners. If this is the case, a Press Release offers a way for several parties to work together to create buzz and interest in the event. If a cross-promotion or joint venture isn’t possible with others involved in the event, it offers an opportunity to highlight and focus on your company or organizations decision to attend. 


If you are taking steps to promote your company in any capacity, it’s imperative to use every advantage your website offers. When doing any advertising, you want people to be able to engage with your site. Chatbots are an automated way to assure that no website visitor gets overlooked. Chatbots work much in the same way as human live chat operators. However, they save time and work by programmatically gathering information such as the name, email address, phone number as well as asking the visitor pertinent questions. Based on the information the visitor requests, the chatbot provides the best contextual answers or refers the visitor to a live person who can help with their concerns. As the business owner, you get to retain the information to cultivate the business relationship.

Content Marketing

On the fast-moving internet, new content is always needed to satisfy the visitor’s appetite for further information, tips, product, and service recommendations. By developing and distributing well-constructed and thought out content pieces, you are taking steps to establish expertise and trust in your targeted marketing niches. If you create shareable and pertinent content, you increase the chances that your content goes viral and gets spread to much larger audiences online. 

Video Marketing

Videos are a terrific way to connect with potential new clients and customers online. Video marketing can get used in a variety of ways to highlight your expertise, knowledge, goals, or objectives. For instance, a “how-to” videos are excellent for educating people in a subject, whether it is how to use a new software application or a new-fangled kitchen appliance. Either way, video marketing helps you build your reputation, trust, and camaraderie with your audience. By directly speaking to those who value your knowledge and expertise, you can establish all these important trust points with potential clients.

TV Appearances

In a world filled with twenty-four-hour news broadcasting, there is always the need for exciting stories, especially in local markets. If you’re thinking about exhibiting or sponsoring an industry event, consider reaching out to local media to help raise awareness for your company or the upcoming event. If you have a specific angle on the TV spot, be sure to let the producers know ahead of time. By doing so, you’re helping them create related content for their viewers, as well as building a bit of brand recognition and awareness for your company or organization. When working together, you help create a “win-win’ situation for everyone, including TV viewers!

Influencer Marketing

In recent years, the use of Influencer marketing has increased substantially. How this type of marketing works is by contracting with people who have reached ‘influencer’ status on social media platforms. These influencers would then use Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and other popular websites to recommend you to their followers. When promoting an event, influencers can play a significant role in the success of the occasion. In some cases, it’s challenging to measure the overall success of an influencer campaign, unless the influencer is sitting in your booth. Ideally, combining an influencer with geofencing marketing tactics can draw large crowds and improved results.

Search Engine Optimization

A website is always the center of any event, product, or service marketing campaign ever launched on the internet. By taking steps to assure that your organization or business website has top rankings in the popular search engines, you are making sure that prospects and customers can find you for the products or services you offer.

Online Webinars

While similar to video marketing, online webinars offer another option to connect with your core target market using video. In many cases, webinars require registration to access the webinar content. Webinars can be recorded or held ‘live time.’ Further, they often have limited availability to create a sense of urgency for anyone who is attending. Website owners who offer webinars get the benefit of collecting valuable lead information to make follow-ups, offer special promotions, or to develop other business opportunities.


Visual marketing is a compelling way to market effectively. People love to learn data and facts. Infographics are an appealing way to resonate with people who are looking for quick facts or information in an easy to assimilate format. For instance, Infographics can help outline the benefits or the vital statistics that support your point of view. For example, home improvement companies who are attending an industry event can use infographics to show the energy cost savings from their services. New windows, roofing, and solar panel installations can help qualify for tax incentives, as well as help to reduce overall energy costs. When consumers see how these services can benefit them, they are more inclined to make a purchase.


Contests are ideal for gaining attention with people who love the chance of winning a prize. As an event exhibitor or sponsor, you can run a game to award a lucky prizewinner for their interest or participation at your booth. Your contest can be something as simple as “guess how many” of something is in a jar or something more elaborate, depending on the nature of your product or service. 

Business Cards

If there is one thing you don’t want to be without at an industry event, it is business cards! People who are attending these events are interacting with more than one vendor, so you want to be sure they can remember you after the convention ends. Always make sure you have enough business cards with all pertinent information printed on them. By doing so, you are taking steps to assure these prospects can find you at a later date or time.

Vehicle Wraps

Take your show on the road with vehicle wraps! Vehicle wraps help you turn anytime you spend in your car into a valuable marketing opportunity – even when you’re parked! Vehicle wraps are attractive, affordable, and the perfect way to market to your local audience anytime you are driving.

Radio Advertising

What do people listen to throughout their day? The radio. If you want to connect with people who are a prime audience, getting a placement in radio ads is worth considering. Radio ads offer a way to speak to people who are listening in their vehicle, at work or home. 

Television Advertising

Television has always been a trusted source of information for consumers. These days, TV advertisers have more tools to connect with their target market on a local, regional, or national level. If your company wants to reach consumers, television advertising supports your efforts, before, during, and after the show ends. 

Direct Mail Promotions

Another straightforward method to connect with potential customers and clients is in their postal mail. Direct mail promotions can get targeted using a variety of ways, including buying lists or using your in-house data. Regardless of what method you use to compile the mailing data, use this outreach to promote the event you’ll be attending. 

Event Marketing Platforms

When you want to mix things up in business, events offer the chance to get in with the people who are likely to be the most interested in your product or service offerings. Event marketing platforms help to spread the word about these conferences, so more people are aware and attend. 


Meetups are generally more informal than conventions or events. However, they still offer a terrific foundation for networking with people who are interested in what you have to offer, 

Online Groups 

Online groups give you the advantage of turning your time at the computer into opportunities to connect with others. Ideally, who share the same interests. Don’t overstep the boundaries of the group, and increase enthusiasm for the upcoming event online without violating the rules.

Specialized Publications 

Ads in specialized publications can help assure that you are targeting the right niche market for the convention or trade show. For topics that are somewhat niche, you can see how this is beneficial.

Word Of Mouth 

Word of mouth is the most powerful and effective way to promote effectively. Recommendations from trusted friends and family are invaluable marketing tools that can help your business or event grow exponentially.

Promotional Materials 

Everyone loves free stuff! Promotional materials are excellent because they help you spread your brand to new markets while making people happier with a bit of free swag. 


Collect valuable feedback from leads, prospects, and customers by using surveys. Questionnaires help companies to improve, as well as to detect potential issues that could be brand-damaging before they become a problem. 

Pay Per Click Advertising 

When you want to reduce your time to market, PPC – or Pay Per Click – Advertising helps to get you at the top of search results without delay. 

Local SEO 

Local SEO tactics help to assure that your company gets found on local resources. To utilize Local SEO, you’ll need to get noticed on multiple business directories, Google My Business, and other trusted online outlets. 


Branding plays a significant role in establishing trust and messaging. When exhibiting or sponsoring a conference, be sure that you use all of your branding elements to your advantage. 


Retargeting is an advertising strategy that prompts previous visitors to your website to return. Generally, retargeting is cost-effective and helps to re-engage with people who are already familiar with your site or brand.

Advertising Intelligence 

Advertising intelligence helps to empower business owners to get a better understanding of who is visiting your site. By doing so, 

they can take strategic action to convert them to sales. 

Guerilla Marketing 

If you have a flair for being smart, guerilla marketing strategies can help you raise awareness and interest in the event, product, or service you’re promoting.

Guest On A Podcast 

Much like television, podcast hosts are always on the lookout for guests that listeners would find interesting. By connecting with prominent podcasters in your industry niche, you can reach a broader audience of potential convention attendees or customers. 

Promoted Posts 

If you are an event exhibitor or a sponsor, it never hurts to share these links with your network. Promoted posts help to support the overall event, your plan to be in attendance, and your business brand.

Help A Reporter Out

The journalism industry has undergone significant changes over the last decade. Reporters need valuable resources to gather information and gain insights into stories. Help A Reporter offers a platform for journalists and sources to connect and work together. When you help a reporter, they can help you by featuring you in their completed story.


One thing to remember is when people are happy with your products or services, they will likely post reviews about their positive experience. Positive feedback and customer testimonials help spread goodwill regarding your brand, products, and services

Give Away Tickets 

As an exhibitor or sponsor, you may be eligible for discounted or free admission tickets. If so, consider purchasing extra tickets to give away. Not only does this create goodwill with the recipient, but it also helps generate more foot traffic at the convention. 

Connect With An Affinity Group 

Affinity groups are an ideal place to connect with other like-minded individuals or causes that you or your company support. By forming relationships with others, you can build a stronger overall network for personal, professional, or business purposes.

Event Specific Landing Pages 

Ideally, you should always aim to have people visit specific pages on your website for best results. Landing pages that feature the details of the event – and perhaps a way for visitors to purchase tickets – helps to promote the event, increasing the overall foot traffic.

Incentives or Gifts 

Offer a special incentive or gift for anyone who mentions how they heard about you at your booth. By doing so, you find out firsthand what advertising method worked the best, based on feedback.

Charitable Activities 

Donating time, money, or work to charity is always a good use of your resources. When you are associated with a particular cause, you can help others accomplish their goals without compromise. By building relationships within, you can strengthen your overall bond with friends, neighbors, and your community at large. 

Track Your Results 

When you are investing in tradeshow event marketing, your results matter. When evaluating all the marketing options available when the show is underway, geofencing is the leader. 

This cutting edge technology makes it simple to track results and conversions from your marketing efforts since everything is measurable. For instance, let’s say 1,000 text messages get sent via Geofencing. Three hundred people show up at your booth to listen to your pitch or see a product demonstration. If 150 of these 300 either buy or take another desired action, such as signing up for email updates the conversion rate on the campaign would be 15%. When selling high ticket items, this can result in a skyrocket return on investment.

If you need help developing an event marketing strategy that takes your presence to the next level, contact the professionals at Propellant Media for more information today! If not, we hope that you find these 45 event marketing ideas you must try helpful for promoting your business at your upcoming event.


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