25 Experiential Marketing Companies To Know About

25 Experiential Marketing Companies To Know About

Experiential Marketing

You’ll have to forgive the digital marketing industry for loving the use of jargon. Sometimes, new phrases come into existence to describe activities that are apt enough that everyone starts using the term.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is one of those concepts that’s gaining much traction. Like you may guess, this form of marketing focuses on the experience that the customer has with an enterprise. The idea is also called “engagement marketing” by some and takes place when companies interact directly with their customers in a hands-on, tangible way.

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Experienced Digital Marketers

NVE Experience Agency

NVE provides clients with event production and experience marketing driven by a mission. The company feels that delivering marketing at the right moment is transformative and compelling. 

Their experienced team creates and executes data-driven experiences. Their campaign strategy adds cultural content to turn attention from consumers into not only sales but an absolute brand loyalty. 

More information: NVE Experience Agency

AMP Agency

AMP Agency is a fast-growing experiential marketing agency with national headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The company leverages its vast experience to provide clients with engaging marketing promotions that get customers involved. That includes everything from forming street teams to creating strategies to leverage brand loyalty.

The award-winning agency handles strategy, social media, paid search, integrated media, and experiential marketing for its roster of prominent global brands. They emphasize driving results by creating unique data-driven programs that drive the customer experience to new heights. 

Live events are helping Amp Agency’s clients get results. They organize marketing efforts for trade shows, mobile tours, pop-up events, and music festivals. Their team creates a strategy that builds a long-term connection between brands and customers.

More information: AMP Agency


Factory360 follows a mission of creating impactful marketing experiences for their clients. Their team is willing to push boundaries to achieve the best results through engaging campaigns.

They provide a diverse range of marketing services, including pop-up stores, sampling, brand activation, PR, college programs, and much more.

For growing companies that are looking to elevate their brands in the public consciousness, Factory360 provides the tools and strategy to accomplish the task. They work with a diverse set of global clients and handle every phase of the campaign from conception through the final execution.

More information: Factory360

Civitas Marketing

Civitas is an experiential marketing agency that focuses on taking their client’s best ideas and breathing life into them as part of an effective marketing campaign. Their experienced team focuses on the crucial details that ensure success in a proven manner.

The agency, located in Columbus, Ohio, takes pride in going the extra mile and doing the kind of work that brings brands to the proverbial (and much sought after) next level. 

More information: Civitas Marketing

Pro Motion1

Pro Motion1, headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, is an experiential marketing agency which focuses on telling brand’s stories at live events. The agency focuses on hands-on work with an exclusive roster of clients that they limit at ten. It allows the firm to concentrate on the details required to provide engaging experiences.

Pro Motion1 has been working with prestigious brands since 1995. The staff of experienced event professionals maintains a fun work experience that helps elevate the energy levels at events. The agency works with brands that are ready to interact with audiences on an engaging level.

More information: Pro Motion1

Pellō Agency

Pellō works with many of the world’s best-loved brands as an experiential marketing agency.

Pellō, headquartered in San Diego provides experiential marketing campaign strategy and execution, trade show management, and event production to a diverse range of global clients.

More information: Pello Agency


BeCore is a Los Angeles experiential marketing agency.

Their experienced team created, develops, and maintains compelling experiences for their globally diverse clients. They deftly handle all aspects of the campaign, including strategy, planning, and execution.

BeCore’s energized staff members are experts at producing compelling events where brands tell stories that help their clients develop intense brand loyalty. 

More information: BeCore

Jack Morton

Jack Morton is a marketing agency that provides its clients with online and offline brand experiences.

Their experienced team handles marketing across the full spectrum of customer touchpoints. That includes experiential and event marketing, integrated campaigns, and digital and content marketing.

The 80-year old agency has helped 3.5 billion people experience live events since 2002.

More information: Jack Morton

Sense Marketing

Sense Marketing helps brands build real-world campaigns that create authenticity and stimulate demand. Their team focuses on the creation of exciting campaigns that provide fantastic engagement for live events.

The established marketing agency has offices in New York and London and provides experience marketing expertise to clients around the world, racking up many awards during a 15-year operating history.

More information: Sense Marketing

George P. Johnson

George P. Johnson Experiential Marketing provides comprehensive services for global clients.

The agency follows a data-driven approach to experiential marketing that includes focusing on creative strategy and customizing plans for individual clients.

The company is part of the Project Worldwide Agency Program and operates 30 offices worldwide.

More information: GPJ

Annex Experience

Annex Experience believes in research and gaining deep human insights before beginning any project. Their team of industry veterans works with a multitude of top brands. 

They provide comprehensive experiential marketing services that include pop-up retail, influencer marketing, product launches, PR Stunts, and content creation. 

More information: Annex Experience

Agency AE

Agency AE is a brand experience agency with national headquarters in Chicago. The company specializes in hosting events and conducting experiential marketing for worldwide brands.

The firm believes in a data-driven approach to solving client’s experience marketing needs. With decades of experience in the field, the team is ready to assist brands who want to tell their story to live audiences.

More information: Agency AE

The Pineapple Agency

The Pineapple Agency is willing to put together just about any experience for brands, no matter how daring. 

Their professional staff handles live events and experiential marketing for global brands. No matter how complicated the task, they’re ready to take on the assignment. The Denver, Colorado-based crew believes there are no limits to the marketing they can perform on behalf of their clients.

They handle mobile tours and pop-up shops as well as full product launch campaigns. 

More information: The Pineapple Agency

Mouse Marketing

Canada’s Mouse Marketing is an experiential marketing agency that helps brands connect with millennial consumers.

The Mouse Group focuses on growth acceleration through the creation of distinctive consumer experience. The team’s tactics include PR, social and digital media, and event marketing that increases reach and brand awareness. 

More information: Mouse Marketing

Sanborn Agency

Sanborn has been providing experiential marketing since 2009. The award-winning agency focuses its resources on creating the ultimate digital experience.

Their team manages and deploys campaigns that are fun, emotional, unique, and engaging. They also ensure that the efforts mesh seamlessly with other experience-driven initiatives the brand is pursuing.

More information: Sanborn Agency


4 EON is a New York City-based experiential marketing agency specializing in helping big brands plan live events. 

The goal of the data-driven campaigns is to create more awareness and recognition with the brand’s core audience and customers.

The agency’s experienced staff pays attention to detail and stays flexible to create winning campaigns. They handle all aspects of the experience, including promotional tours, in-store marketing campaigns, and consumer reward programs. 

More information: 4 EON

Stoelt Productions

Stoelt Productions is an event marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. They specialize in creating environments and one of a kind experiences for brand clients.

The agency’s staff are pioneers in the field, so they understand the crucial link that helps shift brand perception. 

Their team provides strategy and effective campaigns to engage and increase brand loyalty. They offer a diverse set of services, including fabrication, rendering and ideation, production design, digital media, brand architecture, and content creation.

More information: Stoelt Productions

Elite Marketing Group

Elite Marketing Group has received recognition for its role as a top 100 Event Marketing Agency. The agency creates live brand engagements, which receives amplification on social medial. 

Their services offerings include mobile marketing tours, pop-up stores, product sampling, and event marketing. The experienced staff takes clients from the earliest stages of planning with a simple idea to the execution of the final concept.

The team of experts in field marketing handles on-site customer acquisition. That includes data capture, lead generation, and field marketing sales. Their mission is to help brands acquire new customers.

More information: Elite Marketing Group

C3 Experience Marketing

C3 is an experience and event marketing agency. They create unique and innovating solutions for clients that activate their brands through live experiences.

The team handles festivals, events, concerts and produces live events for thousands of people. Leverage their experience to ensure your brand’s clients are connecting with your story.

The agency has its headquarters in Austin, Texas and promotes more than 1,1000 concerts each year in casinos and clubs.

More information: C3 Experience Marketing

Roots3 Productions

Brooklyn, New York’s Roots3 Productions provides a diverse range of experiential and event marketing services for clients. Their team takes the projects from the initial design stage to the actual implementation.

Their goal is to produce the most memorable and inspirational experience marketing campaigns imaginable. Brands that need dedicated wall posting, art installations, event permitting, or other event experiences work directly with staff at Root3 to create engagement.

More information: Roots3 Productions


MKG, located in New York City, wants brands to act more like humans so that they can connect more easily with customers. They help their diverse global clientele achieve those objectives with their event and experience marketing services.

MKG’s dedicated staff crafts, memorable and engaging experience marketing campaigns for brands. They follow a data-driven approach that delivers mouth-watering results.

More information: MKG


Oasis works with many of the most famous children’s brand to create compelling experiences for families and kids.

They create lifelong brand loyalty by providing memorable experiences that children remember for a lifetime. With offices in Seattle, Washington and Miami, Florida, their team is capable of handling event marketing from start to finish.

More information: Oasis


Wave helps brands create marketing strategies and events and experiences to educate their customers. 

Wave Agency represents their client’s brands across a broad range of event and retail environments. The team creates inspirational and exciting brand experiences that drive sales and engagement.

More information: Wave Agency

Interactions Marketing

With headquarters in San Diego, California, Interactions Marketing has been leading the way in experience marketing for retailers for 25 years.

Their team provides dedicated, custom marketing solutions for brands and retailers from around the globe. Their solutions inspire conversation, produce a sharp sales lift, and cultivate continued brand loyalty.

More information: Interactions Marketing


Sparks is an award-winning experiential marketing agency that crafts trade show exhibits, custom retail displays, and digital engagements.

Their primary objective is to provide their clients with real-world solutions to everyday business problems. They do this with a strategic framework that encourages culture and creativity.

Their team of professional marketers spots trends as they happen. They also learn what makes consumers love brands. After that, their process involves connecting with them so that they amplify the brand. 

Their philosophy is that they can create empowering moments that get people to think. 

More information: Sparks

Experience and Event Marketing Helps Companies Grow

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