Ten Higher Education Marketing Companies And Strategies They Use

Ten Higher Education Marketing Companies And Strategies They Use

Higher Education Marketing

Boost Your Campus Presence: Top Higher Education Marketing Companies

In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of higher education, marketers play a pivotal role in shaping the perception and presence of their campuses. They utilize innovative strategies to boost brand visibility and enhance student engagement, drawing from traditional and digital marketing disciplines to carve out a distinctive niche for their respective institutions. This article will explore higher education marketing in detail, profiling top marketers and their strategies, discussing effective techniques, highlighting leading marketing companies, and examining the importance of continuous learning and development in this field.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Higher Ed Marketing
    • What is Higher Ed Marketing?
    • Key Roles of Higher Ed Marketers
    • The Importance of Higher Ed Marketing in Today’s Digital Age
  • Top Higher Ed Marketers and Their Approaches to Boosting Campus Presence
    • Profiles of Leading Higher Ed Marketers
    • Innovative Marketing Strategies They’ve Adopted
    • Case Studies on Successful Campus Presence Boosting Strategies
  • Effective Techniques to Boost Your Campus Presence
    • Engaging Digital Marketing & SEO Strategies for Higher Education
    • Elevating Campus Presence through Social Media & SEM
    • Enhancing Student Engagement through Branding and Networking
  • Higher Education Marketing Companies
    • Propellant Media
    • Sixth City Marketing
    • Sparkroom
    • Ologie
    • Up & Up
    • Carnegie Dartlet
    • Ally Marketing
    • OHO Interactive
    • Oberlander Group
    • eCity Interactive
  • Continual Learning and Development for Higher Ed Marketers
    • Importance of KPI Tracking For Campus Presence Enhancement
    • Higher Ed Marketers Webinars: A Resource for Continuous Learning
    • The Changing Trend and Future of Higher Ed Marketing

Understanding Higher Ed Marketing

The broad spectrum of Higher Education Marketing, generally referred to as “Higher Ed Marketing”, is an intriguing domain that revolves around the application of marketing theories, strategies, and practices within higher education institutions. In essence, it involves promoting the brand identity of an institution, enhancing its reputation in the educational sector, attracting prospective students, and building lasting relations with alumni.

Acknowledging the immense role of digital influence in today’s era, higher ed marketing has evolved far beyond traditional mediums like pamphlets and billboards. Instead, it now encompasses a wide array of marketing services like digital marketing, content marketing, social media management, and search engine optimization (SEO) to stay competitive and relevant in this fast-paced, technologically advanced world.

What is Higher Ed Marketing?

Higher Ed Marketing is a strategic approach adopted by higher education institutions to create a distinctive image, attract the right target audience, and enhance their reputation and visibility in the higher education industry. It employs a wide array of marketing services, including but not limited to, digital advertising, SEO optimization, and social media management.

This form of marketing is not just confined to improving enrollment numbers but goes beyond that. It’s also about sustaining relationships with current students, faculty, alumni, donors, and improving the overall image of the institution in the eyes of the general public. Higher ed institutions are making more concerted marketing efforts to ensure a holistic impact on all stakeholders.

Key Roles of Higher Ed Marketers

Higher Ed Marketers don several hats and play multiple roles to ensure the efficiency of their promotional strategies. Let’s take a moment to shed light on a few of those:

  • Brand Strategists: As brand strategists, marketers derive and implement strategies to augment the institution’s brand promise and create a consistent brand experience overall.
  • Digital Marketing Experts: Donning this role, marketers ramp up the institution’s digital presence across multiple platforms, creating engaging admissions content and fostering an interactive user experience.
  • Project Managers: Higher ed marketers work similar to project management software that organizes, plans, and controls resources and procedures. They design, execute, and monitor marketing campaigns while managing team assets.
  • Data Analysts: With growing emphasis on evidence-based strategies, higher ed marketers also operate as data analysts to assess effectiveness. They leverage Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking to analyze and optimize their strategies.

With every hat they wear, higher ed marketers contribute hugely towards sculpting the institution’s image, solidifying its reputation in the academic community and beyond.

The Importance of Higher Ed Marketing in Today’s Digital Age

Higher Ed Marketing in today’s digital age has become an indispensable component in many educational institutions. In a crowded landscape dotted with numerous higher ed institutions, having a compelling, unique brand identity is absolutely crucial.

Given the advent of the internet and social media, prospective students today have unlimited access to information. They are no longer just passive receivers of information but are actively involved in creating and sharing content. Hence, digital marketing avenues like SEO, social media management, and content marketing play a pivotal role in reaching out to this digital-native generation effectively.

Moreover, amidst fierce competition, higher ed marketing helps institutions differentiate themselves, showcasing their unique attributes and value propositions. As such, those educational institutions that craft and manage a distinctive brand voice have a competitive edge in attracting potential students and other stakeholders. They create a solid digital footprint that echoes their ethos across the online realm, making a tremendous impact on their enrolment, retention, and overall reputation. ‘

Top Higher Ed Marketers and Their Approaches to Boosting Campus Presence

As higher education institutions find themselves in an increasingly competitive environment, many turn to the industry’s leading marketers to leverage their sophisticated strategies. Known for their innovative approaches in boosting campus presence, these experts have mastered various techniques – from integrated marketing campaigns to digital advertising, and social media management. This section delves into the profiles of these distinguished higher ed marketers, the innovative strategies they’ve adopted, and some case studies showcasing their success.

Profiles of Leading Higher Ed Markers

These higher ed marketers, distinguished for their service in the higher education industry, have earned their reputations by significantly enhancing their client’s campus presence.

  • Propellant Media: An agency recognized for utilizing geofencing technology to attract a target audience. Their higher ed client portfolio includes prestigious universities that have achieved increased enrollment rates through their marketing campaigns.
  • Ologie: This branding and marketing agency elevates their clients’ brand identity with authentic storytelling. Many higher ed institutions have adopted their unique approach, resulting in greater brand recognition and improved student engagement.
  • OHO Interactive: Recognized for its focus on user experience, OHO Interactive guides higher ed clients through creating a seamless online platform for their audience. Their higher education marketing services include full-service digital strategy and execution.

Each of these marketers brings a unique approach tailored to the higher ed institutions they serve, establishing a niche within a fast-paced, evolving industry.

Innovative Marketing Strategies They’ve Adopted

As leaders in the higher ed marketing field, these professionals have pioneered various approaches to enhance campus presence. Strategies include:

  • Geofencing: Used by Propellant Media, this strategy involves using GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual boundary, within which targeted marketing messages can be delivered.
  • Brand Storytelling: Adopted by Ologie, this approach emphasizes the presentation of an institution’s unique brand identity through authentic and engaging narratives.
  • User Experience Optimization: OHO Interactive’s approach, focusing on optimizing the overall user experience of digital platforms to attract and retain visitors.

Case Studies on Successful Campus Presence Boosting Strategies

A proof of their successful marketing efforts is represented within their significant client successes.

For example, a prominent university, as one of Propellant Media’s higher education clients, experienced increased student enrollment following a geofencing advertising campaign. This case demonstrated the strategy’s potential to target prospective students directly and effectively convert them.

Similarly, Ologie’s work with a respected higher ed institution illustrates the power of brand storytelling. By creating a compelling narrative around the institution’s core values and mission, Ologie helped boost campus presence and student engagement.

Additionally, OHO Interactive significantly improved a client’s online presence by revamping the institution’s website. Their focus on improving user experience led to an increased website traffic and greater student engagement, showcasing the effectiveness of their approach.

As the higher education landscape continues to change in today’s digital age, these case studies serve as testament to the power of innovative marketing strategy in boosting campus presence.

Effective Techniques to Boost Your Campus Presence

In today’s digital age, an extraordinary campus presence is no longer defined solely by physical appearances and in-person activities. Instead, it has expanded into the cyber realm encompassing digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, search engine marketing (SEM), branding, and networking. By mastering these effective techniques, higher ed institutions can significantly amplify their campus presence.

Engaging Digital Marketing & SEO Strategies for Higher Education

The foundation for any robust online presence starts with a well-planned digital marketing and SEO strategy. This strategy should take into account the unique perspectives and needs of the higher education industry. For instance, colleges and universities need to attract and engage prospective students, retain current students, and impress alumni and donors while standing out in a highly competitive market.

Some of the essential elements of a successful digital marketing and SEO campaign for higher education institutions include:

  • Creating valuable and relevant content that resonates with the target audience. This could range from admissions guides, campus life insights, faculty profiles, to success stories from alumni.
  • Optimizing websites for SEO, ensuring that they are easily discoverable by search engine users. This involves keyword research and content optimization, among other technical SEO practices.
  • Staying active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, where students are most likely to be found. Regularly posting engaging content is key.
  • Using digital advertising to get the word out about the institution and its services, program offerings, and news.

Maintaining an engaging website with an optimal user experience can help higher ed institutions significantly boost their online presence and credibility. A proper SEO strategy will contribute to a more substantial digital footprint, making it easier for prospective students and other stakeholders to find and engage with the institution.

Elevating Campus Presence through Social Media & SEM

An increasingly useful tool for elevating campus presence is social media. By integrating social media strategies into their marketing efforts, higher ed institutions can amplify their brand identity, engage with their audiences on a personal level, and extend their community reach. Moreover, utilizing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can directly increase the visibility of an institution in search engine results through paid advertisements.

Through careful content marketing, higher ed institutions can tap into the power of each social media platform to connect with different audience segments. For instance, Instagram can be used to showcase the visual aspects of campus life, while LinkedIn can be used for showcasing faculty achievements, promoting research, and connecting with alumni.

On the other hand, SEM campaigns help institutions to reach target audiences looking for specific programs, courses, or services offered by them. These campaigns can have broad reach and offer measurable results, making it easier to adjust strategies for optimum efficiency.

Enhancing Student Engagement through Branding and Networking

Creating a solid branding strategy and actively networking are two more tools that can significantly improve campus presence. Branding includes everything from the mission statement and core values to logo designs and brand promise. It is through branding that an institution communicates its unique identity and value proposition to its target audience.

Moreover, higher ed institutions can enhance student engagement by establishing a strong network within, around, and beyond the campus. This can be achieved through organizing and participating in events, networking with other institutions, fostering relationships with local communities, and collaborating with organizations and enterprises for student internships, research, or projects.

Through strategic branding and active networking, institutions strengthen their presence and reputation both on and off campus. This indirectly boosts other marketing efforts by creating a strong and recognizable brand identity that appeals to students, faculty, alumni, and even potential donors.

Higher Education Marketing Companies

Various higher education marketing companies have emerged to offer unique and innovative marketing strategies, helping higher education institutions enhance their campus presence and visibility in the digital age. These companies provide a spectrum of services, including digital advertising, SEO, social media management, integrated marketing, enrollment marketing, and much more to their higher ed client portfolios. Let’s delve deeper into an evaluation of several exceptional higher education marketing companies dominating the industry.

Propellant Media

Starting off our list is Propellant Media, an Atlanta-based advertising agency known for its geofencing marketing and programmatic display. It offers a broad range of services, including search engine optimization, mobile advertising, pay-per-click, and digital marketing, positioning them uniquely in the higher education marketing sector. Their higher ed client portfolio includes numerous prominent institutions, demonstrating their expertise in assisting organizations to reach their target audience effectively.

Sixth City Marketing

Sixth City Marketing, based in Ohio, is another pioneering player in the higher education marketing field. They utilize a results-oriented approach, incorporating search engine optimization, pay-per-click, web design, content creation, and other marketing services to support higher ed institutions in boosting their digital visibility. Their broad client base also attests to their competence and reliability in delivering result-driven marketing solutions.


Sparkroom, with their robust project management software and a team of seasoned experts, assists in tracking enrollment marketing performance and optimizing ROI. From higher ed marketing campaigns to lead generation strategies, Sparkroom provides end-to-end marketing services with a keen knowledge of the higher education industry’s specific requirements and challenges. Their holistic approach, integrating traditional and digital marketing strategies, is tailor-made to meet the unique needs of higher education institutions.


Ologie stands out for its focus on brand strategy and storytelling. They delve deep into defining a higher ed institution’s “brand promise” and implement bespoke campaigns that align with this narrative. Their integrated marketing approach accurately captures the essence of each institution’s brand identity and effectively communicates it to the target audience. Their work spans across a multitude of brand and enrollment marketing campaigns, testifying to their broad expertise.

Up & Up

Up & Up, based in South Carolina, emphasizes on helping higher ed institutions tell their unique stories through engaging content, eye-catching design, and refined user experience. Whether it’s a full-scale website redesign, content marketing, or social media management, they ensure that their strategies align with authentic institutional objectives and values. Their unique ability to blend aesthetics with strategy makes them stand out among other higher education marketing companies.

Carnegie Dartlet

Carnegie Dartlet offers a comprehensive suite of enrollment marketing and branding solutions tailored to the specific needs of higher education institutions. They excel in utilizing psychographic audience segmentation and innovative digital strategies to deliver personalized and effective marketing campaigns, contributing robustly to their clients’ student recruitment efforts. Their “Human Connection” methodology uniquely focuses on forging emotional connections with the audience, offering a novel way to enhance visibility and engagement.

Ally Marketing

The Rhode Island-based Ally Marketing has built a reputation for its extensive expertise in providing digital marketing solutions specifically for non-profit and educational institutions. From brand strategy formulation to managing SEO and PPC campaigns, they adopt a 360-degree approach to boosting clients’ digital visibility and fostering stronger connections with their target audiences. Their proven track record in delivering successful marketing campaigns testifies to their competence and reliability.

OHO Interactive

OHO Interactive is well-known for its knack for creating high-impact digital experiences aimed at improving the campus presence of higher ed institutions. They excel in weaving together strategic branding, compelling content, and innovative technologies to build engaging and user-friendly digital platforms. Their thorough approach to mapping the customer journey, backed by data-driven insights, ensures the delivery of marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience effectively.

Oberlander Group

Oberlander Group, based in New York, specializes in higher education branding, marketing, and design. Leveraging their deep understanding of the higher ed space, they create insightful marketing strategies that capture the essence of an institution’s mission and values faithfully. Their strategies, while creative and robust, maintain a focus on achieving tangible results such as driving enrollments and enhancing campus visibility.

eCity Interactive

Lastly, Philadelphia’s eCity Interactive offers a mix of creative design, powerful storytelling, and data-driven marketing solutions. They excel in creating immersive digital experiences that capture a higher ed institution’s brand identity aptly and engage their audience effectively. Whether redesigning websites, implementing SEO strategies, or managing social media, they bring a plethora of experience, creativity, and innovation to every project.

These leading higher education marketing companies serve as invaluable partners for higher ed institutions aiming to optimize their marketing strategies and enhance their digital presence in today’s competitive market landscape. By offering a diverse range of services and adopting industry-specific approaches, they shed light on how to drive comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns in the higher education sector.

As we proceed, let’s consider effective techniques to boost your campus presence, tapping into various engaging digital marketing and SEO technologies.

Continual Learning and Development for Higher Ed Marketers

The higher education industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving one, especially in the digital age, demanding a consistent growth mindset from its professionals. For higher ed marketers, this necessitates a commitment to continual learning, skills upgrading, and staying updated with the latest marketing trends and strategies, shaping the future of higher education institutions.

Importance of KPI Tracking For Campus Presence Enhancement

One important way for marketing professionals to keep with the progressive trend in higher ed marketing requires a keen focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs help track the efficacy of marketing campaigns, the reach of digital advertising efforts, and how well brand promise resonates with the target audience. Monitoring these metrics equips marketers with the insight to drive continuous improvement and ensure institutions maintain a strong presence on campus and online.

Through KPI monitoring, higher ed marketers can evaluate the effectiveness of their content marketing, SEO, SEM, and social media management strategies in real-time. This enables immediate corrective action if needed, ensuring overall project management efficiency, reinforcing the higher ed agency’s brand identity, and enhancing user experience for prospective and ongoing students.

Some of the major KPIs that higher ed marketers should track include website traffic, engagement rates, enrollment numbers, graduation rates, and alumni involvement. Utilizing project management software can streamline this process, minimizing errors and enhancing data analysis for improved decision making.

Higher Ed Marketers Webinars: A Resource for Continuous Learning

As digital platforms are expanding, webinars have evolved into practical, go-to resources for continuous skill development. They have been leveraged by marketing agencies, like Lipman Hearne, Oho Interactive, Paskill Stapleton, and Echo Delta, offering insightful sessions on topics like integrated marketing, search engine optimizations, and enrollment marketing.

These webinars not only shed light on trending marketing strategies, but they also offer detailed case studies, live examples, discussions, and Q&A sessions for a more engaging learning experience. By participating in these, higher ed marketers can gain instant access to expert opinions, industry updates, and peers’ perspectives, broadening their understanding and skillset.

An effective way to get the most from these webinars is by implementing the takeaways into practice directly. Convert the knowledge gained into actionable strategies, realizing an immediate impact on your higher education client portfolio. This real-time application aids in clarifying concepts and improvising where needed.

The Changing Trend and Future of Higher Ed Marketing

The realm of higher education marketing is not isolated from the influence of technological advancement and changing consumer behavior. Therefore, it’s imperative that higher ed marketers are aware and plan for these shifts.

From traditional print ads and billboards, the education marketing effort has now been heavily digitalized. The rise of AI, data analytics, and personalized marketing continues to shape higher ed marketing. Institutions are now employing more data-driven techniques to disseminate their brand message and increase enrollments.

Technological advancements such as VR/AR and Chatbots are also revolutionizing the way information about a course or institution is delivered to potential students. These advancements are not only altering the marketing strategies but also the very fabric of educational instruction and communication.

At the same time, the importance of storytelling and human connection cannot be, and should not be, sidelined. Evolving trends like value-based marketing, increased attention on student issues, and transparent communication are poised to shape the future of higher ed marketing. Higher ed marketers must equip themselves with the skills and insights to ride these waves successfully, taking their institutions’ marketing efforts and campus presence to the next level.

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