Farm Equipment Supplier Grows CTR With Our Team

Farm Equipment Supplier Grows CTR With Our Team



A farm equipment supplier was looking to target individuals looking to purchase agricultural and farming supplies. The advertiser enlisted the help of our team to utilize new geo-fencing technology and several other programmatic advertising tactics with the goal of achieving the industry average CTR of .08-1%.


The team developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing, site retargeting, search retargeting at the keyword level, category contextual targeting and mobile geo-optimization. The advertiser identified key locations to reach their target audience, focusing on other nearby farming supply stores, and our team built geo-fences around each location. After campaign launch, our team and our multivariate algorithms worked to further optimize the campaign mid-flight to maximize CTR. These included adding new keywords, adjusting the frequency cap and implementing dayparting.


To date, our team has been able to deliver a .12% CTR, exceeding the client’s initial goal. The recent addition of new keywords has driven greater success as the campaign experienced a .19% CTR over the past 30 days. Our team will continue to make in-flight optimizations to maximize performance over the duration of the campaign.

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