Automotive Car Dealership Marketing Companies: 27 You Should be Aware Of

Automotive Car Dealership Marketing Companies: 27 You Should be Aware Of

Car Automoblie Transportation Vehicle Elegance Concept

Marketing companies play a significant role in today’s businesses. Customer acquisition and retention is the primary role of automotive marketing companies and hiring a wrong automotive marketer can cost you both money as well as time. Before choosing to work with an automotive marketing company, it is essential to assess it and ensure that the client’s feedback on the company is positive.

Car Automoblie Transportation Vehicle Elegance Concept

Selecting a marketing company that has excellent client collaboration and communication can mean a lot both for the buyer and the automotive company. It is therefore vital to settle for a company that can come up with a great development strategy, effectively plan and manage campaigns: It is not just about the mere advertisement.

As car buying and renting habits change, automotive companies, as well as marketing companies, strive to change their strategies and adapt to the needs of the customers. According to research by Autotrader automotive buyers use about 59 percent of their time researching online, and 46 percent of them use multiple devices. Also, 78 percent of the car automotive buyers rely on third party sites for information on vehicles.

Another significant revelation of the research is that about 20 percent of the customers use social media in their research. The process always involves, researching cars using different devices and automotive sites, checking out the vehicles listed, comparing car prices and finally locating the car dealer.

An excellent automotive marketing company should be able to provide the customer with all the information required to decide on actually purchasing the car. This does not only make the customers’ work easy, but it also ensures excellent customer experience. Let’s now discuss some of the top 26 car marketing companies that both customers and the car dealers can rely on for outstanding services.

Propellant Media – Automotive Digital Advertising Agency

Amongst the many options available, there could be positive reasons for hiring the services of Propellant Media LLC. They have been able to make their presence felt quite well in this field over the past many years. They are often considered by many clients to be the automatic choice when it is about engaging prospective customers and also for increasing sales in a highly competitive and demanding digital space. They were headquartered at Tech Square Labs, Atlanta, GA.

Their overall experience and expertise and their focus on offering something unique and new to those who are trying something innovative is a point to be kept in mind. They are focusing mostly on midsize and small companies who do not have the wherewithal to gain access to the best of digital marketing solutions. They are capable of offering the best programmatic and paid search solutions for a variety of clients. Propellant Media LLC also covers a wide range of car dealership marketing.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Founded in 2005, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has been featured among some of the top marketing companies both in the United States and in the world. With its quest to deliver only the best services, the company works with a team of passionate employees who understand the power of the internet and its ability to enhance growth.

Some of the areas in marketing that the company focusses on include search engine optimization, web design, social media marketing, video production, pay per click, content writing, reputation management, email management, and conversion optimization.

Thrive Internet Marketing has its headquarters in Arlington, Texas but also has its offices well distributed in most states in the United States. Moreover, they provide their services internationally. What makes the company unique is that it has one of the best extreme customer focus strategies in the market and has since its formation, scooped a number of awards including Best Amazon SEO Company (2019), Best Pay Per Click Management Company in Arlington, Texas (2019), and Top Digital Marketing Agency (2018).

Lastly, the company has worked with more than 400 clients some of which include GAINSCO Auto and Wells Fargo, and currently has annual revenue of between 5 to 10 million US dollars.

Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Agency is a company that has been in the market for more than ten decades and has worked with a number of companies such as GEICO and the New York Times. Since its formation, the company has focused on search engine optimization, reputation management, content marketing, web design and development, and paid advertisements. The company’s vibrant team of technical marketers has enabled it to win several awards in the United States including Landy awards.

The company has also featured in awards in other categories including Best B2B Company, Best Rental SEO and Best Content Campaign.

Go Fish Digital has mastered particular marketing strategies that have enabled them to stay ahead of their competitors. For instance, the company strives to keep updated with all the changes in the market including marketing strategies and digital landscape making it unique. Although the company has its office in only two states in the United States, it provides online services internationally.


Founded in 2009, Stryde is another automotive marketing company that has been successful in the marketing industry. The company has its headquarters in Draper, Utah but also offers its services to other states. The company has holistic Search Engine Optimization marketing skills and has also been featured in some of eth top awards in the United States.

Stryde has also stood out in the marketing industry as it primarily focusses on sustainable revenue growth for its clients. If you happen to be their client, then you should be certain that they will not abandon you along the way but offer you with every single detail and information you will need to thrive, and this is none of the qualities that have made it one of the fastest growing marketing companies in Utah.

The company focuses on quality content creation, distribution, and promotion, creating brand awareness, enhancing shorter sale cycles and engaging and retaining your automotive clients.

Skyline Agency

This is one of the few marketing companies that has integrated both traditional and contemporary methods of online marketing to bring out the best results. Skyline works with both national and multinational companies that need to achieve their revenue and customer satisfaction goals including startups that need to punch just above the weight.

The company boasts of a team of fast forward millennials and top-notch industry vets who use innovative technology in utilizing the market and achieve outstanding customer support. The company has its headquarters in Texas and focusses on SEO, market research, and strategy among others.


Although this company was founded in 2012, it has scaled up the success ladder to become one of the best small marketing agencies. Generation of revenue is the sole driver of the company through which it aims to provide value to its clients and guided by honesty, and trust.

To inform digital strategies for its clients, the company has primarily focused on three areas which are search engine optimization, providing analytics services, and enhancing paid advertisements. The company also firmly believes that for one to be successful online there is a need for coming up with excellent marketing plans.

Higher Visibility

Higher Visibility is a client-focused company which has, just like most of the above marketing companies, featured in and won some of the top awards that recognize online marketers around the globe such as Google Partner Awards and Landy Awards. The company works with both mutilations and small-sized companies to ensure that they grow their web traffic and consequently increase their ladies and sales.

Higher Visibility stands out and is a unique company. Unlike most marketing companies who come with specific goals for your company, Higher Visibility relies on their client’s goals to achieve its objectives and has partnered with some of the top companies to ensure the best results.
By ensuring that your company stands out by carrying out search optimization auditing and managing your social media, Higher Visibility stands to be in best position to not only understand your business but also to make successful.

Venta Marketing

With its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, Venta Marketing is one of the few digital marketing companies that is focused on the unique needs of every client it works with. First, the company recognizes that marketing strategies are fast changing with the advent in technology and it goes further to recognize the need to apply goal centered approaches in different companies.

Working with companies that enable you to visualize and achieve your goals is one of the best ways to stand out in the market today, and this is precisely what Venta Marketing does. Lastly, the company ensures that communication is progressive between you and your clients.

Falcon Digital Marketing Company

Falcon Digital Marketing has its headquarters in Houston, Texas and focuses on creating a high impact on the markets by utilizing marketing campaign strategies. By scheduling, editing and tracking their client’s contents, the company has been able to come up with specific and responsive campaign pages for their clients.

The company also employs pay per click advertisements to generate and retain clients. If you are looking to maintain and grow our SEO at the same time, then this company can provide you with the perfect long term strategies and results.
If your automotive company is struggling with phone calls, sales, ROI or even growth, then Falcon Marketing can be of great help having worked with more than 10 thousand clients, most of who have been satisfied.

32 Points Marketing

This is a digital marketing company with its headquarters in Ardmore, Philadelphia and was founded by Michael Abolafia in 2015. The company’s aim is to help mid-sized companies to stand out through enhancing their digital presence and driving traffic into their websites.

The company uses a client-based approach focused on its goals and what it needs to achieve to thrive in the market. Some of the company’s specialties include Digital Marketing, Vendor Selection, Digital Marketing Strategy, Team Training, Paid Search, SEO, Content Marketing Strategy, and Amazon Seller Management.

Today’s Local Media

If you run an automotive company, then you need to understand both the platforms and mediums that your clients use in searching for information. This will not only make you stand out in the market, but it will also ensure that you retain a high percentage of your customers. Most people want to find information in either one site and by using one device.

With its local offices in Dallas, Today’s Local Media is an online marketing company that was founded in 2011 and focuses on bringing new leadership to small sized businesses as well as big companies.

Today’s Local Media digital marketing company monitors your digital advertising and provides you with the best ROI as well as increasing awareness and bringing more leads to your company. The company’s web design is mobile friendly and helps your clients to navigate websites with ease.

Louder Online Marketing Agency

This is an internationally acclaimed online marketing company that has worked with some of the biggest companies such as coca cola and Ford, Hyundai, KIA, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Land Rover. The agency believes that for digital marketing to be successful, then it must focus on results, intelligence and above all, maintaining a massive ROI.

The agency is not limited to a particular area. It aims at using all the digital tools to make their clients stand out. The company, therefore, works in the implementation of smart and actionable strategies that focus on your ROI.

Bigwing Digital Marketing Agency

This is one of the companies that has grown and operated within 26 states. Founded in 2010, the digital marketing agency has helped both small-sized, and multinational business grows, increase the number of customers as well as retain them through conversions, branding, and improved lead generation.

Some of the services that the agency offers include; Onsite SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Paid Search, Programmatic Targeted Display, Web Development.

The agency’s goal is to handle your marketing for you so that you only focus on your business goals. The highly talented team from the agency has also participated in a number of communication conferences. According to the agency, every member possesses a particular skill

Nifty Marketing

Nifty Marketing is one of those agencies with a funny begging. The agency was forged out of a potato field in Idaho but has grown to serve some of the top-notch companies in the world including automotive companies and law firms.

The agency aims at designing and designing a digital marketing strategy according to their customer’s needs. They do not, therefore, operate in a blanket manner but according to your company’s needs.

The team behind the agency consists of professionals who work to ensure that you reach your prospect, customers. The team also includes of WordPress development and paid media professionals. Nifty has been featured in a number of publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Search Engine Journal, and Mashable among others.

Just like Bigwing, the agency has taken part in a number of communication conferences such as Mazcon Local Mazcon, SMX, Local University, and SearchFest among others. When working with this agency, you should expect a custom approach to your automotive brand.

Avalaunch Media Marketing Agency

With its headquarters strategically positioned at the base of Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range, the agency aims at using creativity in online marketing. The company has also had many instances of success when it comes to search engine optimization, paid research, web design and content marketing. The agency works with small, medium-sized and multinational companies and its client list features some of the biggest names such as ADP and Samsung.

Avalaunch does not only seek traffic for your company, but it ensures that through its strategies, you maintain a great client relationship. If you are running an automotive company, then you understand the significance of customer satisfaction. This is what drives the digital marketing agency, and you do not have to worry about looking for traffic into your website.

Deep Field Inc.

Although this is a small digital marketing agency, it has worked with some of the well-known companies. The agency does not only believe in making leads for their clients but also maintaining close communication with them. It does this by providing their clients with weekly updates on their company’s performance and a number of suggestions on what the client should do.

Operating an automotive company will require that you always keep checking on your customers and you, therefore, need an agency that can keep track of all your customer feedback list as well as providing you with best strategies on retaining your current customers.

Five Channels Marketing Agency

This agency operates under a single goal; delivering your brand to all your prospect customers. Five Channels is located in the Heart of Emerald Coast, Florida from where it assists companies to get leads and grow their businesses.

The company also acknowledges the fact that companies might develop unique problems along the way and therefore seeks to help them through each of those processes. What’s more, the company first utilizes the marketing the appropriate marketing channels available in one’s industry.

The agency has worked with many clients; its team consists of a professional who first assesses your current digital marketing strategy before discussing with you what could be hindering your leads. It then delves into looking at what your clients search for online, feed search engines with what they need to make your company rank higher, assist you in monitoring your website activities and applying the latest marketing strategies in making your company stand out.

Kogneta Marketing Agency

Kogneta is ROI focused and dwells on objectives of helping companies get to the next level. The agency has been in the market for more than ten years and has mainly focused on improving both national and local companies conquer competition by increasing their sales while using ROI focused PPC, SEO and content marketing strategies.

According to the company’s statistics and reviews, it has managed to have more than 60 percent monthly successful leads. Moreover, it has a team of digital market advisors who will advise you on the best strategies to use even before hiring them.


The agency boasts of providing handcrafted marketing which including services such as SEO, reputation management, web design and developing effective interactive media. It ensures to bring the best breed for you and for this reason; it works to satisfy your needs as their clients.

Automotive companies mostly rely on videos or photos; this agency brings their best experts to conceptualize your video. Apart from being an agency that provides direct online marketing strategies, it also operates as a consultancy agency.

Inseev Interactive

Inseev Interactive is a digital marketing company that is based in San Diego and focuses on SEO, content marketing and paid media. The company provides custom solutions for companies and those that fit their goals and objective to ensure that every market dollar you spend pays itself up.

Most digital marketing companies will sell you one size fits all packages and expect you to grow your business with it. However, companies have different challenges and need customization. Working with companies that customize your solutions such as Inseev Interactive ensures that your marketing challenges are tackled in the best manner.

Climbing Trees

If you are looking for a company that applies a down to earth strategy in their online marketing, then Climbing Trees is the perfect marketing agency for you. The company focusses on your SEO as well as Google and Bing ads to make you stand out in the market. The company also uses innovation in its online marketing strategies to come up with bestS results.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Climbing Trees will come up with the best possible strategies to help you move up the success ladder through its commitment and individuals who work nonstop until they have pushed your online presence forward.

51 Blocks

When running a company, it is significant to understand your cost per lead and how to lower costs over time. Before working with any company, this agency analyses a company to understand what is keeping it out of competitions. They then proceed to provide you with data based solutions which are known as �Marketing Math’. Also, the agency works with businesses at all levels.

What’s more interesting about this agency is that it works with expectations and goals and it will not, therefore, promise you fast page ranking overnight. The agency believes that SEO is a long term game where you need to set both short term and long term goals within given periods.

Also, the agency only swings into actions after performing a rigorous audit of your company and understanding your audience, their concerns, and channels through which they can be reached.

Lastly, the agency operates on a no-contract basis and maintains the highest standards of transparency. The no-contract terms imply that you can stop working with the company at any point and that you are not tied up with terms.

Also, the company will provide its clients with all the report on what they have done and what they plan. 51 Blocks is tried and tested and this makes them stand out in the digital marketing industry: Their aim is to partner with their clients beyond marketing their businesses for them.

BLUSH Digital

Blush Digital is a digital marketing agency that focuses on understanding the heir client’s business before proceeding to build an online presence. In the first changing word, companies need to work with digital marketing agencies that are swift and transparent at the same time.

Blush digital has a great understanding of Google and other search engines that companies need to use to increase their online presence. The agency runs a number of weekly scans on multiple websites to predict where the trends are moving and also to gain insights.

It also uses version control software to monitor changes in real-time which in turn allows both the clients and the agency to identify technical debts before the changes damage the company’s ranking and ROI.

Communication is an essential aspect of success, and this agency acknowledges this and always has a team of in-house experts ready to act on their clients’ needs. In ensuring effective communication, the company also translates data into understandable information and sharing information with their clients.

Portent Digital Marketing Agency

Portent Digital Marketing focusses on driving the right traffic into your website, winning more customers through traffic and finally creating a momentum that is long term. The agency also understands that companies do not gain traffic overnight and aims at working together with their clients both in driving clients to their websites and retaining the customers by using its tools and a team of experts.

Finding a digital marketing agency that will ultimately teach you how to manage your team and customers can be challenging. However, this is one of the things that makes this agency unique. Apart from helping you increase your online presence, the company will also teach you how to manage traffic and how to maintain your customers.

Portent manages an end to end digital marketing service and has also worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. The team of experts will not only work for you, but they will work with you to build your automotive brand and move you to the next level regardless of your budget and background.

Some of the online marketing services offered by the agency include SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, proving companies with analytics and web design and development.

Sure Oak Agency

Sure Oak is an agency that focusses on SEO and has its headquarters in New York. The agency is driven by three primary goals which include, directing traffics towards their clients’ websites, growing their clients’ businesses, and finally making it iconic. By taking up and achieving all these measures, your revenue is of course expected to improve.

The agency employs focused and high-quality strategies to ensure that their clients get both long term and real results. Unlike other companies, they direct organic and sustainable traffic to their clients’ businesses and to work with them; clients have to understand that there are no quick fixes.

Since the agency is situated in New York City and has been helping both small and large companies in driving traffic to their business, then it best understands the ins and out of the City. Sure Oak also recognizes the fact that most people get to New York with their suitcases full of dreams and are therefore determined to make those dreams come true leading traffic into their businesses.

Joe Youngblood

The agency was founded by a Joe Youngblood who besides has more than two decades of experience in online marketing. Sit is, therefore, ranks as one of the top SEO, PPC and social media marketing agencies in the markets. It does not only focus on building your customer traffic but also ensuring that all your customers are satisfied with your services.

The agency has besides managed to achieve repeat success on Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, and DuckDuckGo. Joe Youngblood’s company employs advanced technology in administering its services to ensure the best outcome.

In Marketing We Trust

In marketing We Trust, also abbreviated as IMWT, is an online marketing optimization digital marketing agency popularly used by travel brands. It focusses on bringing industry insights and knowledge on board while focusing on returns. The agency uses traffic revenue mechanisms as its marketing methods.

First, the agency first thing that the agency does is to get company analytics and data science. It then proceeds to improve its client’s sales through conversion optimization techniques, and finally, it focusses on directing more traffic to the company by using pay per click like Facebook and Bing)

By utilizing the above strategies, the companies can connect with prospective clients and reach the right audience. Lastly, the agency applies advanced technology in web development to make customers travel experiences amazing as well as their campaigns more efficient.


Online digital marketing companies do not have to be in your location for you to work with them. However, the proximity between clients and marketing agencies offices may help in practically learning about the business and in some instances, teaching the clients how to manage traffic and maintaining good customer relations.
Automotive companies need to ensure that they get the best from their marketing agencies. The agencies should be able to come up with videos and great photos.
Moreover, people who want to hire or buy cars use a mobile phone in their research. It is therefore significant for online marketing agencies to be able to come up with web designs that are mobile friendly. The use of social media can also improve a company’s rank. Lastly, companies need to realize that link building is a process that cannot be done overnight and before choosing their ultimate partner; they should be able to assess their firms’ size, needs, and budget.

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