17 B2B & SaaS Marketing Ideas to Leverage In 2022

When it comes to marketing, companies face multiple challenges, including remaining open to new ways of doing business. As times change, they must find “the sweet spot” between trying on new ideas for size and using tried-and-true strategies that keep their clients and customers happy.

While it is a delicate balance, and no two businesses are the same, all could benefit from using B2B (business-to-business) and SaaS (software-as-a-service) marketing ideas that can bring success. Below we offer 17 B2B and SaaS marketing ideas and tools you can leverage as you seek new business. Call us today to find out how else we can help your business.

Business-to-Business Marketing Strategies to Help


Tailor B2B Messaging to Specific Clients or Customers

Customizing the message according to the audience you want to reach can be the difference between people reading your pitch or sending it straight to their email spam folders. This approach can warm prospective clients to your product or service. You can select a particular group of clients that you want to reach and send them personalized content that speaks to their concerns or interests. Be sure to offer helpful information and insights of value from the start. However, don’t offer so much information that they get overwhelmed and do away with your heart-crafted email altogether.


Keep Your B2B Content Short

Creating and using content that can present information in a clear, compelling, and concise way that engages your audience. Appealing photos, videos, and graphics that explain a topic or subject can inform them without overwhelming them. Short, informative videos, infographics, case studies, white papers, electronic books (eBooks), and other forms of content can reach new and regular clients.


Use Independent Online Directories to Promote Business, Find Prospects

People looking for your product or service are most likely conducting online searches that turn up directories or listings of services. These directories are a roundup of companies that offer similar products and services, making it easier for online users to find what they are looking for.

These independent directories can put your business in front of the people you are looking for. You will have to consider if the cost of getting onto one of these lists is worth it, but it could save you time and raise your traffic and conversion rates if the right people find you.


Seek or Build Opportunities to Partner With Other Companies

If your company shares the same audience or industry, you can reach out to create a partnership that allows both companies to reach new prospects. For example, if a lawn/landscaping service is looking for clients, it could partner with a local nursery and offer discounts to shoppers who visit the nursery for their yard and gardening needs.


Search Out New Business Prospects in a Social Media Group

It’s easier now to find people who are interested or involved in the same cause, topic, or industry, and you don’t have to look far to reach them. Specific audiences on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook, are ideal for businesses looking to demonstrate a product or service people may find useful. You can visit these platforms and identify your prospects. You can then determine how to reach them.


Use Targeted Landing Pages

You can create a web landing page for the feature or benefit of your product or service, ensuring that your audience finds what it is looking for. If your landing page is too general, online visitors may close the page and go to another competitor’s website.


Use Segmented Email Lists to Target Different Audiences

You can design your emails to reach all the audiences you serve. Not everyone’s needs or interests are the same, and that is OK. It will take some analysis and effort, but you can craft messages that show that you understand every email subscriber’s needs. Doing so can pay off in the long run. Some businesses find that segmented email lists can result in higher email open rates and fewer opt-out or “unsubscribe” requests, as HubSpot reports in its analysis.


Strengthen Your CTA Messaging in Real Time

You don’t want people to just read about your product or service; you want them to use it. The good thing about being online is that you have the freedom to change your messaging in real-time. Look at your web landing page or home page as a living document that you can adjust as you see what the competition is doing.

You can review how your competitors are writing their calls to action (CTAs) and use online tools to reach clients and customers. When you revise your message, just be sure that it addresses the prospect’s pain points and how your product or service relieves that pain.


SaaS Marketing Ideas to Leverage in Your B2B Business

Software-as-a-service can bolster B2B relationships. Here are ideas for incorporating SaaS into your marketing.


Offer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

Businesses must manage their customer relationships, and that means investing time and attention into them. Your company can offer a CRM system that allows companies the time they need to grow these relationships and options on how to develop their business and gain more sales. CRMs offer various tools that make it easier to track daily operations, such as sales pipeline dashboards, task management tools, and email integration software.


Manage B2B Database Management Systems

Businesses can stay organized and on top of daily operations when they can easily access their data whenever they need it. Database management systems store data that make it easy for users to search at anytime. They can log in remotely to a cloud-based server to view leads, customers, and more. B2B database management keeps the database organized, up to date, and streamlined to ensure information, such as metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), is accurate.


Oversee Social Media Marketing Automation

In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to market without using a social media platform. There are many to choose from, so companies must determine which ones are appropriate for their needs and audience(s). You can offer to automate various social media accounts for companies, making it easier to reach different groups of people at the same time. This requires helping the company maintain a consistent social media presence, which helps build trust with target audiences.


If you’re interested in Social Media Marketing Automation, here are 19 HubSpot Marketing And Automation Companies Killing The Game.

Conduct PPC Campaigns

You can create ads that entice prospects to learn more with a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign. PPCs require some thought about the budget because you pay each time a person clicks on the ad. Still, it’s an investment that could yield clients and the results you want. PPC strategies also help businesses get clear on their target audience and what they want their ads to say that would make someone click the ad to learn more.


Offer Free Product or Service Trials

One often-used SaaS marketing strategy is the free trial. Getting a new customer is a challenge for many businesses. Offering a free trial or sample to warm up cold customers lowers the risks and uncertainty potential that clients or customers have about your product or service. You can offer the free trial for a limited time or on a limited basis, meaning people can try out a version of your product or service with fewer features.

The aim is to get them to experience the benefits of your product or service and pay more for the full experience. If they do, ensure you have a paid plan or strategy.


Product Demonstrations

Your customers or clients could benefit from learning more about how your product or service works. This could make it easier to connect with them in a way your competitors cannot. You can keep demonstrations short and make them easy to follow. Keep in mind that you can do one-on-one demonstrations or present to a group of people. A live question-and-answer session can also help your prospects as they decide.


Engage in Relevant Content Sharing

As many B2B marketers know, getting someone to make up their mind to say “yes” to service takes time. Maybe your prospect is hesitant to take the next step because they don’t feel they have enough information or the right information. You can share targeted blog posts, videos, and other content that shows how the product or service can help them with their business needs.

Specifics help, so make it clear how your SaaS product or service differs from the others. One way to do this is to get into the mind of your ideal consumer and determine what would help them solve their problem.


Expand Users’ Online Learning Opportunities

Many people enjoy taking courses online to sharpen or gain a new skill or earn credentials. Your marketing business can use a tiered SaaS model to offer educational content at different price points. This also customizes the service to the user’s needs. Some may want a surface-level course, while others need in-depth instruction. You can adjust the content as needed.


Leverage Reviews and Testimonials From Customers and Clients

Hearing from people who have tried or used a product or service can help someone else decide to try it or learn more about it. An effective strategy to promote SaaS products is to place customer or client reviews and testimonials anywhere that it makes sense to use them. They can appear on review sites, company landing pages, blog posts, or even in product demonstration videos and other materials. Positive words can help attract new leads and possibly boost customer conversion rates.


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