Friday Rant – How Amazon Sellers Do 20 Sales A Day

I try to provide some motivation to those people who hear stories of amazon sellers who immediately do 20 sales a day starting on day 1 and why this is a false promise for many sellers.  I talk about why those individuals get to that place and how you need to look at this business as a long term play.

Become A Successful Global Amazon Private Label Seller

We’ve been successful global Amazon sellers in a relatively short period of time.  In the video tutorial below, we discuss the overall process to expanding and even starting an Amazon Private Label business, even if you don’t live in the market that you want to sell in. Conduct “Global Market” & Product Research Pick Your Market(s) & Product(s) Locate & Contact Global Suppliers Get Product Samples From Supplier(s) Choose Your Supplier Create “Professional” Images, Graphics & Packaging Create Global Amazon Professional Account Create…

Global Product Checklist – Private Label Passport

I created this checklist which was born and inspired by my friend Mark Scott Adams.  I adapted it to a more global seller who wants to ensure they pick the right product on a global basis.  This checklist and scoring sheet can form the basis for picking product in any global market and ensuring you pick only those products that have the highest probability of performing well in those markets. If you want to download it, visit as well as

Top 30 Geofencing Marketing Companies You Should Know

Finding geofencing companies and geofence marketing providers that can white label their geo-fencing services can be difficult.  Some require you to have spends above $10,000/month, some require you to spend at a $10.00/CPM rate, and some geo fencing providers are not really what we’d consider true geo-fencing.  There are a number of beacon technology firms as well as true geo fencing agencies that are useful for specific needs of the organization. What is geofencing marketing? Geofencing marketing is an important strategy we at…

Amazon Private Label Selling – What’s Required To Be Successful

In this video, we discuss the nine (9) tenets for selling on Amazon and really what required to become a successful Amazon Private Label Seller. Requires Money Upfront More A Long Term Play Brand Building Is Key Best Selling Rank Is Everything Product Is Everything Research Is Most Critical Stage Know Thy Competitors Pricing Does Matter Here Courage & Sticking With It There are few great tools we mentioned including Jungle Scout, AMZShark, and even Google Keyword Planner for performing keyword research in…

Ensure Your Product Yields 20 Sales Per Day On Amazon

If you want to ensure your next product or current product does atleast 20 sales per day, you gotta watch this video. Multiple Keyword Potential 2 to 5 Private Label Competitors Best Selling Rank Between 500 to 10,000 Can Price It Just Right Has Gifting Potential Non Novelty/Trendy Items Bonus – Competition Doesn’t Have 1,000’s of Reviews

How To Use Keyword Planner & Google Translate To Research Keyword In Global Markets

If you are an Amazon Seller and you want to sell globally, being able to use both Google Keyword Planner and Google Translate can truly make your job a lot easier and fun in expanding your business.  The below video provides a tutorial on how to use both and in tandem for those global FBA sellers.  

Utilizing Google Trends For Picking Amazon Markets & Products

Google Trends remains a powerful tool for picking markets and products.  It is not the primary means to pick your product, but it is another factor you should deeply weigh in to your decision making.  The below tutorials shows you how to use Google Trends when performing product and even global market research.

Using Google Translate For Global Amazon FBA Selling

If you are a global seller on Amazon but do not speak the native tongue of many of those countries you sell in, Google Translate is a free solution that will enable you to translate keywords, emails, and just about anything you need.  The below tutorial shows sellers how to use Google Translate for global FBA selling.