Dental Marketing SEO Agency Companies: 32 To Know About

Young patient looking at mirror in dental clinic

Nowadays, a good number of dentists consider using the internet to get patients. Just owning a website isn’t enough to make more patients interested in your dental care business, considering the overwhelming number of dental care websites that are available on the internet today. That’s why you should consider hiring the services of a professional dental search engine optimization company.

Young patient looking at mirror in dental clinic

You may be wondering why is SEO optimization an essential tool for you as a dentist? The reason is that most dental professionals have started using this internet marketing strategy to build a stronger online presence while reaching out to a broader audience. Ranking high on search engine results pages for dental keywords exposes your services to millions of people who are looking for various dental services online. These days, most patients try to look for quick dental fixes online before consulting the yellow pages for the location of the nearest dental hospital. That’s why you need to ensure that your site stands out and presents a good image of your services.

A dental marketing agency will help your dental website rank higher for the right set of keywords. This will help your potential clients to find you online by searching using a particular set of keywords on search engines. Below are 32 Dental marketing SEO agency companies that specialize in internet dental marketing:


A dentist needs to focus on offering stellar service to his/her clients and leave the marketing tasks to professionals – particularly professionals who are experts in dental SEO marketing. One such organization is Prodentite. And just as the name suggests, this company works with a wide range of specialists including dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, and other oral specialists. This means Prodentite has the much-needed expertise in the dental marketing industry to get you the rank, traffic, and clients. For over 15 years, Prodentite has been dealing with everything to do with dental services, from handling web design and content development to doing professional dental SEO optimization services. Some of its clients include Montano Cordall Orthodontists, Forsyth Dental, and Bronsky Orthodontists located in New York City. You can go through their portfolio and ask for free quotes on their official website at


With more than ten years of significant experience in the dental service optimization field, Optimized360 is among the top rated medical and dental service marketing firms. This company has developed over 1500 unique dental websites and have thousands of positive customer reviews. All their testimonials boast of an increased number of visitors on their website and a higher visitor to client conversion rate. Dental Marketing Services offered by this company include Branding, Dental Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Pay per Click ads among many others. They have a professional team that understands what’s needed to make a dental website stand out from the rate and they know the right set of keywords needed for medical and dental practices. You can find a more detailed list of their services at


It doesn’t matter whether your services are booked to the hilt or your company is still new and struggling for clients; you will never go wrong with hiring this company. Boostability is a great dental SEO firm that can help you breathe new life into your online marketing campaigns. In this technological era, there’s no better way of reaching out to new patients. Boostability has been offering dental SEO services since 2009, and over this time, it has grown into a global and award-winning dental SEO firm. Apart from getting positive results from Boostability, their prices are also pocket-friendly. Boostability can handle anything to do with marketing dental care services from custom website designs, SEO optimization to social media marketing. For an in-depth explanation of their services, you can find them at

Brick Marketing

Marketing a dental firm can turn out to be a very daunting task, but not with Brick marketing. Brick Marketing has been helping dental, medical practitioners to reach their potentials by fully harnessing the internet. This award-winning SEO marketing company that’s based in Boston can help you get higher rankings in major search engines using a particular set of keywords. Brick Marketing offers many digital dental marketing services, including content creation and marketing, social media marketing, SEO optimization, pay-per-click advertising, etc. Simply entrust them with your dental service marketing task, and you’ll see the results for yourself. You can find them at


DDSRank is also another dental marketing company that offers dental SEO and marketing services that improve search engine rankings and convert visitors into clients. DDSRank has expertise in developing and executing Search Engine Optimization campaigns, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing to maximize a company’s visibility. DDSRank has specialized in quality SEO services for orthodontists, dentists, and other special medical practitioners in the industry. The company also has a good number of online reviews from their previous clients. They have high ratings in terms of service delivery, professionalism and remarkable outcomes with high Returns On Investment. You can find them at

Page 1 Solutions

Page 1 solutions is the perfect company for those busy dentists who don’t have time to tweak their digital strategies to get them more clients constantly. As the name suggests, these companies’ ultimate objective is to get your dental website listed in the first page of major search engines. And since this company only works with dentists, surgeons, and attorneys, it has the much-needed expertise to accomplish higher google rankings. Page 1 offers a variety of dental marketing services, including inbound marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, etc. To hire Page 1 to do dental SEO marketing services for you, you can find them at


Comrade is a talented dental SEO company that helps dental companies to increase their number of patients by running effective internet marketing campaigns. Comrade has an experienced team of experts that develops custom made digital marketing campaign that will help your company to stand out from the competition. They offer an array of dental marketing services including SEO, web design, digital marketing and much more. Small businesses love hiring this company because of their mission; to generate higher traffic and profits. So in case, you’re looking for a dental SEO firm that can take your business places, contact Comrade today at

Dental SEO Sites

Dental SEO Sites is a service that drives more traffic to dental websites. Nowadays, most good dentists tend to struggle to attract new patients since the days where people used to drive around looking for dentists are long gone. Since people have switched to locating and getting recommended dental services around them using online searches, Dental SEO sites ensures that it drives a good percentage of this traffic to your website. Being one of the best companies in the Dental SEO industry, this site is good at making clients sites not noticed. Unlike other companies, this company is a Google Certified Partner. This helps them to maximize their clients’ ROI through managing and optimizing Google AdWords accounts. This partnership also keeps Dental SEO sites up to date with the latest industry standards and guidelines. Moreover, the company only deals with Dental websites, unlike other companies that handle various medical fields. You can find them at

Solution 21

Solution 21 is also another company that boasts of servicing over 2,500 medical professionals the past 15 years. This has made them acquire the relevant experience and stay up to date with the fast changing dental SEO marketing trends. Solution21 handles everything related to dental SEO marketing, brand management, mobile applications, review monitoring, and appointment management. You can find them at for an in-depth explanation of their services and go through their testimonials. Their prices are also pocket-friendly with instant responses to inquiries.

Ignite Visibility

Ignite visibility helps dentists in overseeing their online marketing efforts. Hiring a person or team to handle your online tasks won’t give you the much-needed results. Ignite Visibility, however, is well known for helping help pharmaceutical companies to get the much-needed results and google rankings to increase their customer base. This San Diego based company is the among the best SEO companies in the United States, UK, and Canada. In fact, you’ve probably heard about them in the Entrepreneur or Forbes articles. Their services range from email and SEO marketing to google analytics and reporting. Let Ignite assist you in attaining your financial goals by contacting them at


Netmark is a Dental SEO company that provides comprehensive digital marketing and SEO services to clients all over the world since 2007. Their main aim is to share the company’s great ideas and services with any individual who needs digital marketing or dental SEO services. The company started primarily as a small SEO company in Idaho Falls, before expanding its services for over the years. Recently, the company has expanded its services to include services like search engine marketing, reputation management, content marketing, social media marketing, e-books, website design, and maintenance. Netmark serves all types of clients in the medical profession. You can find them at

TNT Dental

TNT Dental is a website that helps dentists all over the world to land their websites higher in the Google or Bing search engines. If you own a dental website in this saturated market, it’s extremely important to ensure that your website is among the top results in search engines. TNT Dental is an experienced dental SEO company that knows the right keywords and links that are needed to get your website noticed in this competitive Web, and they’re always finding new ways to assist their clients to increase their visibility. This company has also been ranked among the high performing SEO companies in today’s online age, and it always delivers for their clients. The company also has built websites for dentists for more than 18 years. They also know the ins and outs of the dentistry business and everything you need to do in order to attract, involve and convert your website visitors into patients. You can find them at

Higher Visibility

Higher visibility is a dental SEO optimization company that has been growing its businesses since 2009. This company works with dental offices to make sure that all the keywords and phrases that are correctly placed on their dental websites to assist the company to rank higher in the search engines. The higher visibility team will go through your website and inform you of what needs to be changed and what elements are missing from your website. After the research process is done, the terms and keywords are well placed on specific pages of the website to convert your visitors to patients. This company was also recently named SEO company of the Year by Search Engine Land, and they’re also recognized as a leader in this industry. Higher Visibility has also been mentioned in various publications including Inc., Forbes, Search Engine Journal, The Huffington Post, among many others. Their official website address is

Click X

ClickX is an SEO marketing that focuses its energy on three areas, keeping visitors interested, increasing traffic, and converting website visitors to customers. Their vast experience, expertise, and skills have made them to be crowned as the Best Dental SEO Company. ClickX evaluates a client’s website before making any tweaks and improvements to the content to make it attract more visitors. The company also has the knowledge and technology that keeps them updated of new SEO regulations. These important regulations and terms are used on client websites to help them reach the patients in their local areas who’re looking for dentists to clean their teeth, fill their cavities, or assist them in finding a great orthodontists for braces. You can find them at


RevLocal is a leading company in making personalized digital marketing campaigns for local businesses. They connect businesses with dedicated digital strategies to deliver seamless local search engine optimization. RevLocal optimizes their approach for the ever-changing digital market to make sure local businesses can be easily found online.

RevLocal is also a Premier Google Partner that was named among the top 50 best places to work by Inc. Magazine. They also recently received the prestigious Local Search Association certification. You can find them at

1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing Agency

When looking for online success, look no further than 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing. They offer various kinds of services including PPC, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web development and content marketing. They also help in building the online presence of medical services, small companies, pharmaceutical companies, and everything in between.
They have a dedicated technology team that ensures that all their clients businesses stay up and running. Moreover, they have field agents that can respond to any client’s needs anywhere within the Philadelphia region. You can find them at

Innovate Dental Marketing

Innovate Dental Marketing is a dental SEO company that understands the importance of a unique and well-customized marketing approach that’s relevant to the type of clients you want to attract. This is why they always share their tribal marketing knowledge with their clients to help them to grow their dental practices sustainably.

They handle various aspects of digital marketing, from logo development to mail campaigns, branding to dental websites, they are always looking for ways to develop complete dental marketing solutions that uniquely suit their clients’ needs and goals. Moreover, they have personalized dental marketing services and other superior products, with a dedicated team that looks forward to helping your business grow, and thrive! You can find them at

KickStart Dental Marketing, Inc.

KickStart Dental Marketing, Inc. is a dental SEO company that only works with only one dentist per city. They have an experienced team of experts that knows well what works for dental companies and what doesn’t. With several years of working exclusively with dentists, they understand well the terminology, what’s needed and what’s not and how to maximize the returns invested in marketing. They only work with one dental practice in each town to avoid a conflict of interest.

KickStart Dental Marketing, Inc. is also part of the Google Partner program, which helps them to remain a step ahead of their competitors in the dental industry, both locally and internationally. Their close relationship with Google has provided them with a breakthrough of results for their dental clients. Lastly, this company doesn’t have long-term contracts, and all their clients enjoy monthly agreements. You can find them here.

Cutting Edge SEO Marketing for Dentists

Despite having a small crew, Cutting Edge SEO Marketing for Dentists is among the top performing dental marketing companies in the world. The company, which was launched in 1999 is also a Certified Google Partner which helps them to offer their clients with the latest techniques in the market. They use a data-driven reporting system which has helped them to maintain an unparalleled track record of 95% client retention rate. Their client’s testimonials in the dental practice marketing field speak a lot when it comes to service delivery. is their official website.

Golden Proportions Marketing

Golden Proportions Marketing is another dental marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, from digital marketing, strategic planning, website development, internal marketing, SEO, and direct mail advertising. Unlike other companies, at Golden Proportions, every activity is backed using detailed call audits and call tracking to maximize the ROI and effectiveness of your marketing. This company has been specializing in offering dental marketing services since 2001. They handle all types of websites, from starter types to advanced and well known dental companies. You can find them at

Dental Marketing Guy

In case you’re looking for new dental marketing ideas; the Dental Marketing Guy has got you covered! They use a style of SEO known as the “Invisalinks Method,” which comprises of an SEO technique that involves link building from credible sources, e.g., top tier dental websites. They also have published lots of media related to dental SEO marketing than any other SEO company in this dental industry. It’s also the first company that offers 100% money back guarantee to their clients. By choosing to work with this company, you’ll be sure of working with specialist in the dental SEO field. These services can be combined with excellent dental website design and branding campaigns to promote your practice online. Find them at


What distinguishes Dentalfone from other dental SEO companies is their teaching ability and transparency. Before they start optimizing your website, they will inform you of the best dental marketing options that will work for you. This company only specializes in SEO for dentists and dental website design. Their dental SEO services include an SEO-friendly website design with separate pages for priority services, Keyword optimization, Local search engine optimization, and Monthly reporting to guide on market trends and key statistics. Find them at

Titan Web Agency

Titan Web Agency is a dental SEO company that assists clients in building their brand and generating more clients. They have an experienced team of personnel that knows the specific challenges, needs, and goals that dental companies have, which helps them to offer the best services to their clients. Apart from offering lucrative practices, they have fair prices and a stellar customer support service. This allows dentists to focus on what they know best, treating patients. Their proven step-by-step dental SEO approach guarantees their clients the best results. is their official website.

Lyfe Marketing

LYFE Marketing is another leading social media marketing company that uses several aspects of digital marketing. Lyfe Marketing creates and manages campaigns that assist their clients to achieve higher search engine ranks with more internal links that transform their web presence. Some of the key areas that they focus in include giving their clients higher Search Engine Rankings, quality website traffic, measurable results, Transparency, and high ROI. The Atlanta based company also provides monthly SEO reports that has the detailed information regarding the accomplishments of your marketing campaign. You can find them at

Conversion Whale

Conversion Whale is a dental SEO company that simplifies lead generation dental companies of all sizes. This experienced team knows well the type of content that suits the dental marketing industry and the type of methods that result in new lead generation. Conversion whale also employs the latest industry trends and uses only white-hat practices to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase conversion rates. This makes lead generation a simple and profitable investment for dental brands of all sizes. Thy help their clients to generate the highest number of leads using the least amount of money. By generating traffic to your website and converting your traffic into leads, you can be sure of experiencing whale-sized lead flow. You can find them at

New Patients, Inc.

New Patients, Inc. is an advertising agency that’s exclusively meant for dentists. This company does the analysis, design, strategy, deployment, production, result tracking, and evolution of their client external and internal practice promotion. New Patients Inc. deals with hundreds of clients in the US, Australia, Canada, England, and Ireland. New Patients Inc. is among the best SEO dental marketing companies in the market. What makes it stand out from the other SEO companies is their excellent customer research and testing techniques. Moreover, they have an experienced team that continuously looks for new ways to drive patients to their dental clients’ practices. Their official website is

Smile Marketing

Smile marketing is an SEO marketing company that’s dedicated to marketing dental websites, dental practices, orthodontists, referral centers, endodontists, dental recruitment, labs, dental teachings and training, and dental equipment suppliers. The company has an established team that operates nationwide with an extensive experience in the medical practitioner’s sector.

They have demonstrated proven success in assisting their clients in finding new patients, generating higher income, introducing new treatment methods and even building referrals. Their work is based on the following values: service, innovation, and trust and aimed at building dental practice brands. They also have an innovative New Patient Tracker technology that enables them to monitor if their strategies are working. You can find them at

Island SEO Consultant

Island SEO Consultant in an SEO company that specializes in building dental and orthodontic brands by providing the latest digital marketing services and SEO website optimization services. They also offer other services that go beyond the scope of SEO. These include website design, SMM, and PPC. Their main goal is to drive more traffic to your site whether you want to have local or nationwide SEO. This means that they optimize your site to appear among the top results anytime a potential client posts a particular set of “key-words,” in the search engines. As a result, you’ll notice a higher quality that ultimately converts into more leads for your business. You can find them at

Planted Tree

Planted Tree has a digital team of experienced dental SEO marketers with more than 25 years of marketing experience. This has given them the ability to understand the SEO marketing challenges dental practices face and offer the best SEO services to help them attain their goals. Additionally, they have a communicative and collaborative team that provides their clients with a superior experience. Its team of digital savvy marketers handles several services, from developing complex SEO marketing, crafting blogs, managing social media platforms, conducting website audits and placing keywords strategically in your web pages. They also have a range of expertise in result oriented marketing to help dental companies meet their goals which include sales process automation, lead generation, search engine optimization, content creation, brand goodwill generation and many more! You can find them at

Wonderist Agency

Wonderist Agency is a full-rage dental SEO marketing company that helps dentists grow their patient base by using a personalized, results-oriented marketing plan. They also have customized approaches to each of their client’s requirement and are dedicated to work as part of your existing team. Some of their services include Account Management, SEO marketing, SEO website optimization, PPC, Social Media, brand design and marketing. is their official website.

SEO Direct

SEO Direct is a well-known internet marketing company that is located in Los Angeles. SEO direct focuses on boosting your Return on investment by driving targeted users to your site and converting them into patients. They have customized strategies that assist both small and large businesses in increasing their internet visibility by PPC and organic search. SEO direct also uses the latest techniques and tools in the industry to outrank their clients’ online competitors. For them, it all narrows to boosting their clients’ exposure and increasing the amount of revenue generated. SEO Direct also offers national, local, and e-commerce SEO, as well as PPC services in the dentistry industry. They help dental practices in increasing their search engine ranks and maximize their visibility on the internet by building interlinks and placing related keywords correctly. is their official website

WEO Media

WEO Media another leading dental SEO company that offers a full suite of dental marketing services that fit your marketing and individual dental practice needs. Their experienced team of Consultants works with their clients to understand their budgets, needs, and expectations before developing a customized marketing plan for their dental practice. They work with all types of dentists, with all budget ranges. It does matter whether you need a new custom SEO optimized website, or an aggressive dental SEO marketing program for new client generation, or even complete online marketing program, their diverse team of experts is always ready to help! You can find them at

In summary, Search Engine Optimization is vital for any dental website because of the huge number of dental sites that are available on the internet. SEO will ensure your site is visible in the first page in the search engine. Most patients use search engines when looking for new products and services, so ranking high will guarantee you high traffic.

Optimizing a website for SEO isn’t that different from optimizing other web pages, but its recommended that you deal with a firm that specializing on dental websites. This is because they know the best keywords and the best method to help your dental business bring in more patients.

Hire services of one of the dental SEO leading companies mentioned above and see your dental practice grow quickly. Moreover, investing in this endeavor will not only be an advantage for your business but also a relief to many patients since they will easily find your clinic if you have the right keywords.

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