Event Marketing Agency Companies: 40 You Should Be Aware Of

event marketing company

Event marketing is a widely preferred time-proven method to bring in a lot of leads to your company. There are certainly a lot of forms of event marketing strategies and companies that execute them effectively as well. However, have you ever imagined how hard it would be to arrange the A to Z of events? Finding a reliable event marketing agency with upscale market reputation isn’t simple, but with the right company and their proven methods, you can give that quick boost to your event without being too harsh on your marketing budget.

event marketing company

For many companies handling marketing strategies for the world’s top businesses is an integral work and event marketing is one of the most used initiatives on their campaigns. These agencies inspire change in efforts while getting leverages with professional experiential marketing strategies.

Thus to get the best possible return on your investment and your event to turn out a success we’ve compiled a list of the topmost event marketing agencies ever.

Propellant Media – Event Marketing Company

Beginning with the best, we ought to bring it on. Propellant Media is one of the most preferred agencies when it comes to strategic event marketing and planning. They have been providing top of the line event marketing solutions to a lot of small and mid-sized firms and are partnered with large national as well as international brands worldwide. Propellant media has supported a number of companies in overcoming event and media-related business concerns and their innovational strategies have gained worldwide recognition.


The Taylor Group

The annually held Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is something that everyone waits for throughout the year. But, it is now on a completely new level after the Taylor Group brought their expertise to the event. It functions with a highly interactive way of marketing such as the 2017 LG exhibit which had a lot of variants for the 4K OLED screens and also the installation guide while showing the working of nanotechnology. Being among the best media marketing firms out your event expenditure can turn out to be on the high side.

So to get the same amount of innovation and creativity flowing in your campaigns, it’s better to get in touch with Propellant Media to make the best of your investments and have an edge on all your promotional marketing events. Propellant Media creates detailed event marketing strategies in addition to digital and media marketing for the same.


BRC Imagination Arts

BRC specializes in the creation of different experiences through which people can inspire to think and feel differently about their world and themselves. There’s a fine chance that you’re already familiar with the media creations of the top marketing company. To name a few, their works include an assembly of award-winning marketing designs for tours, homes, museums and attractions, cultural spots, etc. Some of the noteworthy BRC projects are the Jameson Distillery. Bow St; The Heineken Experience, Amsterdam; AmorePacific Story Garden, and Ford Rouge Factory Tour Manufacturing event for innovation. To host such worthy events in your company make sure that you’re contacting Propellant Media solutions LLC to design your event in a completely different manner.


Agency EA

To carve a great growth path for B2B brands and getting growth in customer bases, hosting conferences and events uniquely sounds fair. And, when it comes to innovation through events, the agency EA presents you with the long-lasting impression of being the field professional. Among their past works is the famous 2016 Quickbooks Connect Conference which turned out to be a major success. At the event, the agency had an interactive photo booth with themed lounges for encouraging stronger networking amongst event attendees. Another worthy and cost-effective alternative you can look for is the Propellant media LLC which hosts and promotes a wide range of events of all budgets. To notice quick and long-lasting results Propellant media would be your best bet.



A good and savvy brand would be familiar with the impact which social media has on its current standings and experiences. With this feature, impact-XM took a massive benefit of this after setting selfie spot at Bay to Breakers, a popular annually held San-Francisco footrace. Let’s suppose, the agency can source a painted hand view of the city as being the selfie backdrop. To make promotions and events a log bigger Propellant media can also help clients through its versatile event marketing strategies. While you’re working with Propellant media, you are working with one of the best event marketing companies worldwide.



To take on the best brand promotion experiences what else can be better than drawing in sports fans. With their versatile experiences in brand marketing through events, Wasserman has led to memorable interactions for people across the world. Their most renowned and finest work till date is providing fans with the NFL experience, where fans designed sports memorabilia through the use of Microsoft products. Not only creations of the participants got projected on the dome, but they also changed two cleat designs into real cleats, that were tried by Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcon and Malcolm Butler, a player of New England Patriot. The marketing designs by Propellant Media LLC could also be a suitable choice for hosting event promotions if you want your company to be promoted on a higher scale. With expert strategies and proven methods, they make sure that your product or service makes way through masses.



Grow has been one of the most innovative approaches took for product launch as well to skyrocket its promotion. A major milestone in Grow’s marketing scenario was the event if Olmeca Altos Tequila Anejo. As an example, a social photo booth and a custom paper flower bar was a part of the party to ensure the best possible interaction between the brand and the attendees. Additionally, brands like Grow and Propellant media LLC lay down a specific focus on brand building with authentic brand loyalty with the help of their events, pop-ups, launches, and tours.



The multi-city event marketing company has a great work history with Patagonia for their seven-week planned tour held in a dodge bio-diesel converted truck. While they were on tour, team members took the used apparels of customers and repaired them. They also provided customers with tips. Along their way, they shared the whole experience on social media.



With the help of Before customers have indulged in an adventure with their off-road event that took place through the Siuslaw Forest. For instance, attendees were riding with professional drivers through the most striking landscapes of Northwest U.S. The sponsored weekend also had adventurous events such as ATV dirt bikes. In addition, they also did surfing as well as fly fishing. If promotional events such as organizing adventurous events as well as competitions are also you’re looking for, then Propellant Media LLC is a reliable company to sign up with. They’re experts in all types of events and have a rich history of hosting promotional as well as entertainment events.


Factory 360

Sampling through different events isn’t something new for Factory 360. Like Factory 360 most brands have been organizing personal taste tests since the food and beverage companies have entered markets. However, what makes Factory 360 a little different is that they’ve been mixing the sampling process with education. This event took place when it introduced the Russian Standard Vodka and sold it to markets of the U.S. added to the traditional Russian toasts, models also had interactions with their customers and offered crucial information with the help of which the success of Russian Standard Vodka was determined. Marketing food and beverage products through the use of promotional events have also been a prime specialty of Propellant media and the company has sought out solutions for the standard marketing of your brand.



MKG was made to help the target audience promote and celebrate the support of LGBTQ groups as MKG also created a great space as a part of their NYC pride. The area had a living room for Proud Pride Family that was a perfect part of their photo taking sessions. They also consisted of confetti and swing booths. MKG has been a supporter of LGBTQ groups and has always created events for promoting their identity as one. Additionally, whether you’re looking to promote a cause, a person, group or a brand, Propellant media LLP solutions make it possible with the help of their expert strategies and professionals for the same.


Momentum Worldwide

The marketers at momentum worldwide are known to do a fantastic job while leaving their customers laughing and smiling with their events. While having worked with a number of partners, Momentum Worldwide had set up Oreo Wonder Vault in New York City to get out the word about new Choco chip cookies from Oreo. The exhibit got designed while being larger than life to get customers back on the track of childhood while they experienced the world with a little perspective. The marketing agency has been specializing in catering events according to the need of hour strategies. Their all promotions have been a great success in the market.



The firm is renowned among marketing professionals by the name of “the Millennials” Estee Lauder”. The firm earlier paired up with Rhea’s Café in Mission District for around a month to introduce their newly opened pop-up makeup shop in San Francisco.

The whole café got remodeled to welcome the beauty line with combining a stylish furniture line and a fresh cover of light pink paint for the interiors. The store was highly appealing and glossier for the youthful audience. An event marketed with professionalism has been the leading specialty of experts from Propellant media LLC who can help you tremendously in shaping your brand and promoting it to the target clientele.


Spark Marketing Solutions

Being among the premier destinations for special events marketing and experiential marketing, Spark marketing solutions offers a range of marketing services such as customized sponsorship service and sales promotional business campaigns for public entities and non-profit organizations as well. The company provides worthy solutions among service lines as well as event planning and marketing. Spark marketing solutions have been a part of various marketing as well as promotional campaigns and showed positive results for the same. However, in addition to event marketing and planning if you’re also looking for other marketing strategies then you can get in touch with Propellant LLC, which works with leading brands for bringing out the best in them.


Mercury Mambo

The Hispanic event marketing and planning service provider, mercury Mambo has come a long way since its formation and has become the leading nightlife experiential marketing company. The company has provided various specializations while reaching millennium markets in the US. The agency is highly experienced when it comes to sensitive segments such as African-American, LGBT as well as Hispanic consumers. Mercury Mambo has been in the work of development of several programs that mainly engage and link with the most influential personalities in the current time.


OutLoud Marketing

The company offers a wide range of specialties such as Event production/management, festival planning, and activation, multicultural marketing, trade merchandising, experiential marketing, etc. In addition, they also offer digital, event and media marketing strategies for event planning and make use of all the essential resources such as digital media and latest social network tools to create innovative marketing solutions.

If the firm’s budget puts up a concern in your mind, you can choose to go for experiential marketing services from Propellant media LLC that makes it possible you to achieve better height for your business promotion.


Street PR

The famous marketing company StreetPR has been appraised by consumers for its experiential and promotional staffing agency headquartered in London. Whether it’s about events or any other concern, the company has superior staff service throughout the country. StreetPR marketing firm offers a wide range of staffing services that include exhibition staff, promotion staff, promo models, event staff, hospitality staff, admin temps and receptionists.

The promotional marketing strategies provided by the company are similar to Propellant Media LLC that includes supermarket sampling, product demonstration, leaflet distribution, music launches, festival welcome packs, and many other services as well.



The ID is a renowned experiential marketing firm that creates brand experiences that are worth every penny. Being among the leading full-service event marketing company in the UL, they’ve provided valuable promotional events and sales to a large scale of companies for 25 years. The company mostly involves practical brand experiences and makes commercial sense in all of their promotional campaigns. They mostly never get involved in competitive pitching situations but follow brand strategies that have been time proven to work.

To make it more interesting the firm makes it possible for companies to market their products and services through the simplest approaches without the use of complex methods. If your brand also needs the highest promotion strategy to get ahead in the company, it’s time to hire experts from Propellant Media LLC Company.



TRO has always been there among the leading brand experience company which mostly aims at enhancement of ways people feel about most brands. The company is highly committed to creating an immersive experience that traverses in different live events, creative technology, partnerships, retail, etc. TRO works under its parent company Omnicom group and was held as �Agency of the Year’ status in the events industry for more than 9 years in the past decade.

The promotional methods of marketing are mostly used by experts and to look for expert help for your brand you can either hire companies like TRO or the leading event marketing agency Propellant Media LLC that curates innovation in your brand promotion and brings it to a whole new level.


Elite Marketing Group

The full-service event and experiential marketing agency Elite marketing Group has been among the leading providers of brand promotion services to a number of firms worldwide. The agency provides brand interactions that are well supported through various social and digital media solutions. Being backed with years of expertise in event technology and data capture, the company helped a few of the largest companies across the world to get a lot of customers at various events, airports and other venues as well.


Meredith Corporation

The company lays the foundation for delivering positive promotional outcomes and with the measurement of all campaigns. With a wide range of facilities and expertise in mobile marketing events, sponsorship activation, events marketing, etc. the agency reaches its clients with full potential. While being the leading event marketers Meredith Corporation and Propellant media LLC also provide services that make it possible for brands to grow at a better place with many events turning out a huge success to cherish. The company’s main focus lies in event marketing and service lines.


Groove Jones

Groove Jones has established itself as a leading award-winning AR/XR/MR/VR solutions provider. The Groove Jones agency mainly specializes in the production of immersive VR(virtual reality) and AR(Augmented Reality) content and also helps in engaging various interactive applications. The company provides brands with promotional production services and 360-degree video capture features for filming brand promotion videos. The agency works for leading companies by rendering interactive virtual reality experiences and also consult with clients on different strategic distribution services for amplifying the effectiveness and reach of the product.

A few services provided by the company to its clients are – Post production and 360-degree video filming, animation and CGI, creative design, spatial 3D sound design, on-site activation deployment, digital distribution, real-time rendering for engine development


Giants & Gentlemen

The Giants & Gentlemen is among the most creative strategy and advertising shop that do stand out with its range of works backed solely with strategic outcomes. With an entrepreneur spirit, the firm believes in try or die philosophy for assisting its associated brands to tower with untouched promotional heights. When it comes to innovation and promotional outcomes, Giants & Gentlemen isn’t the only things that the company considers.

Spring 2017, C&G launched a completely new division known as brave productions. Through the main simple video to super bowl spot; the company easily works on it all. The production team is experienced in almost all kinds of styles such as SFX animation, storytelling, comedy, etc. These and other services offered by the company make a great addition to your promotional campaigns with a creative flow for all your products and services.



Amplify is the leading brand experience and event marketing agency that works by delivering promotional event outcomes for the brand they assist. Amplify simple joins the thread between people, culture and brands. With the deeply rooted connection with their clients and staff, the company has been providing diverse marketing solutions to a large number of companies across the world. They also provide digital, event and media marketing strategies and other brand promotion services.



The brand professionals believe that by having a connection everything can be clearly understood without much worries and this can be applied globally to a lot of brands with people and consumers that are looking for brands sharing their values and beliefs. They keep looking for personality and brands that talk, think and mostly act similar to people. They specialize in providing promotional services such as mobile tours, brand consumer activation, event planning, creative development, and many other promotional services.

And while they feel a connection, they strive hard to provide their passion, voice, and love. Brand promotional strategies through this way have always been the USP of Amplify and if your brand is looking to get amplified then these are your true supporters with Propellant Media LLC.


Eventige Media Group

Professionals in the Eventige Media Group are simply the experts in promotional and experiential marketing. The full-service advertising and marketing agency comes forward with an extensive partner roster – the agency takes on a holistic perspective when it comes to brand campaign acceleration and creating promotional events different levels. Eventige Media Group has the latest technology and methods for media placement and makes use of creative strategies and innovative content while delivering campaigns based in data-science and research helping the brands grow real quick with precision.

If you approve the features and services of the brand then you’ll also love bran promotion technology and services provided by Propellant media LLC. The company mainly focuses on the deployment of products that are based on data-science with accelerated demands across the new digital and traditional platforms as well.


Regan Group

If you’re mainly concerned about traffic through promotional activities like events, you can look out for the convincing marketing methods of the Regan Group. The event marketing company also works with sales promotion or sweepstakes events for activating the online audience. To make it simple the Regan Group specializes in putting the right kind of sales promotion groups in right places at right moments that forge good linking with your target audience.


Thirsty Agency

Thirsty Agency is the most worthy service provider in the market if you’re looking to build a fan and follower base out of online and offline promotional events. The group of passionate and professional people works with many brands and Thirsty agency works with a major goal in mind to offer clients with data-driven integrated solutions for developments in long-lasting customer relationships.


Talking Tree

The Talking Tree Creative has been awarded as the best event management and production company in the Baltimore-Washington circle. The event marketing company works with an international client base, with clients such as nonprofits, government agencies, KPMG, Hughes, BAE systems, associations, nonprofit and much more. Talking tree makes organizes promotional events and campaigns in the simplest forms without making the plan anything too complex.



The award winner experiential creative technology agency offers solutions for the next generation digital as well as tangible experiences for a lot of brands. The company makes use of techniques like augmented and virtual reality, specialized app development, motion and gesture interactivity, and innovative concepts of display in combination with breakthrough technology for the creation of unforgettable connection moments between organizations and people.



Skona among the market leaders in experiential and event-based marketing and is most famous for transforming companies into leading tech market brands. The B2B creative agency specializes in branding, marketing, and various designs for innovative technological corporations. Being founded around 15 years ago, Silicon Valley, the company has its office in Stockholm. The experiential marketing company offers a nice combination of Silicon Valley high-tech expertise with Scandinavian sensibility.


The Engine Is Red

The company is leading solution to thrive ahead in the lead ahead in the digital age. The company streamlines same old agency marketing procedures without any need of time sheets, change orders, instead just a transparent and simple flow that is loosely based on Agile development principles.

The company looks out for exceptional clients that most believe in joining a passionate team that specializes in creating something bigger the usual. Brand marketing and promotional event strategies are an integral part of their development plans and they insist on having fun while forming groundbreaking works.


Rapier Group

The group specializes in creating many experiences and live events. With Rapier Group you get exceptional events with the facility to organize lively exhibitions and events across the globe.

While working in financial and automotive technology, medicinal and pharmaceutical aerospace and defense sectors, the company provide different aspects of experiential marketing. This also includes promotions such as conference planning and event exhibitions. Also, the company provides innovative services such as conference planning and management, design and exhibit strategy with employee training and engagement, marketing sponsorship, creative communications and content with digital interactive media.


Air Fresh

Air Fresh Group specializes in designing experiential marketing programs. The marketing strategies designed by Air Fresh are mostly premiered as event staffing with overall full-service reach. The company operates from Denver, Colorado and serves across the U.S. and Canadian cities. The company provides its clients with an extension after the delivery of expertise and innovation with the utmost value for any service. Air Fresh provides elite level services across the U.S. for experiential marketing events.



The leading range of solutions provided by Grandesign brings flavors of creativity with innovation for their clients worldwide. Unlike any other, the company is devoted to delivering unique and memorable experiences. They specialize in providing different forms of services such as experiential marketing, event strategies, online and offline digital marketing, etc. When it comes to providing the best possible campaigns for brands, the company is renowned to get these done on time.


Ama Lowa

The main power to AMA Lowa is their applied knowledge on the source. The American Marketing Associations (AMA) is among the largest marketing association of event markets and planners and consists of 38,000 members throughout the world in the different marketing world. The company has been there for more than six decades and the AMA remains to be a prime source of information knowledge and development. Wide varieties of businesses and professionals have reaped their marketing benefits for their events and promotions.


TideSmart Global

The TideSmart Global event marketing company has been renowned to build a strong emotional link between brands, target audience, and clients through an integrated approach to both non-traditional and traditional media. The company has organized a plethora of promotional and commercial events for its wide client network. Their expertise in brand promotion through events and networking has been reliable to a lot of companies.


MoZeus Worldwide

The company’s main approach lies in fruitful communication. MoZeus has been the leading solutions-based technology and events partner for a lot of companies across the world. The company is the backbone of various brands and companies while organizing retail activations, brand events, and online market shopping campaigns. The company has been time proven to work with more than 500 brands across the world while providing them with top-notch digital as well as offline marketing solutions for lead generation.


Bespoke Sports and Entertainment

One of the premier experiential and sports event marketing companies is Bespoke Sports and Entertainment. The agency helps brands to know about the partnerships with the right potential and also inclines their investment in sponsorships. The sports marketing company specializes in providing a more personal service to their clients in the market by combining valuable relationships and many years of industrial experience.


C3 Experiential

The C3 Experiential brings different brands together by organizing various engaging experiences. The company works by curating content with forwarding thinking and also builds a long-lasting and authentic connection with many influencers. C3 specializes in the creation of integrated, reliable and tactical event campaigns for engaging a wider target audience for the company. They provide clear communication for brand messaging that helps in reaching sales goals.


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