Proximity Marketing Geofencing Company: How To Find The Best Ones

Mobile GPS navigation concept. Smartphone on map of the city,

Geofencing is a location-based marketing strategy that involves gathering data inside predetermined zones. A zone is what we call a geofence, and it can either be a circle in shape, a square, or a polygon.

Mobile GPS navigation concept. Smartphone on map of the city,

But what is it for?

This technology uses smartphones, which then allows companies to “track” users. It doesn’t invade the privacy of users, but many people might still misunderstand it. For companies, however, the advantages of geofencing are clear.

That’s why it’s becoming popular now. Now that companies know that they have this option, they now have to find the right marketing agency to implement this strategy. Find out how to find the right one for you by keeping the tips below in mind.

Know Your Brand’s Proximity Marketing Needs

First, you have to know your brand inside out – its audience, how people perceive it, how you want people to perceive it, and more. If someone asks you what type of animal your brand would be, you should be able to answer it.

You should be able to communicate these to the agency since these details are crucial when they’re determining the right solutions for you. Furthermore, knowing your brand means knowing its goals and needs in a marketing strategy.

Why do you need geofencing? What goals are you hoping to achieve with this strategy?

The end goal is to increase the revenue, of course, but you can have different marketing goals. For example, setting up a geofence around an event might be aiming to increase engagement or brand awareness. On the other hand, a shop will use it to lure in customers to their shop.

Figure Out What You’re Looking for in a Proximity Marketing Agency

Now that you’ve taken a closer look at your brand, the next step is to set expectations for your future partner. Of course, the top priority should be an agency that understands your brand.

They would know to ask the right questions to get the answers they need. They will then use these to plan the right strategy for you. They will know how you can use geofencing apps and maximize it to your advantage.

You’d also want a proximity marketing marketing company that has experience in this area. As it’s a rather new innovation that’s only starting to take off, not many companies have the credentials to say that you can trust them with this strategy.

You should decide if you want a local or national company, as well. Picking a local company is the better option if you want face-to-face meetings.

After all, this can enable both parties to communicate in a more concise way. It will also build a stronger relationship whether you’re discussing at the office or at your favorite coffee shop.

If the local companies won’t cut it for you or if you want more options, consider national agencies, as well. Who knows, there could be a company that best fits your needs on the other side of the state. You could still communicate via Skype and emails.

Start Searching and Make a List

When you know your brand and your standards, it’s time to start the search. For this step, there’s no handier tool than Google. Narrow down your search at the get-go by looking for “geofencing marketing company.”

Go through the search results and list every company you find that might fit the bill. You don’t need to filter out too much at this point. You may jot down their websites and contact details, though.

Don’t stop at the top 3 results, all these might be ads anyway. Don’t discard the companies with an ad, though, but make sure to give each company a proper look even in the second page of the results and beyond.

Asking for recommendations is a tested and proven way to find a company that might suit you, too. Ask your colleagues, business partners, or such.

Know a company who uses a geofence? See if it’s working well for them and then find out which agency they’re talking to. Sometimes, it’s their in-house marketing department.

Assess Each Geofencing Company

Once you have your list, assess each one by taking a closer look at their online presence and activities.

First off, do they have a proper and functioning website? The website must be up-to-date, have easy navigation, and a proper structure. If not, they may need another marketing agency for themselves.

Check out their specialty as well. Are you okay with an all-around agency that has some experience with geofencing or do you want one that focuses on effective geofence strategies?

One way to find out their activities is to find their social media accounts. It’s not a minus if they don’t have one, but they must at least have a LinkedIn profile. You’ll see what they’re up to these days, and if they have a Facebook account, they may even post regular updates about what exciting new project they’re doing.

Contact the Geofencing Marketing Agency

Your list should now only consist of the ones that you think would be a good fit for your needs. Then, it’s time to contact each one; set up a meeting and further judge them during it.

Judging them starts from the moment you contact them. Did they respond right away or did they take days to get back to you? If it’s the latter, that’s a major concern and you might have already found the company for you in that time anyway.

When you talk with them, note how knowledgeable they are with your company or at least with your industry. They’ll come prepared if they’re a reputable company.

Have them pitch their own ideas, too, based on what they already know about your company. This should help you know if your thinking aligns with theirs. Don’t take the suggestions at face value, though, as these are not final.

Proximity Marketing: End the Search for the Right Geofence Marketing Company

When you’re looking for a proximity marketing company, it’s important that you feel comfortable with them and their past results. Keep in mind that even if you like your current marketing company, they may not have experience in geofencing.

Still having a hard time finding the right marketing company to put your geofence strategy in place? Look no further.

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