Geofencing For Lawyers: A Cutting Edge Advertising Solution

Geofencing For Lawyers: A Cutting Edge Advertising Solution

law firm marketing

law firm marketing

Hello everyone this is Justin Croxton here again from Propellant Media, one of the managing partners. I know that a number of attorneys are always trying to find that competitive advantage, that thing that’s going to set you apart but most importantly help you get more in front of those individuals that really do matter to your business. Those folks that are really going to turn into actual live cases and doing it in a way so that you’re not spending your money on people that are most likely not even looking for your services.

How Offline Advertising Is Hard To Measure

If you think about it that’s the challenge that a lot of many attorneys have.  Consider for a fact billboard advertising, TV, print, you’re definitely going to get some folks that are now going to know more about you. That’s the whole world of brand awareness marketing. That’s very important but how can we do a better job in ensuring that more of our marketing dollars are going towards us having the ability to target those people that are really looking for our services?

Geolocation Marketing For Personal Injury Attorneys

That’s where our whole world of what we call geofencing programmatic display in geofencing comes in. As an agency we do quite a bit of Google AdWords, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization but one of the cutting-edge things that we’ve been doing recently is what we call geofencing where we can literally take a building, a precise area, any particular location, build a fence around that location, and target the people in that particular location.

Just to give you guys a really good example, let’s say you are this company here. You’re this legal practice Montlick & Associates and your personal injury law practice you want to get your message in front of those who have just recently got into an accident or something to that effect. Part of one of the things that we can do within our platform is target hospitals, urgent care facilities, car repair locations, towing locations, those locations where you know there’s likely to be a high propensity of individuals that most likely got into an accident and maybe in the need of an attorney that can represent their interests.

One of the things that we’ll typically do is we’ll go into our platform, we’ll literally build a digital geofence around, in this case, we’re building one around Emory Hospital. This is just one example, we can build geofences around all different types of locations whether it be here in Atlanta or in other areas wherever your practice may be located. But in this instance, we built a geofence directly around Emory University Hospital Midtown.

Where People Will See Your Ads

Anybody that has a smartphone device and their devices turned on and they walked inside of that geofence, we have now captured their ID to their smartphone device. They’re going to see our ads both while they’re there at the hospital as well as for up to 30 days after they leave the hospital. There’s two places in which they’ll typically see our ads. The first is in the hundreds of thousands of apps that we have access to.

We have access to over 600,000 apps to be exact. You think about Angry Birds, Words with Friends, the Weather Channel, all those different apps are places where our ads will show up on. Then secondly it’s on different websites when someone is browsing on let’s say Safari or Chrome and they pull up a website that has some form of advertising space and our ad shows up there.

But as you can see, what’s so powerful about this is we’re not targeting all of Atlanta, we’re not targeting an entire zip code, we don’t have a billboard that’s right here off of 85 and we’re paying $5,000 a month but we’re not really getting the coverage or our dollars are going to a place where we don’t even exactly know how to attract the return on investment.

A lot of times with billboard advertising you really don’t know how many of those individuals, turning into cases, is a direct result of that billboard advertising. But the beauty with our technology is that you can track and measure all of the traffic that’s being driven directly as a result of in this case the geofencing advertising that we do as an agency. One of the other things that we’ve recently started doing in which I think makes our platform even more powerful is what we call conversion zone tracking.

Tracking Online Advertising To Foot Traffic To Your Office

What if you want to actually see, in this case, let’s say you wanted to see exactly how many of those individuals came to your office and booked an appointment with one of your attorneys? We can build a conversion zone directly around your office and all of the people that saw your ads here while they’re at Emory hospital or Emory University or after they left the hospital and then eventually came back to your location, we can actually track that information.

We can report back to you on that and tell you, “Hey, this is the number of people or the number of times that someone either saw your ad, clicked on your ad, and then came back to your office.” Now, we can also track phone calls, we can track individuals that went to your website, people that converted in some way, let’s say they submitted a form to your office or they clicked on a certain button or engaged in a chatbox.

We can certainly track all those things but being able to take that online information and track offline actions is very powerful and ensures that the marketing dollars that you’re spending is going towards something that you can actually track and measure which makes a lot of sense to us from a legal marketing standpoint and certainly from a return on investment standpoint.

Bottom Line – Geofencing Marketing Works For Attorneys

The whole world of geofencing is very cutting-edge, very new but something that many attorneys, I wouldn’t say many, but there’s a few attorneys out there that are really starting to take advantage of this. We’ve seen the fruits of our labors in some of the work that we’ve done with legal practices and then being able to utilize this software and more importantly this technology from an advertising standpoint.

Now, as an agency, we do a lot of AdWords, we do SEO once again, but geofencing is a thing that we really lead with that, we’re really most proud of. If this is something that you’re interested in, please feel free to contact us, give us a call. We’re more than happy to, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much. Take care.

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