5 Ways to Use Geofencing to Generate Real Estate Leads

5 Ways to Use Geofencing to Generate Real Estate Leads

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Geofencing is a highly effective way to target your ideal audience directly on their mobile devices with a relevant, impactful message that generates client action. There’s no ‘magic’ to geofencing but the best strategy involves targeting your audience where you know they’re likely to be depending on the kind of lead you want to generate. In addition, it will best serve you to show them an ad that makes them say, “I need to contact them today!”. Your ad should say; who you are, what you do best, where you do it, and why they should call you. Lastly, if you can put a compelling offer in front of them, think along the lines of, “Free Home Inspection with Listing”, then you’ve got yourself a winner! If you’re a home seller or home builder, you should make sure your real estate agent is using these methods to get your home(s) sold! ????

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Here are 5 ways to use geofencing to generate real estate leads:

Geofence new construction communities ????

New construction communities and their sales offices are hotbeds for new home buyer traffic. These are active, in-market home buyers that may not have a real estate agent and could use your expertise in helping them navigate the home buying process. Your strategy should be to geofence as many new construction sales offices within your market area to increase the likelihood of conversion. Homebuyers will see your ads on their mobile devices, click-thru, and land on a page where you can capture their contact info to follow-up.

If you’re a home builder, this is a great way to get a leg-up on the competition! Don’t let all those new homebuyers purchase at the ‘other neighborhood’, show them the value of your community and drive foot traffic back to your sales office by targeting competing communities.

Geofence credit unions and banks ????

Financial institutions can be a great lead source of financially ready homebuyers and even sellers. Perhaps someone has walked into their local branch to sit with their banker to discuss refinancing, taking out a home renovation loan, or to request a payoff statement. Why not prove value to them and capture their information? Your strategy here should be to show how you can be cost efficient in helping your homebuyer or home seller reach their goals. The right message and offer go a long way!

If you’re a mortgage broker or loan officer, you may be able to structure deals or offer savings in ways traditional banks and credit union can’t. This an amazing way to build relationships and prove value to prospects.

Geofence real estate brokerages ????????

Real estate brokerages are often filled with people evaluating whether or not they should work with a particular agent and brokerage. Position yourself as a local authority in the real estate market and you could win BIG! What do you have going for you that this brokerage doesn’t? Perhaps, it’s your digital marketing savvy that’s going to win over a home seller or your quick-action and experience that’s compelling enough to generate interest for a home buyer. Your strategy here should be to prove value to your prospect that you’re not just an option but your local markets go-to!

If you’re a home builder, this is a great strategy to keep your new community top of mind to performing agents and their clients. It’s a 2-for-1! The same goes for mortgage brokers and loan officers!

Geofence transitioning neighborhoods ????

Every major metropolitan has transitioning neighborhoods. In Atlanta for example, the communities within a 2-mile radius of the newly constructed Mercedes Benz Stadium are on FIRE????!  Investors and new home buyers are flocking to this area to get in on the huge upside of rental income and equity, and of course for each home, there is to be purchased there is a home needing to be sold! Don’t you love it as a real estate agent when you get both sides of the transaction? ????Your strategy here should be to prove value to all parties in showing you have a system that works! You are a nimble agent, knowledgable of market trends, and have the best pricing strategies to get the job done, whether you’re helping your client buy or sell a home.

Geofence homes for sale ????

Current homes for sale, vacant or occupied posses major upside for targeting ongoing showing traffic and open house traffic. Not everyone viewing a home or attending an open house has a buyer’s agent. Your strategy here should be to prove value to your prospect that you’re an authority in the local market and can help them to negotiate a great deal. Perhaps you can display how the last few homes you’ve sold were $x,xxx amount below list price. What a great hook!

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Do you have a list of customers or business addresses?  Addressable Geofencing can be used both as a stand-alone tactic and to improve the results of addressable TV campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts that target specific households. By extending the reach, improving the frequency, and providing foot traffic attribution through conversion zone tracking, Addressable Geo-Fencing makes all household and business address targeting efforts more effective through automated plat line geofencing drawing capabilities.

For example, perhaps you want to target a ‘feeder’ neighborhood for your listing. The benefit of using Addressable Geofencing is that you can target people directly on their mobile devices at home, and track foot traffic back to your listing and or your open house. Imagine how much VALUE that brings to your seller and your services!

Here are 5 benefits of using Addressable Geofencing:

• Highly Precise – Targeting is based on plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information to maximize the precision of addresses being targeted. Up To 90% Match Rate

• Highly Scalable – Up to 1 million physical household and business addresses can be targeted per campaign.

• Provides Foot Traffic Attribution – Conversion Zones can be used with Addressable Geofencing campaigns to track uplift in foot traffic to the advertiser’s location.

• Multiple Creative Formats – Advertisers can utilize static ads, video ads, and OTT (i.e Roku) Ad campaigns with addressable geofencing.

• More Precise Than IP Targeting – Addressable geofencing is even more precise than IP Address Targeting, yielding a 90% match rate.

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