How Our Agency Gets Over 400 Legitimate Leads Each Month (VIDEO)

How Our Agency Gets Over 400 Legitimate Leads Each Month (VIDEO)

As an agency, Propellant Media works hard to husband its resources. We watch our operating budget as much as our marketing budget. We also realized as an Agency, we couldn’t simply provide recommendations to our clients and not take on those same suggestions for ourselves.
So instead of putting up a website that told people we existed, or simply relying on our networking skills, or even putting up a meager Adwords budget, we leveraged our skillset and the same exact recommendations we give our clients…for our own Agency….and something magical happened.

We implemented a strong overarching digital marketing campaign that included Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Website Optimization.  We know of many digital marketing firms that simply do these same services for their clients and never execute these services for themselves.  So, we thought the way establish even more credibility with our clients and prospects is by walking the walk and talking to the talk.  If it’s good enough for our clients, digital marketing needed to be good enough for Propellant Media.  And it’s been that way ever since we started to make the investment.

For 3 – 4 plus years, we didn’t do any level of digital advertising outside of SEO and Social Media Marketing.  But after we put forth this comprehensive gameplan, and over the span of 8 months, the results for our agency were simply remarkable.

Here are some of the highlights of what we did.

  • After 150 web development hours, 50,000 plus words of content, and over 100 pages of information, we completed the task of building a robust website to both teaches and educates our audience on digital marketing the possibilities of it.  Our website is a well oiled machine full of information to educate our leads and get them vested into our brand.
  • With Paid Search experts on our team who have managed $1,000,000/month Adwords campaigns in the past, our team worked to drive our average cost per lead through Google Adwords down to $25/lead and we get atleast 1/4 of our web leads and phone calls through Google Adwords.
  • Utilizing Google Tag Manager and many other tracking mechanism, we started measuring all of the critical actions that occur on our website including lead forms, phone calls, video plays and even email sends.  Now we know what areas to make a more concerted investment in and what conversions need more tweaking to improve conversion rates.
  • Our team conducted a strong link building, PR outreach and SEO plan for  Our organic search traffic for Propellant Media increased by 1,400% over the course of 6 months since we really started to take our SEO efforts seriously.
  • And finally, we developed a robust email marketing campaign that allows our team to send followup and personalized emails to prospects with educational content, thus building a more personal relationship with organizations.

Feel free to read more on the actual case study for Propellant Media and the ongoing work we do for our agency as well as many of our clients.

In the meantime, feel free to engage with our team on a digital blueprint and most importantly, to see how the same solutions we implement for ourselves, we would implement for you. Email us at

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