Mobile Geofencing Marketing For Medical Healthcare Practices

Mobile Geofencing Marketing For Medical Healthcare Practices

medical healthcare marketing

medical healthcare marketing


Hello my medical and health care and pharmaceutical practices that are out there. My name is Justin Croxton. I’m one of the merging partners here at Propellant media. We’re a digital ad agency here in Atlanta Georgia and we just want to talk to you a little bit about our geo-fencing technology that we utilize for a number of the medical practices and healthcare institutions that we work with. There’s a number of folks that really don’t understand geo-fencing and really how beneficial it can be to your practice.

Offline Marketing Channels Hard To Measure ROI

If you think about a lot of different advertising that you may currently be doing whether it’s billboard, maybe its direct mail, maybe it’s TV print, whatever it is a lot of times you’re doing a spray a spray effect. Where you’re trying to hit an entire zip code or an entire city and make certain that you let people know that you exist that you are here in Atlanta. That if you have a need, whether it’s you need foot surgery or if you need back surgery, you’re having an issue with your spine or if you have a heart condition any of those things that you exist and that people should reach out to you.

A lot of times for us as digital marketers and as marketers, in general, we want to ensure that our clients are getting an incredible return on their investment. Part of the challenge in doing that, is trying to figure out where can I really find those people that express some sort of an intent, a need for my services as a medical practice. There’s a couple of different cases here with geo-fencing that really allows us to hone in and really target particular buildings, particulars places and really target those people based on the actual places that they go.

Geofencing Use Case Examples For Medical Systems

There’s a couple of different uses that we want to share with you of what we’ve done for different medical practices that are out there. Just to give you an example, not saying that Emory University is one of our clients. Let’s say that they were one of our clients and what part of the thing that we could do is say, let’s say Emory University or they have an orthopedic center. They want to target people that are in sports people, that have a lot of different sports medical related issues.

They want to get their message in front of those that are likely to get into in an accident in some capacity or something to that effect. One of the things that we’ve done in the past that we’ve actually geo-fenced, I wouldn’t say parks but places where we know a lot of adults typically go but a lot of injuries typically happen and then go to their center after the fact. Just over here, I just noticed that here at Central Park.

How Geofencing Works

One of the things that we can do with our technology is build an incredibly precise geo-fence just around this park. Anybody that walks inside of this park that has a cell phone on them and their cell phone is turned on, we now have captured the ID to their smartphone device. Then, we also have the ability to serve ads to them both while they’re there at the park if they’ve gotten to an accident or an injury as well as after they leave the park for up to 30 days.

Competitive Conquesting With Geofencing

Now, you think how powerful that is. If you think of about Emory University how much money they may be spending on billboard TV targeting all of Atlanta or certain parts of the land, it gets to be really expensive. When you can pick and choose the places where you probably get quite a bit of your traffic from, then it becomes really, really powerful. You could even– If you were Emory University, you could geo-fence other hospitals that might be nearby.

That’s what we call our competitive con questing strategy. Let’s say you were a dental practice. Let’s say you’re a dental practice, and I’m just thinking of one practice that’s here in Atlanta and you wanted to target one of your competitors because you know that maybe they don’t offer as good rates or they’re not as good as a practice. This is one practice that I found here on our webs and doing the search. We come down here this is pure dental. We do a little bit of a geo-fence right here.

Then, all the people that walk inside that geo-fence again we now have the ability to serve ads to those individuals. Here’s the beauty of our technology, is let’s say you want to not just serve ads to those individuals but you also want to track and measure the foot traffic that you got from that advertising. We also have the ability to do that. We are essentially taking all of our online advertising, and tracking, and measuring that data offline.

Track Online Advertising To Offline Foot Traffic

In that case, typically what we would do, is we would come back into our system I’m just saying this was the actual client that we’re working with just to use that as an assumption and we built what we call a conversion zone around their building. Let’s say this was another dental practice. All the people that have walked inside of this dental practice and saw our ads or clicked on our ads and then came back to our location here.

We now have the ID to their smartphone device.  When they’ve seen an ad and come back over here we’ve now tracked that is an action where we can report back to our medical and health care and even pharmaceutical institutions on that level of traffic that we’ve driven both offline as well as online, really really powerful stuff. Now you’re at a place where you’re getting 90% more rich in your advertising spend, you have 95% more accuracy, and 80% less waste. You’re not wasting your dollars on other areas of advertising that really aren’t producing the results that you’re looking for as a medical institution or as a medical practice.

For those that really want to learn more about geo-fencing, I highly recommend you guys either schedule a demo or do a little bit more research on it so you can better understand how it can be an incredible and effective tool for your business. That’s, ultimately, going to drive more patients and increase the awareness of your business and of your practice. Thanks for listening, greatly appreciated. Again, we’re Propellant media digital ad agency here in Atlanta. Talk to you soon. Take care.

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