Non Profit Marketing Agency Companies: 23 You Should Be Aware Of

non profit marketing company

Nonprofit organizations must make their presence felt in this fast growing world. Each and every day a new business is coming into scene and people are aware of it because of the marketing. Nonprofit organizations and companies need some of the efficient marketing tactics for promoting their organization as well as the message. Some of the non profit marketing agencies are there that can help you to market your cause. This will help you to gain some prospective donors or interested volunteers for the causes your organizations look after.

non profit marketing company

It can be quite confusing for you to choose the best marketing agency which can help you in marketing your organization efficiently. Hence, we have reviewed the top 23 best agencies in the market right now. They use the best marketing strategies and tactics to promote your organization and your messages.

Propellant Media – Non Profit Marketing Company

The Propellant Media, LLC is presently the number 1 best marketing agency for nonprofit organizations. It provides custom tailored solutions to each and every client knowing that the needs and requirements are different for everyone. This company also provides geo fencing works for different nonprofit companies to build a better and stronger audience base. The Propellant Media, LLC also provides a digital revenue expansion opportunity to all the nonprofit organizations for its betterment.

You can completely rely on this marketing agency for an efficient non profit advertising to increase the brand awareness about your organization and its causes. It also focuses on various innovative ideas for raising money for the nonprofit company. It provides cost effective multichannel campaigns that can accelerate your growth. They provide some amazing solutions that can benefit your organizations to a great extent. Just try their services once for your organization, you will see the difference they can make within few weeks.


If you are looking for a great marketing firm that uses advanced technologies for creating better campaign and content, then this is the one for you. IronPaper is a hybrid firm that used modern designs and technologies for creating some efficient marketing strategies for helping the clients to achieve the goals. It helps in marketing your information and causes, studying analytics and reports to work better and create search engine marketing strategies.

It also helps in creating great contents to attract prospective volunteers and donors for your organization. It also helps in gathering and comparing the effectiveness of campaign all across the channels. They also help the organizations to getting better ROI from all the marketing efforts put into the campaigns.

Media Cause

This is a marketing and communications agency which helps the nonprofits to accelerate their growth as well as the impact on the people. It offers some premium marketing services that can help your agency in flourishing more. So, people will get to know more about the causes of your organization and there will be more prospective donors interested. It offers advertising, attractive contents, digital strategies for social media marketing and creative campaigns.

This agency also helps in fundraising and growth of the company. For the most sustainable and effective growth, Media Cause helps in community centric marketing. Thus, it will help the organization to achieve the most important goal. They have a team of highly professional marketers who can create personalized ads and marketing campaigns for better exposure and growth. They have a decent track record of delivering good results.

Luminate Marketing

The Luminate Marketing is one of the award winning marketing agencies that can provide you with successful and strategic marketing plans. They have a great experience in this field and have helped many nonprofit organizations in branding and ad campaigns. They offer some exclusive marketing solutions specially curated based on your organization’s needs and requirements.

These personalized marketing solutions can help you in getting better donors and can also help in fundraising. People will get to know more about the causes and it will get more and more exposure so that interested people can volunteer their services for you.


If you are looking for a non profit marketing company that can provide you with all types of services and marketing solutions for your business, then this can be a good choice. It offers plethora of marketing services and solutions to the nonprofits. Starting from local SEO and PPC services to web design services, it offers all types of services to the organizations.

So, whether you need free SEO audit along with email marketing services or graphic design services, you will get it all here. It can help you to gain more donors for you nonprofit organization with the tailor made marketing strategies and ad campaigns.


If you are looking for a great nonprofit marketing and advertising company for you nonprofit organization at a very budget-friendly price, then this is the one. They not only provide you with a great marketing strategy and some amazing solutions for your organization but it also offers great planning for fundraising too.

BKV is excellent at customer relationship management for increasing your brand awareness. It also provides advanced data and analytics so that it can be used for better marketing campaigns and ads. It’s data analytics service is quite helpful in designing better ads and campaigns. Even, it can help you in customized digital advertising and email marketing.

Left Lane Digital

Empowering nonprofits and charity organizations is quite important. If you are looking for one of the non profit advertising companies that will help in empowering your organization improving its brand awareness, then you have find the best one.

The Left Lane Digital provides with custom made marketing strategies for social media, SEO as well as for content marketing and email marketing. With proper AdWord ad campaigns, you can earn a lot in the long run. Even this nonprofit agency will help you to gain much more exposure to raise your fund and get more efficient donors.

Brand Dignity

Having a better SEO rank will definitely increase you brand awareness. With better brand awareness, chances of getting more and more donors increase. Thus this can be quite benefiting for the cause of your company. An online presence is essential and with comprehensive marketing strategies, you can get what you actually want.

At Brand Dignity, you will be able to get different marketing solutions for the SEO of your company. It can also take care of your marketing automation, pay per click advertisement and social media marketing. It has a great team which can handle the reputation management for your company which be highly beneficial to increase the value of you company.

The Cause Agency

This is one of the most effective and efficient marketing agency for the nonprofit organizations and companies. It offers wide range of some amazing services to increase your brand awareness as well as to increase your fund. With the help of some efficient marketing strategies, it can create a brand identity that can be quite beneficial for your organization.

It curates some of the best marketing plans that can boast the ability to build the organization steadily. The Cause Agency also helps in developing some great campaigns for advertisements and digital marketing. This can encourage the donors and more volunteers too.

NP Source

Digital marketing trends are continuously changing. Organizations want more and more personalized strategies that can bring better and more efficient results. The nonprofit organizations can flourish a lot and gain better identity with the help of the right non profit marketing agency.

With the help of NP Source, you can get personalized digital marketing campaigns and strategies that can provide you with the best SEO. Prospective donors are always searching for good nonprofits with great causes. So, you need to reach them in order to gain more and more donors. Hence investing on the right marketing company is important to get customized plan to meet your marketing goals.

PMX Agency

The PMX Agency is surely one of the best marketing agencies for the nonprofits. Their main motive is to help the nonprofit organizations to gain more attention and donors. Without the right marketing strategies and planning it is impossible for anyone to gain better donors and raise fund.

Thus, they provide efficient market analysis as well as audience analysis to refine the most valuable audiences. It also helps in program management as well as execution to raise fund. This marketing agency also looks for performance management and optimization of contents and other strategies. It is quite easy and hassle-free to contact them and consult with the professionals.

Help Good

Another great nonprofit marketing agency that helps in curating some amazing strategies is the Help Good. They focus on building some of the best plans to be successful in the mission. It provides with customized marketing solution to reach the target effectively. It helps in proper research gathering the insight information and evaluation. It also helps in brand strategies, content strategies and content auditing.

This marketing agency also helps in managing various promotional offers and events that can create a huge impact on the audience. This can help you in gaining more and more donors. They also helps in tailor made marketing plans for raising funds of the nonprofits.

Prosper Strategies

Do you want to amplify your impact? Then this is the perfect nonprofit marketing agency for you. A great marketing can make a huge difference. If you want to convey you message or cause to the people so that interested donors can contact you, you must invest on marketing. The Prosper Strategies can help you to create great impact on people. You can let others know about your organization and causes related to it.

For this, you will need an online presence and along with that you need to work on SEO, email marketing and digital marketing too. Having an online presence without any traffic is of no use. People must know about your organization. This brand awareness is important to gain more potential donors.

Red Rooster Group

Owning a nonprofit organization is not enough unless and until you are investing on marketing. Donors are continuously looking for potential nonprofits with great causes. But if you fail to spread your message and reach out to them, then you will not be able to gain their contribution. Hence, it is important to hire Red Rooster Group which will help you in waking up your brand by conducting personalized research for uncovering insight.

They offer personalized solution after a thorough analysis by proper market research. They also provide great strategies for marketing and campaigns. Also, they offer branding which is one of the most important parts of marketing. Without this your organization will not be able to gain donors.

Concord Direct

This is another direct non profit marketing company which helps you to get better and more donors for your organization. It helps in audit, research, designing and copywriting as well as in concept development. It provides detailed insight and analytics to help any nonprofit organizations with the most premium and exclusive services.

They have a strong marketing strategy which has a great impact on the social media as well as on other digital platforms. Thus, if you are looking for an efficient marketing company or agency for your nonprofit organization, then this is the one you can consider.

Digital Impact Agency

Digital Impact Agency has a team of highly professional and key staff members who can help you in increasing the brand awareness. They know and understand how important it is to increase the brand awareness for the nonprofits in order educate the potential donors about their causes. Hence the ad campaigns must be designed in such a way that it contains all the information.

Thus, marketing of the nonprofits is completely different from that of profitable businesses. Each and every nonprofit organization has a different set of causes and hence the ad campaigns and contents are also difference from one another. The Digital Impact Agency effectively helps you in reaching to the donors telling your story and informing them about your works.

Linear Creative

Getting the right amount of exposure and brand awareness is very much essential for the nonprofit organizations. Thus, it is important to hire the best nonprofit market researcher and advertiser who can provide you with all types of marketing strategies.

It also helps in increasing funds connecting you to different companies, donors and community partners. They offer different types of plans that can fit into all types of budget. Hence, there is a plan for all nonprofits with different budgets for marketing. They have a great team that can help their clients to achieve the goal.


This is one of the most amazing marketing agencies providing efficient digital strategies and branding solutions. Brand awareness is essential for the nonprofit organizations. This company helps in providing exceptionally great experimental marketing strategies to gain more and more donors for the nonprofits.

It also focuses on the web and advertising providing the best solution to the organizations. It takes care of branding and positioning which is important to gain more and more popularity. They also understand how much it is important to spread the message to the people so that you can get right amount of exposure.


This is one of the most efficient healthcare marketing companies which focuses a lot on the non profit advertising. It also provides personalized marketing strategies to the nonprofits so that they can use that to gain more and more profits. With different branding strategies, direct marketing and advertisements, they offer wide range of services to promote your organization and its causes.

There are thousands of donors waiting. This marketing company helps you to reach to them so that it can help in increasing your donors and funds. With great experience in handling marketing solutions for nonprofits, this company can be a great choice for you.

Habitat Visual Communications

The Habitat Visual Communications is one of the most effective and efficient marketing agencies for the nonprofit organizations. It helps in creating nonprofit marketing plans, especially curated for an organization. They know each and every organization needs different plans and they work on that for every other organization. They are also great at objective mapping and implementation of the strategies.

This company also takes care of the data management and brand awareness. They work for direct marketing which is still an efficient marketing channel for the nonprofits. It increases the brand awareness which can help you to gain more and more donors. They have more 25 years of experiences with nonprofit organizations. They can also effectively handle the social and digital marketing strategies.

Bloom Communications

At the Bloom Communications, you will get specially designed and tailor made strategies for marketing and branding. Being a nonprofit organization, it is important for you to specially design your marketing strategies so that you can gain donors as well as it can help you in raising fund. Bloom Communications will help you in campaign planning and budgeting along with integrated marketing.

It also offers amazing solutions for content marketing which can be highly effective. As much as online presence is important for the nonprofit organizations, SEO is also important. Without appropriate SEO, it is impossible to increase your visibility.

The ShoeString Agency

This is one of the popular non profit marketing agencies which provides extensive services. Whether you want logo ad branding services, digital marketing services or proper planning for your SEO, this agency will provide you with all. It is important to have a proper branding strategy or digital marketing strategy for the nonprofits. But this agency will not only help you to create the strategies but will also help in implementing them.

So, you can get better brand awareness. People will come to know about your organizations and causes now which will help you to flourish more. Hence, this marketing company will help you in maintaining and improving the media relations and social media impact too.

Hiring A Non Profit Marketing Company

If you are thinking that being a nonprofit organization you do not need a marketing company, then you are wrong. In today’s time, society is getting more and more advanced. Nonprofit organization needs as much exposure and growth as a profitable business or organization. Thus, you need a marketing company that can effectively help you in increasing your brand awareness.

This is very much important in order to stand out in the crowd. Every now and then, there is a nonprofit organization that is coming into the scene. In order to stand out and convey your message to the world, you need a proper marketing strategy. Without that it is impossible to convey your voice to others.

People will never come to know about your organization and what it does unless you plan to market your organization and promote the cause. This will also help you to gain potential donors and increase your fund too. Unless you start gaining donors, you cannot raise fund. Fundraising is one of the most important parts of the nonprofit organizations. With proper non profit advertising strategies and plans, you can gain better exposure. This can promote your organization too.

Final Thoughts On Non Profit Marketing Agencies

If you are an owner of a nonprofit organization and want to promote it, then a good marketing company will help you to achieve the goal. These top 23 marketing companies can help you in this. Even if you are thinking to start a nonprofit organization, then hiring a team of efficient marketing professionals from the beginning is a good idea. You must not ignore the potential and power of the non profit marketing and advertising strategies. Marketing is specifically very important for the nonprofit organization as it needs a way to increase its funds. There is no other way that gaining donors.

To gain donors who will be interested in donating to your cause, you must explain your works and achievements to them. For this, digital marketing and content marketing plays a vital role. You must have personalized contents for email and digital marketing so that the donors can read it and know about your causes. With proper marketing campaigns, you can gain more prospective donors for raising your funds. You will be able to achieve your goals and get what you want if you hire the best non profit marketing company for your nonprofit organization.

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