Top 18 Questions Law Firms Should Ask Geofencing Marketing Providers [Download Guide]

Top 18 Questions Law Firms Should Ask Geofencing Marketing Providers [Download Guide]

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    Law practice have a unique opportunity with geofencing advertising.  PI attorneys can target ER and collision centers, criminal defense attorneys can geofence court houses, and even wrongful death attorneys can geofence funeral homes (as creepy and crazy as that may sound).  The point is as a law practice, you care about concentrating your ad dollars on those most likely to become a client.

    Our agency, Propellant Media often gets swarmed with questions from law firms who inquire about geofencing marketing.  All questions are important but some are more important than others.

    In order to ensure you're choosing the right geofencing marketing provider that fits your needs and extracting the most valuable information you need to make a decision for your law practice, we've compiled a list of 19 questions with added context from our team members and partners at Propellant Media to help guide you through your journey in choose a geofencing provider.

    How precise can you get with your geofencing?  How small can the geofences be built?

    Many people mention they have geofencing capabilities, but may not necessarily provide geofencing as precise as others.  For example, is able to build their geofences as small as the contours of buildings (25 square feet in many cases), while others tap into the wifi networks of particular buildings and locations, and reach mobile devices that ping off of such networks.

    We know of several that can only build their geofences around a block, but not a building.  The more precise you can get, the more targeted your advertising will be.  That is the crux behind geofencing…targeting people based on their intent and knowing someone's physical presence in a location can indicate intent buyers.  So this is a critical question worth asking.

    Again, as a law firm you can geofence hospitals, collision centers, and any place where you know your clientele will go to prior to potentially needing your legal services.

    Up to how many buildings or locations can you geofence in a given geofencing marketing campaign?

    Some geofencing providers charge based on the number of buildings and locations you want to target.  For example, some will require you to spend $1,500 on just 1 building, which if you think about it doesn't make sense and fully benefit your marketing needs.  What happens if you cannot exhaust your budget on just that 1 location?  Also, you are limiting your reach and potential to target more people who can be ideal customers when you are only given 1 location you are allowed to geofence.

    The better geofencing companies will not limit your geofencing targets, and they'll also provide you with proper strategy and recommendations on the budget you should allot over various geofencing locations.  For example, at Propellant Media we suggest $1,500 for every 20 locations you intend to target.  It's not an exact science, but it allows you to spread your marketing risk a bit more and also target more buildings so you can then determine the ones that are not highly engaging or driving proper foot traffic and then hone your marketing dollars on the locations that are driving sales and engagement.

      Are you looking for direct pricing or white label partner pricing?

      What industry do you operate in and need assistance with?

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