Top Google Adwords Management Consulting Strategies

Top Google Adwords Management Consulting Strategies

google adwords consultant management

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    google adwords consultant management

    We all know that paid search remains the best channel to target lower funnel searchers and people in the market searching for your products, services or general information. Google Ads and Bing Ads specialists and even marketing directors understand healthy search marketing budgets remain vital to their company's or enterprise's growth despite the continued increase in Google Ads competition, which also inherently raises Cost Per Click (CPC) costs across many industry sectors.

    With that said, Propellant Media runs across countless organizations, companies and even digital agencies that neglect the traditional blocking and tackling required to produce positive ROI (Return On Investment) and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) campaigns that are effectively measured for success. We have a list of several of our traditional best practices that extend beyond this list. But out of the many campaign audits we've done, the 27 best practice strategies below as a general rule of thumb have on average improved the ROI of our client's Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns by an average 200 – 500%. This includes reducing advertising waste or inherently increasing the leads coming into the campaign while keeping a client's budget the same.

    So we wanted to provide a guide of general strategies that you can use to hold both yourselves and your marketing teams accountable as well as to further educate you on some of the nuances required to execute successful Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns. We're certain some of these tactics you're already deploying, and some you may even disagree with. But several in this list will be very useful to your Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns.

    This Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click) guide is perfect for:

    • Digital & Marketing Agencies With Paid Search Specialists In-House
    • Companies with Internal Paid Search Teams
    • CEO's & Presidents of Small to Midsize Companies
    • Organizations & Non Profits With Google Ad Grant Accounts
    • Digital Marketing Directors of Enterprises
    • Public Relations & Communications Professionals

    We broke the recommended strategies into three tiers including Campaign level, Ad Group level, and Keyword level best practices. Do not worry about this guide being too technical as it will provide some common sense techniques that will get you thinking more strategically about your paid search campaigns, but even more importantly working on your lead generation and conversion rates for your website and your landing pages as a whole. We also provide a quick process for each best practice where it makes sense.

    Get ready because this a beast of a guide.

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