Trade Show Display Exhibit Marketing Ideas To Get Visitors To Your Booth

Trade Show Display Exhibit Marketing Ideas To Get Visitors To Your Booth


Trade shows remain an excellent way to impress prospects and attract new clients. However, many attendees don’t understand the crucially important nature of creating an exhibit that attracts eyeballs. Don’t be like them when you can create a compelling booth and display that helps the crowd form fast.


Set up a Selfie Station

Tap into the unbridled power of selfies! People love having their pictures taken, so empower them to create fun, memorable selfies in front of your booth. It’s inexpensive to create a custom, branded frame. Make it memorable so that people enjoy their time.

Your social media marketing team should also create a campaign and a memorable hashtag to mark the occasion. Such a strategy will energize attendees while increasing engagement. People who enjoy their visit will leave with a favorable impression of your brand.

Be Generous with the Swag

You already know the appeal of swag. Who doesn’t love receiving something fun and free? Splash your branding across swag bags and loot, and hand them out to attendees. You might consider holding contests or raffles that encourage participation and offer prizes. Ask for an email address and then enter them to pick a random winner. It’s an easy way to add a contact for following up later.

In-booth gaming and giveaways build buzz. If you want to excite and delight your prospects, these two strategies are the proper choice. A steady stream of engaged attendees will pull others to your display, creating a feeding frenzy of new potential prospects. Excitement builds more of the same, and nothing enthuses people in quite the same way as games and giveaways.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Theme

Themes are incredibly popular for all manner of events. Which one you use is not the primary point. What matters most is that you go all in and deliver a fun experience that stimulates the audience. If your team is creative, challenge them to devise an ideal theme that ties in perfectly to the brand, product, and customer experience. That will make people’s visit memorable enough for them to help spread the word.

Plan Early to Build the Buzz

Use your social media channels to give hints and previews of your display. That will help build a level of sustained excitement before anyone arrives at the venue. Hit up your loyal mailing list subscribers and advertise too to drive people to your exhibit. You have resources at your disposal, so use them all to ensure the highest possible turnout.

An Interactive Booth Boosts Results

If there’s any chance to demo your product, take it. People love being able to experience your offering directly. If they can hold it, smell it, and use it, they’re that much more likely to purchase. Some products are not as amenable to hands-on use, but there’s still probably an angle worth exploring.

Craft a Special Deal for the Day

You can always create a special deal for anyone who comes to the booth. Have your marketing team come up with a compelling offer just for attendees. People love few things more intensely than they do bargains. For some, a discount could be the inducement needed to buy. At the very least, it will encourage a few “fence-sitters” to stop by and learn more. Don’t forget to use Event Marketing services to help attract more people to your exhibition area!

Consider Distributing Promotional Items

People get thirsty from walking around a convention center all day. Give them ice-cold water in a branded container. They’ll be so grateful for your generosity; it should be easy to get them to consider your company for business. Think of something that everyone is going to need or want, and make a plan to offer it. These items help keep your brand name in front of your competitors, especially the ones who aren’t focusing on the needs of prospects.

Go Big and Win Huge

Two options for a winning trade exhibit booth are worth considering.

  1. An extra-tall booth gets noticed.
  2. An overhead display hangs above your booth and catches the eye.

Don’t forget to bring an ostentatious or oversized object to pique curiosity!

People walking around the booths start to lose focus. Every exhibition begins to look the same. Why not excite their eyes and senses with a compelling object that tells your brand story instantly? It only takes a bit of creativity to go a long way at trade shows.

You have the chance to make your next trade show the most successful ever.

Make sure to stand out from the crowd and walk away with the admiration of prospects, rivals, and customers alike. With planning and a commitment to excellence, the rewards are extensive. Not only will you get the respect of prospects and customers, but more orders will stream in as well.

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