Geofencing Advertising: What Is Geo Fencing & How Does It Work

Geofencing Advertising: What Is Geo Fencing & How Does It Work

what is geofencing advertising

This is Justin Croxton here Propellant Media, one of the managing partners here at the agency, and I thought it would be appropriate to show everyone, give everyone a little bit of a demo on exactly what is geofencing advertising and how it can make a huge difference for your business, in attracting customers or increasing brand awareness for your business. What exactly is geofencing advertising is really the question that we get. How does it work and what is geofencing marketing?

what is geofencing advertising

What is Geofencing Advertising & How does it Work?

How we define it is geofencing advertising is what we call direct-to-mobile advertising that allows companies to serve ads to people based on their physical activities and the places that they go.  It’s not simply zip code or citywide targeting, but instead our ability to serve ads to people that walk inside of individual buildings, let’s say an event that’s happening at, let’s say a convention center, or a conference, or something more along those lines, or one of your competitor locations.

Where Are Ads Served With Geofencing Advertising

What we’re doing is we’re building what’s called a digital geofence around one or more locations. Anybody that walks inside those locations, we now have the ability to serve ads to those individuals, both while they’re there at that location, and after they leave that location for up to 30 days. Where will they see those ads? There’s two different ways. The first is in app. We have access to well over 700,000 apps, you think about Angry Birds, Words with Friends,, the Weather Channel, all those apps are places where those customers or those individuals that walk inside of that geofence would see those ads.


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Then also it’s in browser. There are websites that have geofencing advertising supply and we have the ability to serve ads on those channels as well. But those are essentially the ways in which geofencing works and that’s how it can make a huge difference for any company. Instead of just giving you the definition, I figured let me give you an actual live demonstration on how it works, and this is the back end of our platform and what we utilize for geofencing.

Geofencing Advertising For Attorneys & Lawyers

Again, we’re not targeting an entire block, for example. At the end of the day we’re trying to achieve as much in our advertising efficiencies with our dollars as much as we possibly can. In this case, we’ll give you a couple of examples. Let’s say you’re a personal injury lawyer, and you know that accident victims are your clientele. Where do accident victims go? Typically they’re going to go to a hospital, they’re going to go to an ER center, they’re going to go to a car dealership, a car repair location, a towing location.

Geofencing For Medical Practices

Those are probably the places that makes the most sense to really hone in on your marketing dollars. In this case, we have a location here, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, and we did a search for Emergency Care of Atlanta and this is what showed up, what popped up on our search. As we go onto the platform, what we’re essentially doing here is we’re building a digital geofence, only around the contours of the building.

We’re not including 285, or I85, or Georgia 400, or any of these other roads, just people that walk inside of this geofence, and all of those individuals will now have the ability- maybe not all but at least 90% of them will now have the ability to see ads directly from you, as a personal injury lawyer, both while they’re there at the location, as well as after they leave from that location.

As you can imagine, that’s very powerful, because now you’re really honing in on your advertising dollars and ensuring that you’re showing clients- or not so much clients but you’re certainly getting your message in front of the people that are most likely to turn into a customer or into a client for your brand or for your business. That was one example. Let’s take it a step further.

Geofencing For Trade Shows & Conferences

Let’s say you are a business that wants to- let’s say you want to go to the upcoming Essence festival that’s going to be in July at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. For whatever reason, you can’t make it. You just can’t be there. You have too much on your plate but you still want to get your message in front of them. All those event attendees. What would you do? You can utilize geofencing. We come into our platform.

Do Mercedes Benz Superdome, that’s right here, in New Orleans. Then we would come in here and we would build another digital geofence just around that location. Anybody that goes inside the Superdome, we now have the I.D. to their smartphone device, and those individuals will see our ads, both while they’re there at the event, as well as after they leave the event.

It can be used in a lot of different situations for events whether it be festivals, parades- conferences is a really, really, really big one. Different events that might be happening. Sporting events, stadiums, really the sky’s the limit, but again, you’re really honing in on your marketing dollars to the people that matter the most to you, as a organization. Lastly, I thought this one might be also appropriate.

Geofencing Advertising For Car Dealerships

Let’s say you are car dealership, and you want to serve ads or rather you want to target your competitors’ locations, and let’s say one of your competitors is- let’s say you’re Rick Hendrick of Chevrolet that’s here in Atlanta Georgia, and instead you want to target Nalley Nissan. You would literally go into the platform, type in Nalley Nissan of Atlanta, do a search for him, and boom, pops up their location, that’s right here off 285.

You go into the platform, build another digital Geofence. You can see I’m getting right into the contours as of that building. At that stage, you can see that everybody that walks inside of that location, we now have the ability to target those individuals, both while they’re there at the dealership as well as after they leave, for up to 30 days. Again, very very powerful stuff.

For us at Propellant Media, we think that your ability to hyper-target and really get incredibly localized with your advertising matters more than anything else. But let’s say you want to take it a step further. Let’s say you really want to understand how effective the advertising is to drive foot traffic back to your location. It’ll be one thing to say, “Oh yes, all these people saw my ads,” and all that’s great.

What Is Geofencing Advertising Usage To Track Online Ads To Offline Foot Traffic

What if you really want to get a sense of how effective it is an what sort of traffic is driving to my location? Well, we have a solution for that too. Let’s say- it’s what we call conversion zone tracking. Conversion zone tracking gives us the ability to do all these different things around geofencing, and then build another, what we call conversion zone, or geofence, directly around our own location. At that point, we now have the ability to track the number of people that saw our ads, clicked on our ads, and then came back to our location.

Let’s say for example we just talked about Rick Hendrick of Chevrolet. We do a search, here they go, they are right here. In our platform, in a different location, part of what we’ll do is we will build a conversion zone, you can see this is a different color, the other one was blue. This one is gold. You see this one down here is blue, this one is gold. All the people that have been here, been inside of Nalley Nissan, seen the ads, clicked on the ads, left, went to work, came back, maybe they went back to Nalley Nissan.

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But then they kept seeing those ads and the special offers from Rick Hendrick of Chevrolet and they decided to go back to Rick Hendrick of Chevloret or go there to buy a car or to inquire about some of the offers that they have. We can track that within our analytics platform, which is really, really powerful. For us, in our minds, all that matters is not just you being able to hyper local and hyper target just the people that you want to get your message in front of, but also your ability to track and measure the success of those campaigns.

That’s what we’re really proud of, that’s the thing that we really get excited about as an agency. If you want to get more reach out of your ad spend, maybe you want to advertise to end market buyers who visit your competitors locations, or maybe there’s an upcoming conference that you want to exhibit at, or that maybe you can attend, but you still want to advertise to those particular attendees, really the sky’s the limit.

A part of our job is to perform the proper market research, put together really good strategy for you, and ultimately working to improve the return on your investment for any advertising that you would do with that matter. I invite you to learn more about it, schedule a demo, schedule another call with us. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have. I hope this was useful and informative. Thank you for taking the time, we really do appreciate. Thanks so much.

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